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  1. Firstly, I urge you to recall the case of Typhoid Mary. C-19 has now mutated to affect humans in all age groups--note the resurgence in Tokyo due to opening bars & restaurants. There is also ample evidence that a greater percentage of people NEVER recover and are left with intractable neurological symptoms, for life. Wear a bloody mask, Dude, or stay home!
  2. You should be doing those things AT HOME!
  3. Honestly, I only get up by 8am. Used to be a nightbird who hated mornings but now lights out at 930. Very little & occasional caffeine.
  4. I'm in the minority here. I think Thai schools should be trialed for a month. If they are not forced to close due to Covid outbreaks, then slowly allow some of these deserving folks in--no tourists! And certainly not 30,000 medical tourists. That smells like a fat, red envelope to somebody with stars & bars!
  5. Was Bt100 but she's 22 now & may have to have her wisdom teeth out! We also saved all our kids' teeth for them in small decorated boxes. We had an idea to put them in rattles but never did it. Some friends made their children little pillows with a pocket for the tooth. At least once, a tooth was swallowed by accident & we were in the sh*t to find it for the tooth fairy. In Canada, I always told the kids I was going to tie their tooth to our boat & motor off! (Definitely would have lost the tooth!)
  6. Political correctness, bred in the racist, misogynist US of A. More of the same. Revising history, correcting thinking and education. Ministry of Truth.
  7. You may, however, have your wife as an 'invisible' signeron your account. Her name does not appear in the bankbook but she can deposit, withdraw or move the funds. We do this for safety in the event of my (untimely) demise.
  8. What's the big deal about wearing a mask, anyway? The only problem I have with masks is that they cover up all the pretties. Don't you have any better fights to fight?!?
  9. You got lucky with your timing, Dude! I was thinking perhaps "Elite" would be the one visa that did not require medical insurance, completely unbuyable at any price for us geezers.
  10. Most unfortunate if it happens. Sex workers lose their autonomy & govt gets its face in the pie. Same with ganja. Better off illegal. Why should we be paying off generals' bad decisions.
  11. I'm feeling the same, peaceful. It will be a giant adjustment to go 'out there'. Nothing I really want to do 'outside'. Are we in denial??? Or feeling all Suu Kyi?
  12. Almost all Thailand's mooban-style houses have a septic tank. Unlike in the West, that raw sewage tank does NOT drain into a leach-field. Overflow goes directly into the storm drains.
  13. You misunderstand Sondhi's situation. His incarceration had nothing to do with his leadership of Phan Tamit. The charges were purely over business fraud. The Yellows started two coups and I am no fan. But Sondhi was shot numerous times in an assassination attempt and survived only to be sentenced to 20 years both due to default on a business loan not politics. He was jailed at age 68. Do you really think we should lock anyone up until death overtakes them because they owe money to banksters?!? He was pardoned after four years, a decision which may, in fact, have been political. His wife died while he was in prison and they would not let him go to the funeral. Is that not cruel enough for you? The just-us system is pretty merciless once the money is gone. But we all have the opportunity to have a heart. When Sondhi ran Manager Group, they published some great books and hired some awesome journos, good & balanced report him. Now Suthep, on the other hand...
  14. Huffing & puffing on the stairs up & down should really help!
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