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  1. But this is what President Trump has brought the country to. He is such a miserable selfish human being that people don't care about details one way or the other. They just oppose him. A person with a toxic personality produces results like that. Nobody pays any attention to what he says he believes, because they don't care and they don't trust him. He is Schwarzenegger 2.0.
  2. The guy should be glad he didn't hit some Chinese. Then, he'd be looking at hard time.
  3. Except for the clothes horse daughter and her crooked husband, Trump has virtually no allies left. Good thing he installed that $50,000 golf simulator in the White House. Now, he can have something to do while watching the stock market.
  4. Especially when you consider that one of his major holdings is an ETF that tracks the S&P 500 and he is pushing up debt to astronomical levels just to inflate the S&P and his own wealth. This is why he will cave in to China. All he cares about is the stock market. He doesn't care about the economy at all. He leads people to believe that the markets lead the economy rather than the other way around. And with his bullying of the Fed and tax cuts for Wall Street, he's gotten away with it. Get ready for Trump to give away the store in order to sell a few more soybeans and other commodities to China. All of which will mean btw that American consumers will pay more for food, ng, oil, timber, etc.
  5. On the road to 23 trillion in debt, now. Not to mention non governmental household debt, student loan debt, credit card debt, and most recently automobile loans now with delinquencies over 90 days--the latter being the tip of the iceberg. But who cares! Wall Street got theirs with the tax giveaway, so they can continue to inflate the market with stock buybacks. At least until yesterday, when Rubio apparently scared them with the prospect of a change in the tax law on buybacks. Another bipartisan moment. Democrats and Republicans moving against a practice that had been illegal until 1982, because it was considered outright stock manipulation. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/12/rubio-backs-new-proposal-to-tackle-stock-buybacks.html
  6. When you get right down to it, no. He does do the right thing for his own ego, however, which apparently simply amounts to getting constant attention.
  7. It's a bubble right now. It would have been far better had it been let down gradually. But Trump and the one percent on Wall Street don't care. They don't care about the country either. They just want inflated assets. Now. And if that means the US falls prey to China, then so be it. They'll all be in Switzerland closing off the passes to their mountain top bunkers.
  8. The "new reality" is the "old reality." He didn't get anything from the last Congress either. All he did was rubber stamp the Republican tax giveaway to Wall Street. Frankly, I'm astounded that a 72 year old man is treating the presidency like an entry on his resume or a membership in the social register. People at that age usually have a clearer value for the worth of things in life. Seeing mortality at hand, they usually opt to better the world for subsequent generations. Not behave like a narcissistic college sophomore.
  9. So you favor the continued outsourcing of America to China and the concomitant rise of an American funded Chinese military and economic hegemony in Asia? And btw I think Trump will cave on the tariffs just like he does everything else. China is the one single issue he could have bipartisan support on in the US and international support. But he will give it all away with a promise from the Chinese to buy more soybeans and not to steal anymore technology. Really. All he cares about is the stock market. It's his presidential Nielsen Ratings, and a "deal" will pump the market bubble even more. Trump's narcissism will leave the US a desolated nation and economy.
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