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  1. 1) bitcoin behaves as store of value and is being bought by company to hedge against infation. 2) Behaving as a store o value it does not matter if it takes an hour to be transferred or if it cost 10 bucks. Probably if you want buy gold phisically you need many hours for that and when you buy probably you pay 5% more and when u sell you loose 10% and if you hold you loose about 2% a year (3800 tons of new gold are mined yearly). 3) there is no need to address transaction speed and cost of transaction (also if lightning network coming) because you should really be sad to buy things wi
  2. Currency is thightned to a government that can print more of it to help economy. Bitcoin cannot be infationed: we cant have more than 21 millions bitcoins, so in time of trouble wont serve as a common currency but a store of value.
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