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  1. 1 hour ago, NamKangMan said:


    They will do anything to get their money out of China, even buying a condo on Phuket.  :cheesy:

    I guess there may be some truth to that as my wife was contacted by a real estate agent last week asking if we were interested in selling our condo as they had a Chinese buyer looking for a 4 bedroom unit.

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  2. On 12/18/2017 at 11:40 AM, Psimbo said:

    Along similar lines I'd put S3 of Narcos up there as well- it seems to be a popular theme at the moment (haven't tried El Chapo yet).


    Watched American Made last night about Barry Seal. Not a great fan of Tiny Tom but an interesting perspective on the whole thing and a decent film.

    Season 3 of Narcos probably wins the best returning series award. 

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  3. I beg to differ. 3 weeks ago Changwattana immigration made me go the police station and file a report. When I came back they also wanted a copy of my passport to go with the report so i had to go downstairs and get one. They then went into the computer and wrote my old entry card number on the new card.


    It's a stupid rule and the police are better off spending their time catching criminals rather than taking reports from careless farangs who lose their TM cards. I don't think the police will launch a task force or even investigate the loss of my TM card. 

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  4. Actually big chains don’t lease the hotel they either own it or just manage it. It’s a very profitable business model employed all over the world. I think Accor ( Sofitel, Novotel, ibis etc) owns less than half of their hotels, the rest are brand franchised and managed. The local owner of the hotel will pay between 8-12% of gross revenues to Accor and they will run your hotel for you under one of their brands.

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  5. 15 hours ago, NamKangMan said:


    I agree, but with the majority of tourist coming to Phuket these days being Chinese, I can't see the Chinese buying a bar / guest house / cafe / restaurant, or taking an Issan bride.  


    That makes for a lot of empty establishments here in the future, that previously catered for westerners, and we are already seeing it happening now.


    I agree with you that your average Mr Wang from Wuhan is far less likely to come to Phuket, fall in love with a bargirl, and move here to run a cafe etc than your average Bob from Bristol or Bruce from Brisbane.


    However taking a bigger perspective if the clampdown on Zero Baht tourism actually works then it is possible that in order to claw back as much money as they can from Chinese tourism, the Chinese ( corporate or illegal interets - not individuals ) do acquire local businesses or have locals front businesses on their behalf.


    They are doing it already We've already seen crackdowns on Chinese tour guides, Chinese tour companies, Chinese bus and boat owners and chances are these people are not just going to give up and go home. They'll just find a better way to keep doing it and get thier share of the pie. 


    For that to happen then you'd need Chinese tourism to be sustainable and grow. Investment wouldn't happen overnight  but slowly they could acquire the venues and retask them so that maybe in 10 years time nightlife in Patong will be about popping out at night for a bowl of noodles and a cold Tsing Tao, followed by a foot massage , and some late night entertainment by cracking a bottle of Remy at the local Karaoke. Paradise.

  6. 1 hour ago, Mattd said:

    You were advised by Ubonjoe to depart and return via Suvarnabhumi airport not via a land border, now Thai Elite are reiterating it, seems you have no choice but to go out again and return by air to Suvarnabhumhi to convert.

    Please read the mail from Ubon Joe again. He said I could do it on a 30 day entry. Then he said I could do it by entering at Suvarnabhumi airport. 


    They are 2 different statements. 


    Interpret them how you want to but please dont put words into his mouth.,

  7. The latest in this saga. I made a trip to Poi Pet and came back on a 30 day visa exempt entry. I then asked Thai elite to arrange the PE visa and this is what they came back with. It sounds ridiculous and I can't believe it's actually the case.


    any advice ?


    After we re-checked with Immigration Bureau again, the Immigration officer strongly insisted that a Thailand Elite member will be able to obtain or convert to Thailand Elite visa type “PE” at Immigration Chaengwattana if he/she enters to Thailand on tourist visa. However, Thailand Elite member must never have obtained a Thailand Elite visa type”SE” in the same passport even if it has expired under Immigration regulation. The Immigration officer kindly suggests you to do as 2 options as below;


    1.      You can request to obtain a Thailand Elite visa type “PE” upon your arrival at Suvarnabhumi or Phuket international airport only if you don’t have a plan to get a new passport.  5 – 7 days advance notice is required to inform to our staff.


    2.      You can obtain a Thailand Elite visa type”PE” at Immigration Chaengwattana if you have a new passport without Thailand Elite sticker visa.


    Truly sorry for any inconvenience but highly hope to have your kind understanding under Immigration regulation.

  8. My latest Thai Elite 5 year SE Visa has expired and I am still on a 3 month extension. I decided to convert my elite membership from the lifetime to the 20 year membership so I can get the PE 5 year visa which gives a 1 year extension of stay versus the 3 month given on the SE.


    The Thai elite people said they contacted immigration and that they were told that I could not simply apply/convert for the PE visa at changwattana as I was on an extension of stay from a SE visa and that I had to leave the country and come in on a tourist visa then they would issue the PE visa.


    That doesn't make sense to me.


    Also if I have to leave and come back do I need an actual tourist visa or can I just apply for the PE visa while on a 30 day leave to remain.



  9. For any Australians out there I just watched the first episode of Hoges the life story of Paul Hogan, it was pretty good but I don't know if my view was skewed from being able to remember living through some of the events and watching his TV show when I was a kid. It's on Kodi but you may be able to find it elsewhere.

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  10. Am on an English detective binge at the moment.

    Watching, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown and Grantchester.

    Not really a classic English detective series but "Stan Lees Lucky Man" is some chewing gum for your brain.

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