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  1. As of 2019 Thailand has a Labour force of approximately 38m, of those 11m work in agriculture so should not be affected, that leaves 27m who may be affected. You exclude the 2m that work for the government and that would leave 25m that are potentially eligible so if 24.2m people applied it’s saying 96.8% of the entire non farm and government workforce is out of work. That’s a bit hard to believe even for the Thai government.


    it looks as if the entire population saw this as a big freebie and applied for every member of their family whether they were actually eligible or not. The result is most likely that a lot of the genuine eligible applicants were not successful either.



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  2. 4 minutes ago, Bundooman said:

    A mistake that the Chinese HAVE repeated this time. When this virus was revealed in early December, China arrested the 8 doctors who reported it as spreading false news, and bringing China into disrepute. It wasn't until the cases started increasing that China reluctantly revealed it!


    There is an excellent article in the New York Times on this subject. Worth reading.


    And I am a Brit who doesn't usually like what the USA does. This article is very interesting.

    The Thais have not announced updated numbers since Jan 27. There was a thread on here yesterday quoting the nation newspaper saying that provincial hospitals are not allowed to announce anything by order of the health Department but it seems to have disappeared 

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  3. 14 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

    You don't know to what extent? So to your way of thinking it could be just a little bit? Because there's really not much evidence about the severe consequences of air pollution in cities around the world from internal combustion vehicles and from fossil fuel power plants?  kAre you a concern troll or a recent visitor from another planet?

    Of course I do not know “to what extent” but neither do you ( unless you are an actual scientist ) But I think we could both agree it’s probably bad right. How bad is better left to people who actually know. When you say there is not much evidence about the severe consequences of air pollution I would say, that’s not 100% correct and if you look there is some good stuff out there, you should try google and you may be surprised what you find.


    As far as me being a troll or a recent visitor from another planet, I think most readers would probably agree my responses are actually logical whereas you posts claiming that “ there’s really not much evidence about the severe consequences of air pollution in cities around the world......” is pushing against the realm of credibility that may indicate that you are a troll or recent visitor from another planet.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Tulak said:

    Not sure if this helps. Better enlist Greta.

    Yeah what’s all that about? You’d think the Climate change movement could find somebody with some actual academic credentials to speak to world leaders. I guess it’s the novelty of having the message sent from a 17 year old. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year the anti climate change movement trotted out a 12 year old at Davos.


    BTW why do they have to wear a scarf and tuck their pants into their boots. Is that mandatory dress code for climate change activists? Does it make what they say more credible? I bet that’s why they don’t do radio. 



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  5. Sure stopping using fossil fuels will help stop pollution, I don’t know to what extent but sure it will help. We could also kill all the sheep and cows to stop them farting methane and we could eat all our vegetables on our plate and not throw them in the trash so they don’t create methane in land fills as well. Please add those to your list as I’m with you and want to contribute to stopping climate change in its tracks.

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  6. Climate change is a 5 trillion dollar industry so anyone that challenges it’s existence or actual impact is censored either by people who have a vested interest in keeping the money train rolling or by the general public who have drunk the koolade.


    We should be spending that money on Stopping pollution and cleaning up the planet, oceans etc. If there’s any change left we should cure cancer as well.

    Pretty much all the armchair commentators on both sides of the argument are regurgitating “facts” they’ve read on the internet or seen on TV. They ( including me ) wouldn’t know squat about real climate science.


    What I do know is when you think of the huge amount of money involved keeping the gravy train rolling, would you even consider that some of the data may be just a teeny tiny bit corrupted to support the popular position. Would you really be shocked if a Politician, government or a corporation manipulated data to support their position - or do you think that doesn’t happen in the real world.

    Maybe climate change is just the latest boogeyman that governments use to keep themselves elected and the population cowered under their yoke. We had WMD, the Cold War,  the Domino theory, MAD, To scare us into submission and now we have climate change - It’s really the perfect killer app boogeyman as it can’t be quantified, you can spend unlimited money fighting it and no one will question it, and there is absolutely no accountability as nobody expects actual verifiable results to fix it.

    Opposing the climate change movement is pure folly. Whether you believe it or not makes no difference it’s not going away so if you can Think of a way to profit from it good luck to you ( and let me know ) 





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  7. The Baht is actually managed against a basket of currencies with the USD being the largest component.


    The strength of the Baht is pretty much due to supply and demand. Thailand exports more than it imports so the the foreign demand for baht to pay for the Thai products exceeds the Thai demand for $ to pay for what the Thais import. 

    You may say why don’t foreigners pay in $ - well sometimes they do but the Thais want Baht not $ so they convert them to Baht and the dollars end up at the central bank in reserves. 

    As long as Thailand exports more than they import the Baht is not going down. (Unless the government or Thai companies borrow huge amounts of $ and miss-allocate the capital into non producing assets and cannot repay it. Then the Baht will implode.)

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