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  1. The Baht is actually managed against a basket of currencies with the USD being the largest component.


    The strength of the Baht is pretty much due to supply and demand. Thailand exports more than it imports so the the foreign demand for baht to pay for the Thai products exceeds the Thai demand for $ to pay for what the Thais import. 

    You may say why don’t foreigners pay in $ - well sometimes they do but the Thais want Baht not $ so they convert them to Baht and the dollars end up at the central bank in reserves. 

    As long as Thailand exports more than they import the Baht is not going down. (Unless the government or Thai companies borrow huge amounts of $ and miss-allocate the capital into non producing assets and cannot repay it. Then the Baht will implode.)

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  2. 2 hours ago, DrJack54 said:

    OP, forget the au stay dec route. AU stat decs cannot be used outside of Australia.

    All the ones au embassy issued for income letters for extensions we're not valid. You need CR issued by Thai imm office. 

    Yes but that was the immigration dept not the DLT. The DLT still accept them from other countries,  but Australia threw the baby out with the bath water and won’t sign any stat dec’s for use in Thailand.

    I was thinking to try an official  Aust Stat dec form with Commonwealth of Australia emblazoned on it but just get it notarized by a local notary instead. The Australian government says a local notary is authorized sign it so maybe it’s worth trying. Maybe it’ll fly at the DLT if they don’t care too much.

  3. 3 minutes ago, JesseBronson said:

    I Will need to do the same in Jan. Have a 5 year license from having a previous work permit. 


    Now Thai Elite, no residency certificate etc.  Let me know how it goes. 



    If you have the new Thai elite that gives you a one year visa then you’re ok you can still get your 5 year license renewed. Mine is the original Thai elite with 3 month extensions so I can  

    only get a 2 year license.

  4. I’m tearing my hair out trying to renew my 2 year Thai drivers license. As I’m on an original elite visa i can only renew for 2 years at a time. Historically I went the the Australian embassy and filled out a statutory Declaration stating my address, but as I found out when I went there the Australian Embassy will no longer witness a statutory declaration for your address or any for any use in Thailand. If they witness a statutory declaration it must be for use in Australia. 

    So I then go to Chang Wattana immigration armed with a brick of photocopies. No problem BUT they won’t do it there and then, they mail it to you “ in about a month” . I pleaded my case for an express service and offered to pay whatever for it but to no avail.


    My problem is that I am leaving for Australia in early December and my Thai license will expire this month so I won’t have a valid license in Australia. To boot I think the residency letter from immigration is only good for 1 month so it may be expired by the time I return in mid January.


    I don’t have a yellow book, a pink card or a work permit, I own my condo and have a valid TM 30 receipt.  Does anyone know if the Dept of land transport at Sukhumvit Road bangchak will take these as proof of address.


    Alternatively I downloaded the Australian Stat Dec form and I’m wondering if I got a Thai notary public to witness it, if the license issuing office would accept it. ( the Australian govt website clearly says it’s ok for a Foreign Notary Public to witness my signature on a statutory declaration.


    Any ideas.





  5. Check your contract. in most newer contracts there is a clause in the contract that you can pay for repairs up to 2000 Baht and get reimbursed by the landlord. For repairs above 2000 baht you must ask the landlord. If he does not respond then you need to send a registered letter to him including quotes for the repairs. If he does not respond with 14 days you can go ahead and get them done and pay for them and get reimbursed by the landlord .


    The only problem with that is getting the landlord to pay up so good luck with that.

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  6. There is fantastic documentary on his life called Beware of Mr Baker. It’s on YouTube and Kodi and really worth watching if you are a fan of 60’s and 70’s music. There is an unforgettable scene where Clapton will not acknowledge that some of the people touted as the worlds greatest drummers were even in the same league as Baker.



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  7. Last year I lost my TM6 and had to do a police report at my local police station and bring it to Changwattana before they issued me with a new one. There is a desk at Changwattana that deals with lost TM6 forms. You also will need an extra copy of your passport details page. I cannot remember if you also need a copy of your last entry page in the passport so best to bring one just in case.


    if you leave the country without a TM6 they just do one at the airport no questions or forms required. 



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