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  1. The great defender of democracy USA should do something useful with its troops. If they unilaterally invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria & Libya, they can do the same in Myanmar. Oh, right, Burma doesn't have any oil...
  2. At the beginning of nearly ~200 vaccine experiments, I decided I would not get one. I have underlying autoimmune conditions & have had bad reactions to the seasonal flu jab. I've changed my mind, for travel but also for the common good. In fact, I'll take two different ones if they become available. I very much doubt there will be many vaccine refusers in Thailand. If we get to 80%, all of us should be safe(r). Do you use LED lightbulbs? The box says they last for 18 years. But they haven't existed for 18 years so nobody really knows. It's the same for v
  3. The salty dogs among us will know that the oceans rise & fall at predictable times. Until we spring for an RO filtre, we're watching the tide tables for BK. I'd give about six hours past high tide & perhaps 2 hours after the next (to accommodate the MWA pumping systems) before eating rice & drawing water: https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Bangkok-Thailand/tides/latest
  4. If you learn Thai, have a smile for everyone, even in the city, you'll have a happy life here--with fewer clothes. Help people out & you help yourself.
  5. IMO, we were lucky. Govt strategy was haphazard & not enforced. Public cooperation went a long way. We got a second wave due to greed & corruption. Let's start to make sure there's no third wave before vaccines arrive.
  6. I thought the list might be interested in excerpts from Toronto epidemiologist Andrew Morrison’s weekly Covid email. CANADA “Yes, we appear to be entering a third wave in Alberta, BC, and Ontario. Some might argue that we only have a few days of data suggesting this, and there are very clustered outbreaks. I would tend to agree with that, but, without controls on provincial travel AND with these new variants spreading and growing, I think this is rather inevitable, but I really hope I am wrong on this one. We will almost certainly know by this time next week which way things
  7. Honestly, I'm super-happy in Thailand. But if we had enough money, we'd move to Mexico, closer to kids. NOT USA, NOT Canada! Easy visas, free medical, dental, optical. Easier travel...
  8. There's a reason they call it 'some on the side'! Just don't let wifey read this post!
  9. Pollice verso! Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden. BLM. Human rights? Ha!
  10. Thailand Post. Registered mail, form & photocopies + self-addressed stamped envelope.
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