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  1. Basically a concrete building- there must be a lot of stored paper documents & photo copy documents on fire.
  2. Example: “Fire! Fire” .... a Thai will most likely sit and wait to be told what to do ( or lack the “preparedness of what to do); meanwhile a “Westerner will take action upon him/ herself on what to do. Yes, I am generalizing but I think you get the point.
  3. I do not consider myself a hygiene fanatic, but I swear 4-5 of the restaurants I have visited the past 5--7 years constantly use the same place mats. As soon as they place my silverware on one of those woven Thai placemats, I cringe; for I know they cannot be washed. I'd rather have a sheet of paper used as a place mat. --And then you think of the number of people that have hacked and slopped over these mats, I wonder if I should just eat without one. Thoughts?
  4. I am in the beginning stage of planning to build a small bungalow on my Thai wife's property near Roi-et. I would feel more comfortable in buying something completed but we want to build something on her land which will be used only for our visits there to see her family. Because it is not our pernament home (so far) I plan to keep it small, around 80-90 sq. meters. One bathroom...2 small bedrooms. Western kitchen and bathroom. The design will be rectangular with a A-line roof; thus it won't be that complicated to build. The question is how can I figure out how something like this should cost??? I was told around 500-600 thousand baht. A contractor / builder that she knows said he can do the work (with his carpenters) for 70,000 baht. What do you think is the going prices for a house this size and hiring a contractor? Thanks for you imput.
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