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  1. Correct I use Bolt a lot, do not use motorbike taxis. From soi bukhao to Jomtien I am getting quotes of about 60/70 baht. I need to go to naklua soon, done the trip with Bolt a handful of times, around the 50 baht mark. Cheap and good Bolt
  2. Depressing news, hope it doesn't happen. I used to live in naklua where there was 1 big day , just stayed in that day and a little bit either day beside. Now centrally located in soi bukhao where it has been manic in the past. I guess I'll just stay in a few days and let the idiots & thugs get on with it. Time to load some food delivery apps.
  3. Thanks News to me. When I get the time, I would be tempted to try the Vietnam pizza and quite possibly the Sichuan mala BBQ. I had to google it as it goes. I also found your post on the Sichuan restaurant interesting for 1 item that you mentioned. Chinese pork hamburger in home pastry. Are any of those likely to be spicy do you know? I cannot tolerate spicy food. Cheers
  4. Frozen. I agree fresh cut and " home made" better.
  5. I eat at Cheap Charlies on a semi regular basis, for that breakfast. It is OK for me, have a small appetite and that fills me OK. Yesterday evening went to Chill Inn soi bukhao after having not been there for a while. I had the chicken shnitzel with fries. Everyday special at 89 baht, Good enough for me. Glass of wine 120bt, water 30 bt ( I think ) Food consistent there. Other times I will spend a fair bit more, usually if I want Italian or French food, which are my favourites.
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