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  1. Actually big chains don’t lease the hotel they either own it or just manage it. It’s a very profitable business model employed all over the world. I think Accor ( Sofitel, Novotel, ibis etc) owns less than half of their hotels, the rest are brand franchised and managed. The local owner of the hotel will pay between 8-12% of gross revenues to Accor and they will run your hotel for you under one of their brands.

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  2. 15 hours ago, NamKangMan said:


    I agree, but with the majority of tourist coming to Phuket these days being Chinese, I can't see the Chinese buying a bar / guest house / cafe / restaurant, or taking an Issan bride.  


    That makes for a lot of empty establishments here in the future, that previously catered for westerners, and we are already seeing it happening now.


    I agree with you that your average Mr Wang from Wuhan is far less likely to come to Phuket, fall in love with a bargirl, and move here to run a cafe etc than your average Bob from Bristol or Bruce from Brisbane.


    However taking a bigger perspective if the clampdown on Zero Baht tourism actually works then it is possible that in order to claw back as much money as they can from Chinese tourism, the Chinese ( corporate or illegal interets - not individuals ) do acquire local businesses or have locals front businesses on their behalf.


    They are doing it already We've already seen crackdowns on Chinese tour guides, Chinese tour companies, Chinese bus and boat owners and chances are these people are not just going to give up and go home. They'll just find a better way to keep doing it and get thier share of the pie. 


    For that to happen then you'd need Chinese tourism to be sustainable and grow. Investment wouldn't happen overnight  but slowly they could acquire the venues and retask them so that maybe in 10 years time nightlife in Patong will be about popping out at night for a bowl of noodles and a cold Tsing Tao, followed by a foot massage , and some late night entertainment by cracking a bottle of Remy at the local Karaoke. Paradise.

  3. For any Australians out there I just watched the first episode of Hoges the life story of Paul Hogan, it was pretty good but I don't know if my view was skewed from being able to remember living through some of the events and watching his TV show when I was a kid. It's on Kodi but you may be able to find it elsewhere.

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  4. Am on an English detective binge at the moment.

    Watching, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown and Grantchester.

    Not really a classic English detective series but "Stan Lees Lucky Man" is some chewing gum for your brain.

  5. I'll give another plug for "the night manager" miniseries. First 2 episodes were great. It's a typical BBC series that slowly draws you in and before you know it you're Counting the days till the next episode.

    Also season 2 of better call Saul is shaping up quite nicely. Great acting.

  6. Thanks Steve,

    So an Add-on is a collection of specific content, a build is a collection of Add-ons and a Repo is a collection of builds...that makes things a little clearer.

    I suggest you read Steve's post one more time, slowly this time, maybe then you can comprehend what he wrote because he didn't wrote what you just say.

    To be honest, if you don't know what you're doing, as you say in your other post, Kodi isn't for you.

    I would disagree with your last statement. Using Kodi does require some basic inteigence but it can be as simple as you want or as complex as you want. It's like using a program like Microsoft excel it takes a little bit of practice to build a basic spreadsheet though it's not rocket science, but if you want to start building macros and linking tables it can get complicated fast.

  7. A build is a your basic Kodi software programmed by a third party by which they do all the work of downloading the repos that contain all the add-ons and then installing a bunch of those add ons to give you a fully loaded version of Kodi.

    Any build will contain what the creator of that build "thinks" a fully loaded version of Kodi is. Most 3rd party builders generally throw in the kitchen sink in terms of add ons as they try to make something for everyone. That makes some builds large and bloated. Generally you will find that you end up using 3 or 4 addons for most of your viewing and 100's of addons that the builder put in the system are just left there.

    Most builds have the same set of addons included but I use builds because good builds set up your home screens set up your Libiary and add artwork and link every thing into your screensaver. They set up services like subtitles etc etc . Even great builds may require some tweaking, I turn automatic play feature off, I adjust the audio output to be used through my AV receiver and delete a few shortcuts from the main home screen that I don't use.

    Finally pretty much all builds are FREE, people create them because they love doing it. Some builders are chasing Kodi community fame, some builders are obsessed with creating the perfect system, some want to provide a system so you can get rid of the cable company etc etc

  8. One thing I would mention is that some of these builds have a lot if bloat ware in them. It doesn't bother me as my box is a Intel NUC with Intel i5 processor 16 mb of ram and a 250gb ssid hard drive running windiws 10 so it doesn't blink at anything Kodi can throw at it. I did try to set up Andy's build on a 3 or 4 year old android MX box and the performance wasn't that great.

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  9. I use Andy's build and just make some minor changes to the start up page like deleting the karaoke, news and other shortcuts I don't like. I also turn off auto play on genius and the one channel.

    The builder of Andy's build runs a website called Kodimaster.com ( the repo and wizard for all the builds is in http:/kodimaster.com/repo). He has a bunch of his own builds and also a bunch of 3rd party builds. I stick with Andy's build as I think it's his flagship so it's always updated but some of the other builds are very good as well, but I personally can't be bothered going through the hassle of installing and testing them as Andy's build has everything I use and it dos the job for me.

  10. Couldn't you just leave your stuff here and go get a feel for the place first

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    I have, I loved the central areas particularly Da Nang and Hoi An, oceans, extremely fresh seafood, good beer for ~8 baht/glass, cheap, and the people are friendly. I wouldn't mind HCMC but it is very crowded and noisy. I am sure the quality of life will be higher than in Thailand if the visa situation is easier.

    Da Nang gets about 8 -10 weeks of good weather each year when you can actually enjoy the beaches. If you visit during that period then it's paradise but otherwise it's too wet, too cold or too humid. The weather really sucks.. The other thing that you need to be aware of if you are planning an extended stay not in a hotel is that Da Nang is controlled by the army and considered a communist cultural hotspot. Fun is not allowed. As a foreigner living there the people may be nice but anyone in authority will consider you a carrier of social evils there to pollute society.. You'll see lots of residential streets with blue signs accriss the entrance with Vietnamese writing which roughly translated is this street is protected against social evils by the fatherland front. It means that there will either be a resident or some old guy sitting in a chair watching what everybody in the street does and reporting it. ( it exists in HCMC to a lesser extent but is still there) you will be the center of attention that's for sure.

    Finally Da Nang still has a huge dioxin ( agent orange) problem. They are still cleaning up areas just outside of the city and there are concerns that it has contaminated the water table. Googke it now or you may end up coming back to Thailand with two heads and 3 arms.

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