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  1. Last year I lost my TM6 and had to do a police report at my local police station and bring it to Changwattana before they issued me with a new one. There is a desk at Changwattana that deals with lost TM6 forms. You also will need an extra copy of your passport details page. I cannot remember if you also need a copy of your last entry page in the passport so best to bring one just in case.


    if you leave the country without a TM6 they just do one at the airport no questions or forms required. 



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  2. When it comes down to it I would be surprised if any driver Red Bull puts beside Verstappen will come close to him. It’s not that they are bad drivers it’s because Verstappen is getting performance out of the car that is beyond the ability of any other driver in the field except for Hamilton. Similarly with Hamilton, Botas gets the most out of the car in qualifying but in a race Hamilton is in a league of his own. 

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  3. I had been dismissive of watching Gomorrah because of having to read subtitles but I broke down and watched it and I have to say it was really excellent. It’s incredibly violent and black, Quentin Tarrintino could probably learn a few lessons by watching it. I watched the first 3.5 seasons on Kodi but I had to go to Pirate Bay for the last few episodes as halfway through the 4th season I could only get French subtitles instead of English on Kodi.


    if you haven’t seen it and can put up with something that is violent and depressing then it’s very good watching. 


    After i I watched Gomorrah I watched Subbura another Italian series and while it was not as good as Gomorrah it’s still worth watching.

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  4. 3 hours ago, BlackSwan said:

    Hi Mate, this was very similar to my experience. After I paid the 800 fine the first time they haven’t mentioned the Tm30 since. The lady where you go for the 90 day report told me elite visa holders don’t need to get a queue ticket you can just walk up past where people are sitting on the right and poke your head into the second to last cubicle on the left. I’m not sure how well this would work if it was super busy but that’s what I was told last time after waiting patiently with a number for ages. Although they can probably check, I think it’s best if you keep the Tm30 receipt in passport for future interrogations.

    They used to have a sign in the 90 day report room saying that Elite holders could go to section L (?) or something ( it was a single desk next to where you go if you lose your TM6 card ) to do their 90 day report but that sign came down at the same time the poster for elite holders on the glass outside N1 Counter 47 came down. I will have a peek in 3 months time but I will also get a ticket.


    i am actually thinking of changing my address to a Cha-am as we have a weekend place down there. Reporting at the office in Tha Yang has got to be less painful  than Chang Wattana. I guess that will mean a new TM 30 a day a new TM27.

  5. I’ll try to bring some closure to this thread as I went to Changwattana this week to do my elite SE 90 day extension of stay and 90 day report. As an insurance policy I also filled in a TM30 and made extra copies of my passport pages as well as a copy of my condo Chanote and the transfer letter issued at the land department.


    i arrived at lunch time and when it reopened I got tickets for N1 for extension of stay and section A for my 90 day report. Section N1 I had around 120 people in front of me as they had processed about 100 applications before lunch. Section A i had around 250 in front of me.


    i sat down at N1 for a long wait and tried to scope out any drama others may have had over TM 30’s. From what I saw they made a few people fill out forms but they did not look like the regular TM30 form. I think they told a few people that they must register at section B. That was enough for me so around 3pm I went back to the ticket desk and asked for a ticket for section B to do a TM30 report and an extra ticket for section A 90 day report as a back up just in case my first number got called at the same time my N1 number was called. 


    The N1 section was super slow and I did my 90 day report at section A first around 4pm. No problems. 


    I got called around 5 pm for my extension of stay. The first thing the lady did was ask if I had a TM30 receipt. I said I tried to enter it on the internet but I didn’t know if it worked. She went to another room to check the system and came back saying I don’t have one. Then she and another lady had a conversation and she got another piece of paper and went to another computer terminal and said the system is closed already. Then she came back and said I will have to come back tomorrow and go to section B as the Que is closed but they would process my extension of stay now. Processed the extension of stay no problems.


    I did not tell them that I already had the que ticket for the TM30


    I went to section B which looks like a temporary setup outside of the 90 day report room and there were still over 100 people waiting. They called my number around 6.15 pm and the woman asked me if I owned the condo, she took a cursory look at my paperwork and the only thing out of the ordinary was when she waved the transfer document at her 2 colleagues and stated how much I paid for my condo. She said today you pay fine 800 baht and gave me back the paperwork and pointed me over to a section where they were issuing receipts and writing fines. Receipts were issued and I had to sign the yellow fine book. 


    That was it. I walked out at around 6.30 and with the exception of section B immigration was a ghost town. I then spent 2 hours driving back to lower Sukhumvit.



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