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  1. TAT don't talk to Thai people on the street or selling goods at a stall in a mall. I have. The last customer they want to see is an Indian along with Chinese. Every nationality targeted or vainly attempted to woo by TAT over the last 15 years has been demographically the wrong group when it comes to length of visit and spending power. They should have gone out of their way to reward and court all of Europe, U.S., Canada, Australia and N.Z. Easy (90 day) visas and safe regulated facilities. But no. They let hoodlums and rip off merchants along with a pathetic excuse for a police force on the streets and beaches destroy any willingness to come back. People arrive on a tourist visa and instantly become considered a heiness criminal just because they want to stay longer and spend more money on accommodation and goods.? Meanwhile letting all manner of real criminals/terrorists/drug runners on Interpol watch lists flood in. Nothing will change in Thailand as long as the same people dominate the real working classes and poor struggling to earn 300 baht a day, which will be more obvious once again after the election.
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