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  1. My drill sergeant told me a long time ago when learning to eat bad looking things in the jungle, ;if you can eat pxssy you can eat anything!!!!" He was right.
  2. You are using your brains!Most people go spouting off how bad this idea is but it is only a few highways where this will be implemented. I think it is a good idea,the only draw back will be some people will be confused as to where it is allowed and where not. In my home country you can encounter 2 or more different speed limits within a few km.
  3. I hope my question is not out of line. Up to last December when i transferred pictures using my usb cable all of the pictures automatically went into the right month. For some reason it is not doing that anymore,it shows (tells)it is going into the right month but all of the pictures go to the very bottom of the pictures and accumulate there. Not easy to find pictures anymore. I also have google fotoos but i ca not figure out how to send pics from there. When i want to send a picture it automatically goes to where the picture are on the pc and i have to
  4. If the OP jumps of a tall building you will follow suit also?
  5. The question is for how long,can you tell the way he feels by looking at the picture? Shoulders tense,almost ready fists,this guy is an accident waiting to happen. When people like him meet similar people,dead bodies will fall. I have said it before,a lot of people in Thailand carry weapons to protect themselves from other people with weapons whom they offend!
  6. Of course Thailand is not a hub of illegal animal trade,where do i keep reading these things?
  7. That would be the biggest upset ever! China has been blamed(not proven)farangs have been blamed and now this news. The guy who came up with this is a Dane who is part of the WHO. Animals illegally bought in China,sold in Chatuchak market and the Chinese tourists got it there and carried it back to China? Lets see how this turns out,if true it would make a lot of people feel really stupid!
  8. Who are you talking about?Here i am looking all over for a picture of the mocy guy but only pictures of the victim are shown. Just because a person has a tan does not make him a Thai!
  9. We do not have tv,all we do is have wild sex all day long!Oh and then the nights! Even an old black and white would make me happy!
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