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  1. So, first they announced a return of charter flights with 1200 people a month - compared to the normal 100k per day tourism rate. Seemed to tally not with the visit of regular tourists, but the number who have private jets. And now we have this measure - for the benefit of big property investors no doubt, who can't afford private jets and have to slum it in first class instead..
  2. A lot of countries have new case graphs that strongly suggest that they are now moving toward a state of herd immunity with Covid. Not only that, but they appear to be doing so with far fewer actual infections that the experts predicted would be necessary to reach that state. Although still early days to put hard numbers on it, a bit of number crunching suggests that more people are building resistance to the bug through low level exposure to it than though gaining a sufficient viral load as to cause an infection. There seems to be a good chance that this bug will join
  3. A note to bear in mind.. After my little lady got safely home, she showed me her phone - filled with images of serious disorder in Bangkok - events, she says, that the government is trying to stifle reporting of. Portrayed as anti monarchists by the government in an attempt to discredit them, she tells me that they are mainly local people (not bussed in red shirts) who have had their fill of dictatorial government..
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