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  1. now I know where the wealth gap comes from, and certainly it will attack the foreigner communities very soon !
  2. thanks guys two years ago we had a big one 1.5m+ monitor lizard in the garden, it walked through the gate feely. yet my wife recognised this was the same baby one two months ago, and it grows up a bit today. I had not much a problem if monitor lizard, snack or else just come or go, kind of the nature, but my residing in the garden. now it hides under the deck that is NOT POSSIBLE to reach. will call the "assorted creatures" wrangler for help !
  3. it seems a BIGGER problem for Thailand than the Covid-19. any other idea than just the fine ?
  4. 'From February 28 to April 9, a total of 537,380 doses were administered in 77 provinces. Over 470,301 people have received the first dose, while 67,079 people have got both doses. Most of the inoculated people were medical personnel.' with this momentum, say rounding it up to 2,000 people receiving both doses per day. Thailand population is 70 million, and the herd immunity is about 49 million. we may see 24,000+ days to reach this target. did my calculator miss something ?
  5. this is legally not a subject, just ethically not right (but not wrong). someone wants to stir it into a political storm in the tea cup ?
  6. hi there this is not our pet, this is not in 7/11; we found an one meter+ monitor lizard who hides under the desk in our garden. we saw it two months ago and hope it runs away by itself, but not and we found it again this morning, and security could not able to catch it. this is in a mo baan with 1.4m high fence at 4 sides, assumed it could not climb over the straight wall. we have small kid and cat in the garden, our serious concern ! HOW we could chase it away ? or make it not residing in the garden ? thanks for any help !
  7. 4 months ago they had testing capacity to handle Samut Sakhon outbreak (800+ per day), but now they don't have capacity for this small jump (400+ per day) ? ? ?
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