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  1. I have benefited by reading all the posts here over the years and now have something to contribute that is other then opinion based. Currently we, my Thai gf and I, are in the process of applying for an Australian multiple entry Tourist Visa, subclass 676, valid for 12 months. Her background:- Early 30’s Same job 10 years + Successfully applied for a 3 month tourist Visa this time last year. Visited Australia for 10 days Few material connections to Thailand (i.e. no land/car etc) Our/My Background:- Met 18 months ago. I’m self employed. Visit Thailand on a regular basis. I’ll try and keep the posts succinct and brief so that you can read the relevant detail. What I hope to update everyone on is the material submitted. The various interactions between both the lodgement agency VSF (Thailand) Ltd and the Australian Embassy Bangkok. The timeframe for this particular application. The resolution process, if required. For all the experienced hands, you have jumped through these hoops many times before, hence the post is not aimed at you … but your experience and input is now, as it was then when we first applied, considerable valuable. I don’t have the full spectrum of experience just yet (hence not all the answers), so I will concentrate on the stuff I know and keep you posted on the applications progress. I’m confident of her receiving a tourist Visa, having proven once that she is a genuine tourist, but what the Embassy offers us with a second request is unknown. Happy for all replies here and will do my best, as time allows, to answer them. David48
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