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  1. Ask Richard Branson for help. He is going through the same process in Australia.
  2. Terrible ! There are thousands of girls in hotels, shops, bars etc who speak English 10 times better than this useless teacher !
  3. Its the only airline where the air hostesse have to have a degree and pay to get a job, which they do for the perks for them and the family. Can't wait to hear who the "Professional" will be ! Definitely not a skilled aviation specialist
  4. Will Thai Airways even exist then ? Doubt it. They are the only good airline flying from Perth to BKK. Only one going direct.
  5. I would like to praise the Red Planet Hotel Group. We always stay at Red Planet in Asoke. We made a booking but couldn't go cos of the virus. They returned our money. Not a big amount but it does show sincerity to customers.
  6. There are a lot of Nigerians stuck in Bangkok with no visas who can't get home. They have been there for years. You guessed it, the Sukhumwit drug dealers !!
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