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  1. The true colours are flying now. When some foreigners were able to use their ID cards to get into the queue system, some Thais were outraged. We are worth ZERO to them. When many Thais look at a foreigner, we look like billfolds. What these people don't realise is, NOBODY is safe until ALL of us are vaccinated.
  2. And long, long after. Welcome to the brave new world of four boosters a year. As the articles states, people who live in Klong Toey work everywhere in Bangkok.
  3. Don't listen to anything you hear on TV! Seriously though, I dodged the same bullet through gracious advice here. Lesson learned. Sure looking forward to the day they abolish 90-day reporting. Can't imagine there's a financial incentive for it, so why keep it.
  4. Must have gotten out of shape & out of practice while away, eh!
  5. It's pretty amazing Thailand has any standing at all in the world community. We're nothing but a tinpot dick-tatorship, through every branch of govt & military.
  6. Okay, I'm not paranoid...really. Once foreigners have quarantined & test negative & are pronounced safe, there's really no chance of catching Covid here & reactivating the strain they came in with???
  7. Wait a minute. You mean some countries offer vaccines to everybody for free?!? Bloody communists! Our politicians have mia noi to support!
  8. Homelessness, sometimes accompanied by addiction and/or mental illness, has been a common thread in many Western countries. Here, however, there is NO social safety net. Our brass-plated, shiny generals graciously granted B5,000 to the poor in first wave. No such offers now it's gotten really bad entirely due to those same generals. They're busy mining for gold and spending on submarines.
  9. Well, no, please don't keep them coming! I can see why TAT thinks every foreigner want to come here. Wonder what these people do for day-jobs...
  10. Udom Suk Greetings from the last street in Bangkok! We’re a short street that ends on a bridge over Srinakarin & becomes Charoenprakiat on the way to Suan Luang. Out that way is Lake Nong Bon, a man-made reservoir and scenic nature area. Our daughter learned to kayak & sail there, very peaceful. We live between Sukhumvit & Srinakarin, very convenient for transport. My secret is Klong Klai. One can walk along the klong from Udomsuk past Ramkamhaeng, I walk here frequently, leaving the cars, noise & exhaust behind, dropping off
  11. Of course, nobody wants to show up to be tested &, if positive, get thrown in quarantine for 14 days. So instead, they roam around & infect the rest of us. Govt should be paying people to quarantine.
  12. Frankly, I'd be too worried the situation here would change drastically (again) & then not be able to get home. Expensive & 21 days between jabs!
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