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  1. I did not read all of the posts but nearly two weeks ago i asked Ubonjoe about the rules for the combination method. He responded that is was all a bit unclear and that i should ask my local imo.I did and they told me that,'if you have the embassy letter nothing has changed over here' I also asked if i needed to keep a certain amount in my account and i was told all i needed is the money to make up the difference between income and 800 000 baht. If the Euro keeps going up a little bit more i will not need the bank letter at all.I am going to do my extension in the first week of April. My imo is in Tha -yang phetchaburi province.
  2. I was given Cinnatab for vertigo lately,the side effects were much worse than the problem itself. Not taken that anymore but unfortunetly that seems to be the only medicine for it.
  3. I have not lowered my expectations at all,they are still up there. I have however narrowed the circle of people i expect things from. Very easy to do,in Farangland i did not choose dealing with idiots and same here. You will never change Thailand,Thailand will change you!! Of course i have changed,i am much more easy going and think,oh well maybe tomorrow. That i learned from Thailand and i really appreciate it. We came here to live in a totally different culture,it takes some adjustment but i like it here.
  4. I said before i would not respond to first time poster again because most seem to be trolls but in this case i make an exception. Get some real sexy girls to work in your shop and customers will come!
  5. I have that problem very often,very annoying and when asked about it 3BB had no solution.
  6. jvs

    I killed a Dog.

    @ OP,remember you got up this morning having backpain and limping slightly.You may have to go to the hospital for a very expensive treatment.Limp over to the dead dog owner and ask him how much he can pay,because you ran over his dog that was on a public road uncontrolled. He may just change his tune.Also cough a lot while you are talking to him. People like that should be beaten at their own game.
  7. well i feel for you but i can not reach that far. I really hope you can survive over there and like the Canadian above said;you will probably be back in 3 months looking for a massage.
  8. Yes Rob you may hyave a point but every body does not respond the same way,something you read online may or may not work for you.If you really want it to work for you you are open to the placebo effect.If you really want to know you need a lot of bloodtests done on a regular basis. I would call you a serious hobby sporter but not an athlete,that is something totally different.You would probably have to be a professional for that these days. Keep up the good work,it will pay off and keep you focussed.
  9. Two weeks ago i decided to try a real fast for the first time in my life. Ann went to see her relatives and i thought it was a good time to try it. Only drank one cup of black coffee in the morning and only water the rest of the day.I found it very easy to do and never got really hungry. I made sure i was busy doing something else during the hours we usually eat. Yes i lost weight(63kg before and 61.5 at the end) I was surpised what happened when i did start eating again the third day.Could not stop eating!!Hungry all the time and it took me 3 days to feel normal again.Weight is around 63 kg again. Looks like there is an ideal weight for ones body if you learn to listen to it. I am the same weight now as when i was 16.
  10. I have sold many supplements,many people are looking for a shortcut,guess what,its not there. Supplements do help certain people(athletes)not to be confused by people who work out a few times per week and go party in the weekend. Who is the person benifitting the most?The guy who sells it!
  11. That is one way of looking at it,when i eat at a place where they charge service tax i dont tip.
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