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  1. Was it bad plumbing,Someone smoking in the area.another fault done by someone.The reasons are not that many and someone caused the boom.I imagine it will be classed as a accident
  2. They are many waiting and wanting to return to thailand,until that day happens without 14 days government hotel costs.I,am one of them that have to wait,I have a friend who owns a bar in cnx he is in the same boat
  3. If a test is about too prove postive or negative quickly,they is one somewhere i,am sure or will happen.Then before you travel and get on a plane you are safe to arrive with no issues anywhere you go. My friend come back from phillipines a few mths back and had to have a test before he checked in,cost 120 pound and 72 hrs valid to travel.That would work for any country you want to travel in.Coming back another test to leave would work too.Something has to happen soon to let travel or countries to resume life as normal.Test in and test out then track and trace.Lets see wh
  4. Under the big umbrella of europe they have a second wave of cases,So november for europe may not happen.I,am sitting here waiting,I hope it is dec or jan so I can return like so many I know.
  5. If she was willing to pay the high insurance and 14 day government hotel cost.She got the all clear to travel and move around.where and when did she catch the virus.Something strange happened in paradise somewhere
  6. So if china is closed like a few other countries,thailand included.they want the chinese to come pay the high insurance and the 14 day stay in the government priced hotel.you are all welcome,does not sound right
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