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  1. For those under 50 I would think the new Elite Lite visa is the answer.

    At around usd15.000 it works out to $3,000 per year. You can offset that cost against the all the visa run costs over a twelve month period as you never have to leave the country, and if you take into account the value of your own time then I would think its worth the marginal increase over multiple visa runs . Not to mention you won't have to worry about being barred entry .

  2. This may be applicable to the swimming pool forum but I am looking for a local contractor thus the posting here.

    I have a plunge pool (4x2m) on the balcony of my condo that I would like to retrofit with a jacuzzi and air blower. I know this would be a major job and very expensive but I would very much like to get it done. I asked my current pool guy and he said that the power line connecting the pump and filter may not be strong enough. Whatever that means.

    I know retrofitting will probably be more expensive than building from scratch, but I have to work around the current design and I'm ok with that.

    Can anyone recommend a contractor with a good reputation that has experience in building spas and doing quality work.


  3. Looks like ex-pats that have families and/or home in Thailand, but work overseas on a rotation such as 10 weeks on 2 weeks off, 30 days on 30 days off, will no longer be able to use the visa free entry. I did this for 10 years and saved a lot of money and hassle. The new policy means that expats based here but working offshore will have to apply for a 1 year Visa.

    Personally I believe that the current clamp down has more to do with the recent removal of a senior immigration officer who was involved in arranging "Ghost Visa Runs" and extensions, whereby the passport holder did not leave Thailand and re-enter.

    Finally someone else is connecting the dots.

    2 weeks ago one of the most senior Immigration police generals is transferred to an inactive post for...... wait for it... facilitating a visa run scam.

    Fast forward 2 weeks and there is a crackdown on......... visa runs...... HELLO

  4. The real nut here is the charge of terrorism.

    Basically that opens the doors for all OECD and FATF compliant banks and institutions to freeze Thaksins assets. (Even Swiss banks are fully compliant with the UN security council resolutions on supression and prevention of financing of terror acts)

    The Thai govenment will need to request all countries to comply so it really depend how far they are prepared to take things.

    Interested parties can google FATF + financing terrorism - its all out there.

  5. Central Chidlom has execlent lamb, you can pick the cut you want and the guys behind the counter will mince it for you while you wait. If you want them to trim the fat first they will just tell them and they'll do it.

    I wanted some topside mince burgers the other day and they took 2 topside steaks, ground them and put them in the burger press for me - they were delicious.

    Also if you buy a lot they will discount for you. Just ask the Australian manager.

  6. Its not clear but one of the wounded videoed by the french reporter said he was catching the train when the blast occurred. There is a stationary train on the platform on the video. Does anybody know if the M79 grenades were fired when the train was entering or had just arrived at the station? if so it could hardly be a coincidence, and its possible that the objective was not the station itself or the mob on the ground but the innocent people alighting from the train or the train itself.

  7. Yoga Elements studio, next to Central Chidlom. The basic class is called yoga elements and its extremely user friendly. Classes are in english and depending on the day there can be as little as 5 and as much as 20 in the class. Students are probably 60% farang and 40% Thai teachers are farang and Thai and all nice people. Its a very laid back and friendly place, nobody is there to make a fashion statement, rates are about 50% cheaper than the big chain absolute yoga You can google the rates and class times.

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