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  1. Are you implying my weakness or me being scared of him ? Not a chance, I could easily have him any given moment the only problem is that the cowards multiply, next thing you know yuo got the entire neighbourhood and the police after you, because as we all know, they only come after us westerners. Honestly it make sure me sick in the stomach even touching one of them.. Yuk
  2. Because they’re all over the road this applies to everyone whether buses, trucks, other motorists, taxis, motorbike taxis ( they literally own the roads, the former ) You don’t know what they’re going to do next ! So you’re forced to swerve around trying avoid them, easer said then done.. Sometimes I do toot at them just to alert them since some are just asleep whilst riding /driving in the middle of the road, since they can’t drive in a straight line for a few minutes. They don’t like being tooted at saying this let me mention that just this morning whilst trying to filter through the thick traffic, this motorbike taxi driver wouldn’t let me pass so I tooted at him and then went by him, little that I knew this prick started to shout at me saying God knows what ( luckily I didn’t know what he was saying ) He followed me nearly all the way home looking for a fight ! I was lucky when a cop passed by the other way and I stopped him to tell him that idiot intentions, the guy turned around and went away but I don’t think police said or did anything to him They simply ( the police ) don’t care about us westerners except asking for money.. This isn’t the first time that I had an unpleasant experience in Bkk but this guy had it coming since he felt well protected by their own and the police being biased, mind yourselves out on the roads, it’s a dangerous place and sadly we are own
  3. Please fellows share your experience about driving/ riding in this lawless reckless country, I would like to hear from you and how to deal with mayhem. I have near misses several times per day with my scooter. They’re all over the place unable to drive in a straight line for a few kms, you never know what they’re going to do next ! Oh Just to mentions the sleeping taxis driving without looking as everyone else and the motorbike taxis who own the roads, try to toot at them and see what happens !
  4. You’re either new to Thailand or just being naive..Luckily there are plenty of news and forums in Thai visa to educate yourself on Thai people’s behaviour towards foreigners. They commit crimes on a daily basis such as killing people whether on roads accidents armed with knives or guns and in the sea and always getting away with it since their police let them do whatever they want including ripping people of and misleading similarly to this episode, I really feel sorry for that Japanese woman since Japan is the opposite of this lawless biased country. You will soon find out !
  5. They probably weren’t aware that only Thais are allowed to be reckless drivers/riders causing all sorts of accidents and getting away with it as in everything ! The biased taxi driver idiot who got them on his little dash cam is probably another scumbags who is allowed to rip tourists off.. I must admit it’s pretty difficult to do a wheely with an Honda Click scooter, well done to him, just don’t get caught by these criminally insane people
  6. Typical Asian attitude, no reply emails either messages, although I find the phillipino people more friendly and english proficient well better than any Thais anyways, have you tried calling them up ?
  7. It’s a known reality that as long as you’re Thai you’re pretty much allowed to do whatever you want in the land of deception since they’re immune/protected by their own people and the police about no matter what crime they’ve committed ! Simply disgraceful Scary
  8. Good luck with that ! Please let me know how that will work out
  9. They appear to have made some sense this time by not allowing this criminal out on the roads showing off his childish ego with a gun, I completly agree on someone’s previous comment who said that this idiot would do everyone a favour if he’d pointed the gun to his head instead of killing an innocent young girl, they seriously need to rearrange their priorities in this messed up country
  10. Thanks but as I said I’ve already spent/ wasted several hours of my time trying to find it in English and trying to translate it, in the end I gave up ! Unless, you might contact the Yamaha dealer in Malaysia or from someone who does speak english since Thailand is still pretty much insular to the rest of the world
  11. Well done girl ! I hope he will learn the lesson this time ( doubt that ) These utterly useless public dangers so called taxi drivers ( especially motorbike taxi riders ) Should be off the roads altogether and sent back to work the land until they have a proper driving training to start with then study about manners and considerations towards other motorists plus having a raining alarm on the dashboard just so they remain awake whilst driving ! I wish my horn would shoot bullits every time I toot
  12. Nope, I’ve searched on line and asked the yamaha dealer-s for it, got no positive feedback. Unlike the user manual/ service book you’d get overseas available in several languages, here it’s only in Thai language unfortunately
  13. That can’t be right, their appear to be the same race group, might well be friends ?! I have a hard time to believe Thais honesty
  14. Scary and dangerous Thailand no matter which way you look at it, I always say that Thais shouldn’t be allowed to use anything with an engine
  15. What else is new ?! Standard procedure in Thailand with these criminals, always getting away with the murder, the don’t even have a conscience do they ? For he have any feelings of remorse ? I much dubt that
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