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  1. Because we are all still tourists, no matter the length of the visa or the extension.
  2. All made possible by Nixon-Kissinger, especially Kissinger and the man who led Kissinger down the rosy path, J. Stapleton Roy.
  3. I don't think I or many of the others posting underestimate them. I've worked for Thai institutions and know how decisions are made. Meetings are held only to announce the consensus already arrived at informally beforehand. As for the general, there were several tipoffs that we were going to get a stonewall from the beginning. He arrived late and once there didn't seem happy at all, an attitude that only deepened as things moved along. And at the end, he made it clear that he had already visited with the Chinese a month ago and the Indians a week prior. Westerners were all grouped together (despite different nationalities having different issues on such things as income letters) and put at the bottom of the totempole. Trust me. Message received. Still, the issues remained: why arbitrary enforcement of laws at the national and local level? And add on a mountain of paperwork to an already understaffed and overworked bureau?
  4. Well, we'll never know, now, will we, as you decided to run the conversation to your liking, instead of what I bet 99 percent of us wanted to hear.
  5. So you are the person concerned. Did someone appoint you as moderator of the event? I would like to know, because the question being asked by the lawyer was probably the single most important question to be asked all night long. And you enabled immigration to avoid it. Thanks a lot.
  6. So, will he also visit the site of the Death Railway when comes to Thailand?
  7. Your gf sounds like she has solid control over things and, maybe, you. Better make sure you keep her happy.
  8. If you live two hours away from Chaeng wattana, it might be cheaper to pay the fines than pay for all the trips to immigration--not to mention the all day waiting in line.
  9. And because during the Malayan Emergency it was primarily Malayan Chinese who dominated the Communist insurrection.
  10. Here you have a government official who has looked at the facts on the ground and explained that making things easier for Chinese and Indians to come and stay in Thailand is a direct threat to the country's sovereignty. And there is ample evidence of the truth of this matter: Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. But the government, nonetheless, is determined to go ahead with this free and easy Chindia policy. On the other hand, despite massive evidence that not enforcing the TM 30 (over 40 years of evidence) rule has no effect on national security whatsoever, it is THAT rule that they have decided to come down hard on. Free and easy for Chindia, and hard as hell for expats with the TM 30. Who is being given a pass and who is being cracked down on? Does somebody have the number of expats by nationality so that we can see who is most effected versus who is not?
  11. Neither Denmark or anybody else in Europe can defend Greenland's sovereignty. Eventually, China/Russia will encroach upon it. Wait and see.
  12. The dip in the market last week scared Trump. He's doing everything he can to pump them back up beginning with this tariff reversal. Either China is a nemesis and should be disentangled from the US economy or not. Trump's idiotic playing with tariffs is insincere and reckless. He's going to cave because he is scared the stock markets and his long ETF S&P holding will crash. Things will end up worse than they were before he started any of this. An utter idiot. May need to the Democrats in there to finally get tough on China.
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