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  1. There are so many 'categories' of people who cannot leave. I for one don't have what is called a 'home country' in English. I am in between jobs and without a work permit and just staying in Thailand for the time being. That's OK. I have my backups so I can take very good care of myself. A few months back I was wondering what was going to happen and it turned out that many countries, Thailand included, decided for people such as myself they don't have to leave. Seeing no alternatives I was of course very grateful. The only thing official I have from the country that's in my passport is my passport. There's nothing there to go 'back' to. I can't even rent a house there because there simply aren't any available, with 10-20 year waiting lists in every city. For all intents and purposes SE Asia is my home 'country'. Immigration knows that and never made a fuss about it. And mind you, I can take good care of myself. It's not as if I'm stuck here for the wrong reasons. Now all I hope for is I can stay put here until travel between Thailand and other countries in the region gets back to normal, both ways.
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