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  1. in-person, 15 days before to 7 days after. been once 18 days before was accepted (CW / BKK, 2 years ago), reason : out of town travel. online / by mail, 15 days to 7 days before and no after; only a window of 8 days. if online not accessible till 7 days before, then have to go there in person.
  2. Kor Ror 2 update, within a month before the application of the VISA extension. make it simple - your wife goes to the local amphur with her Thai ID card; you don't have to be present there. it is an update of a Thai national on the marital status to the civil registrar. we did it in Bangkhen, Bangkok, it costed us THB10. in the last ten++ extensions, never asked for the Kor Ror 2 update. last year we prepared it for the first time for just-in-case. we brought the Kor Ror 2 update with the original Kor Ror 2 and Kor Ror 3 and copies, the IO said the update not need if the original i
  3. 2 or 3 years ago CW/BKK for a marriage VISA extension, two photos outside-the-house (right in front of the door) rejected since they didn't show the house number; and asked to come back next day with new photos. I neatly printed a BIG house number from the printer and taped it next to the door, reshot the photos; then it was alright. we keep that printed number next to the door till today.
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