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  1. I have mentioned it before,the second amendment is going to backfire. All of those guns are going to be used at some point,some people just can't wait!
  2. Well here in Cha-am are a few places that have xmas decorations all year round. Never early,never late.
  3. Reading this post a few times gives me a few questions.
  4. Do not worry,they told us it is an upgrade!!!!TIT.
  5. A small Honda bike taken to an official Honda dealer will be well taken care off. Most mechanics can do these bikes blindfolded.
  6. Looking to buy canary food online,i used to go to Chatuchak and buy it there but i forgot the name of the shop and it is a few hours drive. Looking for the normal priced mixed food,i usually pay 65 Baht per kilo. I can see it online but only very expensive and i am not sure about the mix.
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