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  1. Here we go again not a day that goes by without an accident causing death and destruction Does anybody in the government care ?! It doesn’t look like they do otherwise they’d enforce rules and regulations as they do in other countries.. I don’t think speed is always the cause of the accident, since even when they drive slow ( while they’re on their phone or watching a tv ) Hence not paying attention what’s around them, it’s a prefect formula that lead to another accident.. Too bad innocent people have to be affected by Thais careless and stupidity on the wheels
  2. There’s not been a free smile in Thailand since the current regime took over the government apparently. Apart from this, it’s become extremely dangerous to live or come to Thailand on holidays, no matter which way you look at it whether whilst driving the scooter, being in a bus abused by its reckless driver, trucks and needless to say driving a car or even crossing the roads ! Thailand is a dangerous place, please stay alert and pay attention to these dangerous Thais driving anything with an engine
  3. The sooner they get rid of that deranged illiterate monster the better will be for the entire world community, I still can’t believe they made that ignorant con man POTUS and the saddest and worst thing is that there are loads of people alike him Get rid of him faaaaast !!! Before he does anymore damage at home and in the world
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