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  1. I remember TAT predicted figures of 20 plus million per year about 10 years ago now they are up to over 40 plus million. At this rate soon immigration will be snowed under with more tourists in the country than actual local people !!! I also see on these news threads on Thai Visa more and more comments about not coming here, not coming back again and leaving for good. There are less and less comments from the rose tinted spec wearers who defend the country and the locals as the tint is now wearing off and reality is setting in. Leopards can't change their spots and the locals cannot or will not listen to advise or change their mind set. Ever. There is no bigger personal insult for any Thai male or female to lose face and admit failure. Their preference is to bluster, lie, cheat and scam their way into a bigger mire of nonsense. Any figures given out by their goverment officals backs this up. Western people grow up knowing that taking good advise and learning from mistakes makes you a better person, gives you valuable experience and knowledge and also maybe admired and appreciated by your peers.
  2. If a potential western tourist had never been to Thailand and then spent 30 minutes reading only half a dozen of the news strings on Thai Visa (including this one) - they would strike the place of their list of holiday destinations immediately. There is no good news on here. Everything bad about Thailand mentioned in this current article has been said and discussed before, hundreds if not thousands of times and nothing changes. If you care to read about Siam/Thai history nothing has changed in hundreds of years. They never wanted foreigners on their soil and made it so hard for anyone to even travel across the country without permission that it makes the modern TM30 look good. As for the locals becoming "free" and no longer enslaved back in 1905, we can see with this junta that nothing has changed and without a major revolution in mind set and economics will there ever be a change. Nothing any westerner says, does or types here in local media or global media will make any change or difference.
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