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  1. Bigger bikes don’t have inner tubes so are actually easier to repair if you get a puncture ,don’t even need to take the wheel off,can repair puncture and be on your way on bike bike in under 10 minuits.
  2. I wouldn’t say a 125 gt cruises at 80 easy no problems,it does 80 yes but that’s quite wringing it’s neck and not super comfortable speed,but of coarse you can tour on anything you just have to travel smaller distances in a day and put up with small inconviences I.e. not being very comfortable ,everything else on the road passing you,regular gas stops etc etc. i would imagine long stretches of straight roads would become extremely boring. i actually rode my 125 gt at 80 km/r an hour yesterday to see what it’s like normally I just potter around to shops on it between 40 to 50 km/hr,it was horrible and that was only for 5 minuits the wind blast straight into the whole top half of your body no wind protection at all,,I would say at least use something bigger than the Yamaha 125gt ...pcx or Aerox
  3. I can’t say I ever find myself barrelling down a straight at 250 km/r on my crf and needing to drop it 3 or 4 gears for a tight bend ,there fore no slipper clutch needed for me. now a quick action throttle I may be interested in.
  4. Lol.....have to ask myself why you would really need a slipper clutch for these bikes they hardly fast or racing machines
  5. Is this engine the same power over all the models? Or tuned differently for each model.
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