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  1. It is the Regulatory News Service of the London Stock Exchange. RNS required to be issued by any listed companies when they become aware of any significant change in their business/trading/outlook. Many issued every day.
  2. I am the same as you.I have no wish to access the internet when outside.Ordinary phone works fine for making and receiving calls if/when necessary.
  3. Good that needy people are being helped but as already said, the Govt. surely bears a responsibility to it s own people. Change that to "should bear a responsibility..." This is Thailand though.
  4. Too young I think and the wrong reasons, albeit I moved out here younger than him,slightly. Not enough funds either. Did not sell up back home though, kept my UK property, let it out. Now I no longer wish to live in Thailand. Moving away will not be easy but at least I have options open.
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