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  1. Read this https://www.samuiforsale.com/lease-law/property-lease-agreement-registration.html


    if you have signed an actual second term lease rather than an option for a second lease then the second lease may not be enforceable. ( if you signed both it’s enforcable) . But that is not written in stone as it seems there may be a Supreme Court decision that the lessee can rely on to enforce the second Lease.


  2. Honestly I can’t see that you have been conned at all. The reason whey you don’t have a 7 year lease is the maximum time frame for a lease without being registered at the land office is 3 years. It is common practice in Thailand to sign 3+3+3 year leases for commercial properties ( and probably houses). If you wanted to register the lease at the land office then you would be liable for taxes and transfer fees.

    What these guys are doing is normal business practice and i’m Surprised no one has told you about that.  All the leases still are within your 7 year agreement but it is unusual that you say the terms have been split differently than you remember. That should be clarified but at this stage you don’t have an deal that isn’t anything different to a normal business practice. If you are in Thailand and know a farang owner of a bar or restaurant as then and they will tell you 3+3 year leases are normal.

  3. I have 2 84 inch LG tv’s one is 4 years old and the other is 2 years old. Neither has had a problem. The only issue both had was it was difficult to initially set up the internet connection and that was solved by turning off all the other devices logged on in the house and then it set up fine 

  4. You can transfer the condo directly from the Thai seller into your name and pay the money to the unregistered farang owner. The land office needs to see the letter from your bank saying you bought the money in to purchase a condo. You do not have give details of the condo in the bank letter or who you are buying it from it just needs to state you bought the money in to buy a condo. 


    You obviously need to cooperate with the registered owner and the farang unregistered owner with both attending the settlement at the land office but you will just waste money by transferring it into the foreigners name then immediately transferring into your name as taxes and stamp duty will need to be paid twice. You will probably need to organize cashiers checks for the unregistered seller, any amount owed to the registered seller, and the tax/stamp duty. The seller may want cash for the stamp duty and tax. The seller should give you a breakdown.


    if you are not confident get a property lawyer to represent you. It will cost you 20-30k ( maybe cheaper if you are not in Bangkok ) but it will get done.

  5. For me it was just good TV and frankly these days it’s getting hard to come by if your not a fan of tv shows about comic book characters ( which I’m not ).


    BTW I read there is a breaking bad movie in the works so that will be something to look forward to.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Old Croc said:

    Not for everyone, but Mr Inbetween has become a favorite.

    Australian production about a criminal for hire. Strong language and violence, but the lead character has grown on me. Very humorous in places.

    Love the 60's music on the credits (eg, Loved Ones, Delltones) 


    I liked it very much but unfortunately only 6 30min episodes. Looks like a second season is green lighted though.

  7. I popped in on Sunday evening and it was a bit of a zoo. There were a few foreign faces but generally locals seemed to be enthusiastically loading up the truck ( or the cart as the case may be). The isles were a bit narrow for Thai style shopping where one person pushes the cart and 8 members of the extended family surround it but overall a positive addition for the town.

  8. There is a new Australian TV show ( I get it on Kodi ) called Mr Inbetween. The first four episodes are out and it’s about an enforcer for hire. It’s more black humor than anything else so far and quite entertaining. 

  9. On 9/23/2018 at 5:41 PM, xylophone said:

    My local Starbucks is becoming unbearable with the noise from the Chinese hordes, plus the fact that they let their kids run around as if it’s a playground (screaming and shouting), and they have no manners at all.


    Just two days ago I was sitting almost opposite a couple of Chinese guys and one of them decided to cough loudly, straight-ahead (spray et al) and in my direction, so I banged on the table and told him to cover his mouth when he was coughing, but not sure that it did any good as I left shortly afterwards.

    So are they actually buying coffee from Starbucks? That’s a new one. At the Starbucks at central festival I could never get a seat as all the outside chairs were taken by Chinese sleeping, eating cup noodles, or doing anything but drinking a coffee purchased from Starbucks and the inside ones were always full with one guy or girl with a Starbucks coffee and 3 or 4 others sitting with them with water, noodles or whatever.

  10. I went through the exact same process you did. I originally wanted the Yamaha ysp5600 and exhausted all options to get it in Thailand. I ended up buying the YSP4300 which cost 50,000 and frankly i’m Not that impressed. Maybe it’s because my TV area is huge with no walls to bounce sounds off but st the end of the day I don’t think it’s worth the money. 

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  11. There is a HBO series called “Barry” about a hit man that stumbles into an acting class and decides to try to change his life while still being a hit man. It’s watchable black humor 

  12. In some respect it doesn’t matter how many units are on the market. The more important number is actual days on the market. If you had data like that and published sale prices then the market would enjoy far more pricing clarity and would become more efficient. 


    Reality is that a property is only worth the amount somebody is willing to pay for it. If your condo is on the market for 300 days and the average days on market is 120 days then you’ve probably got a price issue. 





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  13. I think your being way to harsh xylophone. Some of the things you mention as pitfalls would be highlighted by a simple google search. If googling something is too much trouble in doing due diligence when you are about to spend a huge amount of money then you are asking for trouble. Yes some lawyers mention 30+30+30 leases but there are probably 10 sites saying they’re not legal (enforceable ) for every one site that says they are. If a developer guarantees you a return, that’s a commercial contract and a person should understand with any contact there is a risk of nonperformance.


    If a person wants to ignore all the red flags being thrown up and still make the investment then it’s on them. Sure there could be real instances of forged owenership but they would be the exception and not the norm.


    I don’t know if Mysterion is in the property industry or not but what he is saying makes absolute sense to me and i’m not in the property industry although I do own multiple properties in Thailand.


    Finally I really do enjoy all your posts but on this topic your outrage mystifies me, as I cannot reconcile the content of your posts on this subject with your board signature that you attach to all your posts which I assume reflects you credo or motto in life. I qoute:


    isn’t it amazing how many people tread through life carefully so that they can arrive at deaths door safely “


    It maybe explains your sceptism over doing due diligence but it is bit ironic that you still feel the need to express the outrage you do rather than applauding Mysterion and others for taking the risks he does instead of settling for “ treading through life carefully so that they can arrive at deaths door safely “ 

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  14. On 1/16/2018 at 10:11 PM, Mysterion said:

    At the end of the day, buying distressed property sales is the best strategy in thailand, as you tend to have a good margin of safety if things don't go as rosy as planned...and there are indeed quite a few distressed sellers here who paid far too much over the past years.

    The second mouse gets the cheese.



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