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  1. This double pricing has gone one for years,somehow i think it never change.they talk about It but nothing happens
  2. If your country does not allow you to travel or adviced,then insurance is not worth the paper it is written on.Does not matter how much u pay. My good friend passed away in april he lived in cnx,he had some kind of insurance Don,t know what exactly but his family still had to pay something after All I know is he paid some kind of insurance and it did not cover everything I believe,It was all about ticking boxes and that affected the price that is all i know.this will have a big affect on who will return now or wait for the new year
  3. i know a few bars open in cnx now but that is to do with restaurant food and those rules.come july all the other bars are hoping to open asap.they are having a hard time like everyone else. now they extend to july 31 so i think no one is leaving anytime soon or they let anyone in yet.i think the end of the year is when most of this will be over for travel and getting back there
  4. someone said he was in london before they knew and did nothing.wherever he is,he knows they can not catch him.someone must know something and is paid well to help him to stay free.look at brother and sister they know where he lives like the sister but do nothing.another pair who escaped justice.if they did they time they would be free by now
  5. This is a question for thailand.just like amercia people voted for trump it was they choice.in the uk boris was elected like we voted to leave the eu finally.The remainers complain but we are leaving that club.The people have their say and the foreigner can only observe the results.no matter what we think of past and present leaders the countrys people decide.
  6. i would think by the end of the year this issue of travel will have being sorted.travel open to everybody and country.now is just beginning and people and countries taking it easy
  7. don,t forget the short time rooms in the village that people use.both parties use them.everyone knows they exist but nothing is said about them.they worry about the bars and go go bars that have existed for many decades
  8. Look at amercia and canada they made it legal.government makes tax the farmers do ok too..local taxes covered as well.something thailand and other countries could look into it makes sense.if you don,t want to smoke it,you don,t have too,just like a idea with ladies of the night that does not exist.make it legal solves many problems.
  9. my friend is still out there because of the virus and the flight cost too.a few others too.looks like august they will asking questions what do i do now
  10. A friend told me, his friend got a court judgement in his favour.the thai person was not happy.did not matter as she transferred everything to a relative before the court decision started.he got nothing Also I know a german who lives in cm for years,had restaurants over the years,but he never brought a property or land.had kids of course.does not matter how long together he has heard to many stories about this like many and refuse to buy land or house.we all know stories like that in thailand
  11. I read the rules a go go bar everyone seperated by a screen.the ladies that work there can not sit next to a customer.pointless for the bar girls if they can not talk to you. where u come from what is your name,where u stay..first time to thailand.all the good stuff for them.the rules will go down like a lead balloon for them
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