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  1. Can you share some of your nicest pictures?My brother who is a gynegologist says he takes very few pictures and he has been to Thailand and told me somtam pala actually does not smell so bad.
  2. Gardening is a hobby of mine,we have 5 rai to deal with and it is an ongoing concern. This year i imported some special colored pigeons and now am trying to create new colors. We also have a bunch of other animals to take care off,canaries,budgies,doves,chinese quail,chickens, dogs ducks and cockatiels. Never a boring day but i must say the last couple of years the summer heat is starting to slow me down. I am sure other people will come along with much more interesting tales.
  3. I was told that all depends on which hole you are playing!
  4. That will be after they put you in IC,a little late. Our local Makro last week required me to sign in(almost never carry my phone) Ok, did that and 3 minutes later left the store again. Went back a few days ago this time carrying my phone to install the app. Guess what ?it was not required anymore.No one there to check and when i asked the guard he just looked at me and waived me on. Consistency any one?
  5. That is a whole other topic,and i can not agree with you of course.
  6. Normal soi dogs,maybe.You have to realize there are also crazy dogs and they do some damage.
  7. That is a lot humaner then letting them loose on the streets to die and become a danger to people. You say Thai Buddhists do not like to kill dogs.I say i see dogs being killed by Thai people often. You are also saying if someone would poison your dog revenge must be paid. I would think you are not a very good Thai Buddhist then?
  8. I'm sure you are right in your case,i never had that problem. I did one hour a day for a few months and never had any trouble with the machine.
  9. Yinn in another topic about the same thing you finally convinced me to do the right thing and download the app to comply with what is good for Thailand and all who live here. Went to Makro(the same one i had to write my name and phone number before)and had my phone out to be instructed to download the app. Guess what?No need to do that anymore,what is going on Yinn? Can you just take care of this?
  10. I used cold smoke for about ten hours,works out really well. good taste.
  11. If you are here for good it does make sense,if you buy or sell vehicles,extend your Dl or do other things that require having proof of address.
  12. I am not joking,i just checked and there are pictures if you google 'manual treadmill'. I will look for a place to buy also. Just looked on Lazada,they have some for under 2000baht,not saying i would buy one of those.I am old fashioned and like to be able to check before i buy. Maybe Homepro or a shop like that have them. Ten times the workout for a lot less money.
  13. Yes as a lawyer once said,'Its cheaper to keep her'.
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