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  1. From my reading of the above posts I take it no one can say for sure whether at CW a person needs to make a report (TM30) to immigration (yearly extension retirement/re-entry permit) on returning from a trip outside Thailand?
  2. Despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise I am bothered by a large non reducing belly. I have looked at a number of web sites for BKK based treatments at various hospitals and clinics; some seem to be suitable including non surgical methods such as "coolsculpting". Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences including recommendations? Thank you.
  3. With the new rule for retirees using the 800k in the bank method to obtain the annual renewal this in effect means for long stayers they need keep at least 400k in the bank indefinitely. Might as well write of that sum. My understanding is for the 5 year elite visa there is a guarantee of 5 years hassle free living though the downside a one off payment of 500k. Also Elite Visa holders who have made their home in Thailand still need to go to immigration annually and need do the 90 day report ..is that right? So does anyone have any input as to which is best?
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