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  1. 11th November is Armistice Day, when everyone, including Thai people, many of them working on the Thai Burma Railway, should be remembering those that served and millions that died in WW2. Not some bloody stupid Chinese holiday for desperate singles.
  2. Good to see nobody replying with the same old worn out comments ! This is Thailand and we are used to seeing this kind of story every day.
  3. Once again Thai authorities prove they haven't got a clue ! Always changing their story just to look good !
  4. Thailand is run by a dictator and his "Friends" who don't care about the Thai people or the country, only in it to get richer. It is going to get a lot worse from what I am hearing from the real people who are suffering.
  5. Will be worse this year as there will be no tourists to breathe in the smoke !
  6. Looks more like it ran aground than actually sank. Only 6 metres of water !!
  7. Put them in an expensive quarantine hotel with a couple of bar girls ! That will soon chew up B50,000. No idea where the wife will go !!
  8. What about Western Australia be top of the list. No local cases for months now. The safest place in the world.
  9. It is not illegal to bring in that amount of cash, as long as it is declared and proof of source is required. Bet there's was all illegal money !
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