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  1. They were just poor people who needed money for new shoes !! Yup. That's a good excuse.
  2. They would rather people read this Bull$hit than a true story about a foreigner getting beaten up by a motorbike taxi rider ! Can't change the truth no matter how many lies you tell !
  3. They obviously haven't given any thought as to how the millions of tourists will get to Thailand ! Or will Thai airways make an incredible recovery and return to the skies with their new master plan ?
  4. It was only a village ceremony ! It has no legal status. So what's the big fuss ? Let the family fight it out for what they can get.
  5. Now TAT can really state exactly how many tourists are visiting Thailand ! Before they came out with crazy figures in the 10's of millions.
  6. But Australia is probably the safest place in the world right now. I live in Perth and no way will I have a jab. Totally unnecessary here. We have no cases so why the big concern about getting jabbed ?
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