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  1. grab provides a better cheaper service even some smart thais are changing to those jobs for driving jobs instead of the red songtow.they were a mafia of transport for a long time along with tuk tuks in cm.now they don,t like it and a fair price is charged.
  2. many years ago every big city cnx included could shut round 4 am it worked well.then they cut it down as we all know.now they realise that was a mistake and did nothing for tourist.now they want it back again
  3. bit over the top, if you want to smoke in the house now all you have to do is smoke outside if the family do not want you to smoke inside.but even that seems is illegal now.but the government will sell the cigs everywhere.my friend has a bar and people smoke like chimmeys at the bar late at night.but don,t go they if you are threatened by the second hand smoke.it is drinking and smoking.
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