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  1. When 3 bb arrived When 3BB arrived at my house and I told them I want the cable underground from the pole to inside my house the guys were not to happy ...they were telling the wife over the phone we not waiting for ferang blah blah.....got a draw wire in the pipe and helped them pull it in.........yes I have the 3 meter coil hanging on the pole by the electric meter.
  2. While we are on subject off fishing gear ,any recommendations for gear ,,any online shops,,is there any telescopic rods that could cope with the bigger fish, should be getting to this area in September. going on motor bike so no chance of taking full length rod. have loads of questions....lol what sort of style bait/fishing techniques do they use here,,have done loads of carp fishing in Uk using Boilies and groundbait attached to feeders,,,,,,keep reading about bread paste here the downside to fishing here looks like the total lack of fish care once landed.
  3. Do you really like the cabinets ,,do you really need them.... i think I would just take them out altogether if it was my place ,they seem to obstruct the breakfast bar as well looks like can only sit one side of it.
  4. Yes got email to confirm email address in around 20 minuits.there is also option to check status ...mine says application successful wait for username
  5. I thought you get something put in last page off passport when you get work permit,,,pick mine up on Friday.
  6. Successfully registered Thursday night ,just waiting on username and password now,,,,expecting it this weekwill update
  7. It sure is beautiful so glad I made the effort to get up there,don’t think you can fish there. went to oxford to fish another beautiful place
  8. You can book the appointment for more a less the next day ,,,that’s to give your passport in and then you collect it the next day ... once you know the online system and understand it’s little bugs it is quite an easy system. the main problems are some people don’t have printers or do not know how to scan documents etc etc.
  9. Wow just wow,,,,,Im sure there wasn’t really any cars there when I was there the odd one or two nothing like that
  10. My advice.. dont have any crazy wanking sessions and give up the drink
  11. I thought I had done well with my flat in London worth 15 million bht,,work and saved for years to get that and its still on a mortgage.....
  12. If I’m wrong I’m wrong no big deal I’m not claiming to be an expert,I came in the country Thursday aug 8th and done my tm30 tuesday 13th no fine for me wasn’t even mentioned about time frame as said my immigration friendly and helpful,,,so that is showing a bit of leniency by immigration.....was basing 48 hours on the silly picture...lol
  13. I don’t agree with the system but it’s something that’s got to be done..ok i have set up company have to pay tax for 4 Thais that I don’t really need cost me 10,000 bht a month for tax and accounting , I don’t think that’s ok but if I want to live and work here I have to do it. i don’t spend all day on the forum moaning about it.
  14. My question is .....is it really harder for others .......or have they not really tried the other options and just like making there own life difficult. when I suggest other options you just get negative and off topic replies.
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