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  1. The people who are supposed to get this money(the poor)are not getting any of it. It is given to people who have cars and houses already,they can drive to the place where they (have)to spend their money. Poor people do not even have bank accounts,let alone the wheels to drive them to shopping malls. I see it as a plan to push more money in one direction. How do you see this Asian person?
  2. What would you have the soldiers do?Shoot at poor people?Amazing you can even think of something like this. I am telling you the US army is in Syria to protect the American lifestyle!!! If it was not about making money they would not be there. Have you send money to the wall already? The way you think amazes me.
  3. Turkey a member of NATO,kick them out fast!!!Will not happen,endless talk and mean while the bodies pile up. Now Erdogan saying he will release 3.5 million refugees into Europe,yes too late the damage in the Middle East has been done.
  4. A lot of tourists already have travel insurance but then you have the small lettering at the bottom. Just charge every arrival into Thailand 50 baht and ad it into the ticket if the fly in. Good money maker that way.
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