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  1. I find it frustrating to also have an “army” of Home Pro salesclerks to follow me around then when I need assistance, no one can speak English in the Home Pros that are located in cities with a large expat community. Wouldn’t it make sense for Home Pro to spend a few more baht and hire ONE clerk (out of the thirty who are standing around) that had a decent English vocabulary? This person could roam around the area with a name tag saying, “Hello, I can speak English. May I help you?” Yes, I try my limited Thai or use my translator in my phone, or draw pictures but this does not always work.
  2. Great opportunity to clean the grime off the floors, tables, stools and counters and sanitize the bathroom. Do maintenance with the broken lights, plumbing, and electrical outlets ... ( I doubt it)
  3. It is no secret corporate America now influences the decisions made in Washington DC: FDA, DOD, USDA... and now the FAA has been exposed. These government departments are not to play politics over ones safety. (and this dilemma will continue as long as politicians ( especially the present Republicans) cater to big business over their constituents back home.
  4. The street cement or steel “grids” to provide drainage along the streets in Thailand are a hazard. My unprotected foot ( wearing beach flip flops) slid partially into one of the cement drainage openings and managed to scrape some skin off my foot. I was fortunate that was the only injury.
  5. I hope so- too dry up there ( and the rain will put out those field fires)
  6. Forget “discussing”. Get out of the police booth and get out there and issue tickets. Show action, not words.
  7. I would love to see the military take over my country right now ( USA). Unfortunately uneducated people support Trump’s oligarchy & white supremacy, both political parties are catering to corporate America instead of their constituents back home ( they need the lobbyists bribes for re-election, Republicans don’t have the gonads to stand against the narcissistic, orange bully, & all the two parties can do is disagree. My attitude toward a true democratic government has been tarnished- Thailand or USA
  8. “Good Pakistani muslim “ that probably has a couple wives and 12+ kids back home.
  9. too much detail ( glad these posters cluttering the roadsides are good for something)
  10. ...and how many rolled up cigarettes did he smoke and drinks of rice whiskey a day?
  11. -such a small political issue. How about tackling bus and car deaths? Better education for all Thai kids? Dealing with air & water pollution? Minimum wage?
  12. White”Euro-Americans” can’t handle these statistics. Most Asians that arrive in USA work hard knowing that USA is still a land of opportunity; meanwhile, many 3rd...4th generation Americans are more interested in the Kardashian’s than substance. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Ok- what bus accident will there be tonight? -Stay tuned...[emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  14. Reminds me of people who do not remove the cellophane wrapping around lamp shades.
  15. According to various comments from experienced pilots, they point to a total lack of training pilots for this new automatic-pilot program. As they say, safety is their number 1 concern. And Boeing cannot expect all pilots to understand some new instruction that is shoved in the middle of an instruction book- How many languages would this manual be translated in? Plus I think Boeing’s close relationship with FAA hindered the “concern” button.
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