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  1. Hi JT For quality or price? Another place I had never heard of. I could not get to the menu page on their website, maybe my fault. Thanks
  2. Thanks I also had to google it. I think I will try that next visit.
  3. Yes I noticed that, there is a Serb involved there. I was going to try a Serbian dish ,maybe next time. Something different
  4. Hi I guess it is about time I did a review to give a bit back from the interesting posts. A budget place on soi bukhao. good friend of mine lives there so sometimes I go there for a meal, meet up and drinks. Far better selection of restaurants in that area than naklua but I am not moving for that The place is Chill Inn, next to Chaba Hut resort. He is a regular there, mine was first visit. Very fairly priced menu but on a Sunday they do some great specials, think pizza was down from 240 to about 140 to 160. I
  5. Hi I am somewhat similar with regard to price. I do seek out good value but am prepared to "weigh on" for something special. I had never heard of Vespresso, is it on the Darkside? If so, difficult location for me ( living in naklua and preferring bahtbus to motorbike taxis, a safety issue rather than cost) I have a fair few friends who like good food, could charter a bahtbus between us if necessary, have done so before. Thanks for mentioning it.
  6. I have had a look at the menus of both. Pulcinella does seem to be good value, with a lot of variety. Location not convenient, cannot think of how you would get there by bahtbus . Marcos also looks good, their pizza prices more or less in line with what I pay, as are their cold cuts starters. I used to sometimes go to Alby& Mickeys on soi bukhao for tortellini, about 250 baht, very good. That was a long time ago though and I have not heard or seen mention of them for ages.
  7. Thanks for the mention. I was considering going down there, from naklua, easy enough. Doubt I will now. Yes, the prices some places charge for quite basic pub food seems very high to me. I pay 1/3rd that price ( bacon sandwich) just round the corner from me
  8. Hi i am thinking of a weekend break in Hua Hin. A few questions re. bars/restaurants and accommodation. Maybe someone can help pls. Background to me, live in naklua ( Pattaya) for 11 years. I have only visited Hua Hin once, about 5 years ago. I liked it. Restaurants ( yes I will take a look at the thread) I like both Italian and French food. On my prior visit I went to 2 different Italian restaurants, food and service was good. Are there some still open ? Bars, some place laid back and relaxed would do. Will I st
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