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  1. 10 hours ago, humbug said:

    is this another wind up elite thread, not living on a visa like marriage or retirement, glorified tourist visa, jeez, you can say marriage and retirement visas are glorified tourist visas as well, as for the living here,its a life time visa which has been set to 90 day extensions, the newer ones are  12 month extensions, funny you mention n1, no one ever apart from myself mentions n1 section on here, and as n1 section is also education section, up until now there hasnt been any mention of tm30 to get an extension before you do the 90 day report, something fishy about this thread

    Nothing fishy i’m Only asking because there are a plethora of other threads saying CW needs the TM30 but none of them mentioned elite visas. I have been using the N1 section for 10 years and can remember when it was a sleepy little counter that predominantly handled diplomats. Then the students came and it became a total zoo. For a while they had an elite poster on the glass outside the first counter and they would give priority processing for elite but sometime during big jokes reign it was removed and there was/is no priority. Even when you get there at the open it’s unlikely that you can get processed before they break for lunch as the IO’s give priority to agents with huge bricks of passports from “students” . 


    Thats why I was asking if I can just use Hua Hin or Phetchaburi immigration instead of CW.  From what I can gather the Elite visa is more like a tourist visa rather than a visa for retirement or marriage. My SE visa only allows 3 month extensions which means I can’t get a 5 year license etc. So i’m Wondering if it’s like any other 3 month extension where you can go to any immigration when you are traveling and get an extension. Does anyone know if that’s the case.

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  2. I have the lifetime Thai Eilte SE visa which means I am required to file an extension of stay every 3 months. I usually file at the N1 section at changwattana and I am wondering if I will need to file a TM30 as well this time. As far as I can tell the elite visa is just a glorified tourist visa so even though I can stay here as long as I like without leaving the country I don’t “live” here like someone on a retirement or marriage visa.


    A second question is do I have to go to Changwattana to get my extension of stay or can I go to Phetchaburi or Hua Hin immigration as even though I generally stay in Bangkok I spend a bit of time in Hua Hin/Cha-am districts 

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  3. 1 hour ago, from the home of CC said:

    Won't be 'high end' for long with all the increased traffic resulting in a robust increase in wear and tear and thus condo fees won't be going for improvements as they should but rather just the greater maintenance costs. No problem for those who just bought the units to profit on the backs of others, expats screwing other expats.

    Whether the owner of a unit or a tenant of the unit uses the common areas makes no difference. You can actually spin it that Airbnb creates less traffic just as easy as you spin it that it creates more traffic. If Airbnb rentals frustrates you maybe focus on security or something like that which is a more solid argument. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, samuttodd said:

    Grapefruit  compounds known as furanocoumarins can block cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) enzymes.,  so some of the medications may be broken down more slowly by the liver.   This can be an issue as your plasma drug concentration levels build up,  so that 1/2 of a pill the doctor prescribes 1 x a day,  may linger so long that it builds up faster than it is broken down.    So be careful.


    I didn't know that pomelo had the same situation as grapefruit.    Where did you see that?   

    Harvard medical site q & a. I had been warned of this by a Dr in Australia before so I don’t eat grapefruit and just googled it when I saw this thread.


    “From the handful of studies on the effects of pomelo on drug metabolism, it looks like pomelo and pomelo juice act much like grapefruit and grapefruit juice.

    Grapefruit and pomelo aren't the only fruits that affect drug metabolism. Lab studies suggest that black mulberry juice, wild grape juice, pomegranate juice, and black raspberry juice also interfere with CYP3A4.

    You have two basic options. One is to avoid eating pomelo and drinking pomelo juice. The other is to keep enjoying pomelo but talk with your doctor about switching to a statin that isn't affected by grapefruit, such as fluvastatin (Lescol), pravastatin (Pravachol), or rosuvastatin (Crestor).

    — Thomas Lee, M.D.
    Editor in Chief” 

  5. In all seriousness I would be more concerned about the pomelo than the club soda. Pomelo is of the same family as grapefruit and grapefruit can have some serious interactions with prescription medication,


    The list of medications that can interact with grapefruit includes commonly prescribed medications that:

    Fight infection

    Reduce cholesterol

    Treat high blood pressure

    Treat heart problems

    Prevent organ rejection

    Treat anxiety

    Control seizures

    Minimize motion sickness

    Treat erectile dysfunction

    Replace hormones

    Reduce cough

    Control pain

  6. 1 hour ago, madmen said:

    Your right its not a good thing. Its a GREAT thing. I have and will continue to report suspected abusers. Im not forking out common area fees so Common areas can be abused.




    I don’t follow your logic that common areas are being abused. Is it abuse like graffiti or purposely breaking things or is it wear and tear caused by what you deem excessive usage? Surely you must understand that whether it’s the owner or the tenant of an apartment, the usage is just interchangeable. You are not creating more usage rights so you are not abusing a right, you are just exercising it. The rights are the same. You may think some owners or tenants may have excessive use of the common areas but how do you define “excessive” usage and do you expect a judge in a court of law would accept a complaint based on your definition of excessive usage, or even the concept of excessive usage of common areas in a condominium. So long as a person, whether owner or tenant, is using a common area or facility for the purpose it was meant for its not abuse. 


    I respect your right to express outrage at a situation you don’t like but it would not be smart to stop “forking out” your common area fees because you think the common areas are “being abused” as you will loose that argument 100% and could end up losing your condo if you don’t pay for a long enough time. 



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  7. Take a step back and look at the root cause of the problem. The person is in this position because they were financially irresponsible. Of course they are remorseful that they are in this situation but more than likely they are remorseful that their credit has dried up and now the party is over and they are forced to restrict their life style because of the repayment burden.


    Before lending the money ask yourself are you really helping them or are you enabling them to continue being financially irresponsible and wrecking their life as the result will be to put them deeper in financial debt. At the same time your interest payments will become profit sourced from their misery. Can you live with that.


    Are you 100% confident that when your money is used to pay off all the credit card debt, your borrower won’t succumb to temptation and start running them up again until next thing you know the limits are reached and the person you are trying to help is now 600k in debt rather than 300k. Will that person thank you or hate you.


    Dont lend the money. There are government organizations that help consolidate debt and provide councilling, you putting the person in the same position with access to credit without addressing the cause of the problem will just ensure that the same result is inevitable. 

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  8. 14 hours ago, RickBradford said:

    Bill Shorten : "This election is all about climate change."

    Guardian Australia: The climate change election. Where do the parties stand on the environment?

    Greens Senator Richard di Natale: This is the climate change election.

    Greenpeace Australia : "This will be a climate change election" 


    ABC: Election 2019: What happened to the climate change vote we heard about?


    If you want to remain in denial about the realities of this election, so much the better.



    I can’t see how you reach that conclusion. The guys you quote were adamant that the election was all about climate change and they lost. To me that confirms they got it wrong they should have focused on other things and they may have won.


    Installing fear in the electorate is a basic political doctrine. If you elect us then we will protect you. Climate change is the latest bogeyman that governments use to install fear into he population to justify their right to govern. Previously it was the Muslims with weapons of mass destruction, nukes, and terrorism. Before that it was the Cold War and scourge of communism. Now it’s global warming.


    Climate change annually is a US$1.5 trillion industry globally. That’s a huge amount of money spent every year with no discernible results. In fact they are spending all that money and the governments are telling us that it’s getting worse. Is that ok, where is the accountability? When a climate change scientist sticks his hand out for his annual bonus does he have to prove he’s reduced climate change. Nope.


    Yes I believe that there is a climate change issue, but how big of an issue is it really, I don’t know, who really does. Don’t you think with a US1.5 trillion business at stake there is a chance that some of the data is could be just a teeny weenie little bit corrupt. My opinion is that climate change has evolved into a one sided debate based on data that is riddled with confirmation bias. Anyone that challenges its existence or severity is crushed by the weight of a US$1.5 trillion feeding trough.


    Consider this scenario. You are a newly minted climate scientist looking for $10 million in funding. You run the data and crunch the numbers and the result is that hey the problem is no where near as bad as everyone says. What do you do

    ? will that analysis get you your $10 million or do you stand a better chance by going back and running data and crunching numbers in a way to change the result so you can produce a report that says its way worse than everybody says. We are doomed and need more money and more action now ( starting with my $10m).


    If he produces the first report then he won’t get the $10m and to boot he won’t have a career as he would be unemployable for claiming such a thing. The reality is he us incentivized to get on the bandwagon and indulge in confirmation bias if he wants to have a career or a life. That’s reality.


    Personally I’d rather see them spent $1.5 trillion on cleaning up trash and toxic waste from the planet and cleaning the oceans of plastic and if they have any left over then put it to conquering cancer, aids, and debilitating disease. After we’ve accomplished that then look at climate change.

  9. 3 hours ago, CapraIbex said:

    Factually, Shorten had exempted age pensioners and part pensioners from the abolition of franking credit refunds, so it was only self-funded retirees that were affected.


    Why would you want to take away a benefit that allows people to self fund their retirement and not be a burden on the nation. 


    In addition If the government is running a surplus which they claim to be doing then they should be cutting taxes.




  10. 2 hours ago, RJRS1301 said:

    RU Australia responded to a repeat offender, who had already received notice about his social media posts.

    I am sure if another sponsor with the same acceptance of diversity and social media requirements as QANTAS, had a heterosexual CEO that sponsor would also have responded regarding withdrawing support.


    A persons sexual orientation does NOT necessarily rule their social conscious but will perhaps give them a different lens to view the world through, perhaps a little more accepting of others.

    Your sentence “with the same acceptance of diversity and social media requirements as qantas “ is a very ambiguous and conceptually dangerous ideology to peddle.


    Who defines these diversity requirements. A corporation, RU Australia? Diversity is about inclusion of all people no matter their race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. Diversity by default includes the people who wish to worship and live there life under their own values. Does a corporation or a sporting body have the right to define the level of diversity they will tolerate when employing a person.


    When do we cross the line and accept a corporation or sporting body can exclude a person because they think differently?  If it’s not allowed to say something in public then just thinking it should be enough for society and a corporation to shun you. Are you ok with that.


    I may not agree with people but I see this situation as a reverse persecution and another form of bigotry.


    I believe in the right to worship and religious freedom.

    I believe in the right to express an opinion and the freedom of speech 

    i believe in diversity and that diversity should be inclusive of the above 2 principles.


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  11. Ferrari only managed to match the times they set in winter testing while Mercedes bettered them by 1 second. As far as the race goes chances are it will be won at the first corner and with the slipstream Hamilton has a good chance of passing Bottas if his start isn’t 100% perfect.


    Bottas has had a great start to the year but I would question if he has the mental strength to hold off Hamilton for a full season. Hamilton knows what it takes and has done it 5 times before.

  12. Oats are incredibly good for you. Not only for the fiber, they help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, reduce weight, and increase blood flow ( think erections). As the poster above said watch the sugars you put on them and the milk 

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