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  1. Ordering directly from Apple, which I prefer to do by phone rather than online, means that Apple will entirely replace or repair your Mac if anything goes wrong. Buying from authorized resellers, you're out of luck.
  2. For those who can afford it, a private online tutor makes for opportunities to learn the concepts important to your own life. Works better for me than a structured course. My own tutor has taught kids of eight and retirees of 80!
  3. PLEASE, clean out the floodgates in Bangna, draining into the Chao Phraya. I don't want to be bailing all night again because YOU didn't open them until Central Bangna complained! Then PDQ (of course)! 5T of refuse collected from this single floodgate.
  4. Wash everything with lots of bubbles, supposed to kill Corona. It's the heavy breathing part...
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