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  1. European countries have been dealing with mass covid infections for over a year now,Thailand is just starting imo. I have no idea about Florida and Texas,i need to look that up. Multiple countries in Africa are doing well without vaccinations,so was Thailand but imo Thailand was dealing with a strain that Thai people handled well. Thailand has been lucky,nothing to do with protocols and good handling imo. In some countries it is really getting out of hand,it could happen here also.
  2. 99% chance it is some guy,maybe even one of the scammers in Bangkok.
  3. I have a lot of Facebook friends,it has to do with my hobby and i am in contact with people from all over the world.
  4. You are drinking too early my friend!!!
  5. Frankly i hate people like this and they are the absolute bottom of the barrel. Yes i caught on right away but u think a lot of people still fall for this scam. If nothing else this can be a warning for others. Very hot outside,what is wrong with being inside and try to scam a scammer?
  6. A few weeks ago i received a friend request on facebook,nothing really strange about that as i get many requests. Looked at the picture and it appeared to be a nice looking lady. I checked out her page and decided,"why not?Have some fun!!!" The poor girl has a lot of problems,she is in Nigeria at the moment waiting for the inheritance her departed dad left her. So sad! On the upside ,we have serious talks and by the look of things she will get the money soon. Wait!!!A problem!For the inheritance put in her name she has to pay a fee of 1000 dollars.
  7. Let her father tell her to get vaccinated.
  8. What if she catches covid and dies? Imo,the chance of dying as a direct result of the vaccination is very small.
  9. Would you like her to get vaccinated?
  10. Does she ride a motorbike without a helmet?As far as logic comes in,there could be your answer.
  11. Ours does both,very good machine.Had it for 5 years and it made a lot of juice and smoothies.We buy 10 kilo of cucumbers to detox and for weight control once a month.
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