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  1. I’m using Vaderstreams. https://vaderstream.shop/products/  they are reselling epic streams which are the best I have found. I use it both through Kodi and a media player. I find that sometimes I have to use a vpn if I use it through Kodi in Bangkok but if I use a media player I don’t. In Hua Hin I have no issues using it through Kodi. I’m watching sky sports right now and it’s good quality. For my vpn I use PureVPN which cost me $70 for a 5 year subscription.


    another reseller of epic streams is Boss TV, historically they had problems with their own servers but it seem to be ok now. I did not reup with them as they stopped their Kodi app.

  2. Speak to the district office not the police. Has he paid the tax on the sign and did he get permission for the sign 


    Tax return and filing deadline 

    Owners of signboards must file the tax return (PP.1) within 31 March of each year and the tax must be paid within 15 days after notification of the tax assessment. The return is filed at the Local District Office. Documentation required in support of the tax return:

    1) Photo of the sign or billboard with details of its size and the date the sign or billboard was erected.

    2) Copy of the company’s affidavit (issued no more than 6 months previously) certified as a true copy by the company’s director together with the company’s seal affixed.

    3) Copy of the previous signage tax receipt (if any)


    In case of failure to file a tax return, there is a 10% surcharge on the signboard tax payable. Failing to pay signboard tax carries a 2% surcharge per month on the signboard tax payable.

    Setting up or altering an existing sign 

    A company must notify the Local District Office within 15 days of setting up or altering a sign (for example changing from Thai language to a logo, picture or foreign language).


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  3. No doubt the Ferrari is super fast but they just can’t unlock the speed on a Sunday. As far as team orders go they were wrong in Australia, wrong in Bahrain, but I kinda agree with China. Vettel certainly looked faster at the time so if the aim was to take it to the mercedes then they were right to give him a shot. The stupid thing was they threw Le Clerc under the bus in terms of strategy keeping him out so long rather than pitting him early to cover off Verstappen. They won’t win the championship if they arent capable of optimizing strategy for both cars on race day.

  4. I use the GSP All the time on eBay and Amazon. They do charge you full import duty and if there is less actual import duty they refund it. They do not charge you more if there is more implied duty but I think the GSP’s have some kind of processing agreement so that doesn’t happened.



  5. Bernie is just trying to get elected. The “ rich are not paying their fair share” is just a populist rallying cry to try to capture the votes of everybody who doesn’t consider themselves rich. It’s not about them not paying their taxes it’s about what their fare share is. It’s an abstract number that probably has a different meaning to everybody but the underlying sentiment is that anyone who has more stuff than you should have to pay more so they can’t afford more stuff than you. 

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  6. There are a lot of TV series that have had movie spin offs but it’s seens that that there over the past few years it’s going the other way with movies spurring TV series spin offs ( or mini series). Some of these are better than the movies but others don’t do the movie justice.


    Any recommendations on TV series that are better than the original movies? Also which ones sucked in your opinion. 


    I’ll kick it off by saying I think Animal Kingdom based on an Australian movie is pretty entertaining. Same goes for Fargo. Whereas limitless based on a movie of the same name sucks.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Just Weird said:

    What are the stats you have on the non-payment of traffic fines?

    It’s high I would guess. I have 3 filmed traffic violations and i haven’t got around to paying any of them yet.


    Just on the original topic, I live in the Sukhumvit/Asoke area and we have 2 cars so I hope they make some kind of allowance for residents of that area.

  8. On 4/1/2019 at 2:56 PM, NCC1701A said:

    lets see, what can i do today? :coffee1:  oh yeah, what about that old Tops Market topic I started awhile back. :cheesy:


    one thing that is happening is I am using Tops more now than Gourmet Market or Tesco Lotus Market Village because super easy to park and just walk in. Also the club sandwich is small but passable for 79 baht. Plus AC and you can recharge your phone at the food counter. :clap2:



    They also sell beer. Truly an expat paradise. What about eye candy ?

  9. It’s not that Thai’s prefer new, it’s the system that forces them to buy new. When you buy a new apartment the developer gives you 2 plus years to pay the 10% down payment. They normally have a deal with banks to provide a 90% mortgage which the buyer benefits from. 

    When you buy second hand the maximum mortgage you can get is 50 to 60% and most Thais don’t have 40% or 50% cash so their options are limited.

  10. Read this https://www.samuiforsale.com/lease-law/property-lease-agreement-registration.html


    if you have signed an actual second term lease rather than an option for a second lease then the second lease may not be enforceable. ( if you signed both it’s enforcable) . But that is not written in stone as it seems there may be a Supreme Court decision that the lessee can rely on to enforce the second Lease.


  11. Honestly I can’t see that you have been conned at all. The reason whey you don’t have a 7 year lease is the maximum time frame for a lease without being registered at the land office is 3 years. It is common practice in Thailand to sign 3+3+3 year leases for commercial properties ( and probably houses). If you wanted to register the lease at the land office then you would be liable for taxes and transfer fees.

    What these guys are doing is normal business practice and i’m Surprised no one has told you about that.  All the leases still are within your 7 year agreement but it is unusual that you say the terms have been split differently than you remember. That should be clarified but at this stage you don’t have an deal that isn’t anything different to a normal business practice. If you are in Thailand and know a farang owner of a bar or restaurant as then and they will tell you 3+3 year leases are normal.

  12. I have 2 84 inch LG tv’s one is 4 years old and the other is 2 years old. Neither has had a problem. The only issue both had was it was difficult to initially set up the internet connection and that was solved by turning off all the other devices logged on in the house and then it set up fine 

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