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  1. FOOD OK everyone, i know i promised to do this years ago, but i have finally remembered to go through the forum and get peoples restaurant recommendations and make a list of them. now, some of this information may be REALLY old, and thats where i am counting on you to help me. the restaurants have all come from posts on this forum, and i have no personal interest in any of them. the reviews are not my own. With so many restaurants in Phuket to choose from, I have just divided them up into location. If some of these establishments are not open any longer, please let me know and I will take them off the list. PATONG BYD Lofts. Near the entrance to Andaman Beach Suites. Very modern décor and great food. Run by the same people who used to own Baan Yin Dee. Party nights on Fridays and they have fab accommodation too. Barbecue Hut on 200 year road. On your way out of town toward Karon/Kata, lefthandside about 150 meters before you make the left toward Karon/Kata. I had some great Mexican food, the guy sitting next to me had a MASSIVE plate of barbecued ribs that looked and smelled great. Also on the menu were some stupendous hamburgers, which I will have next time. Pan Yaah - its on the road out of Patong along the beach, not far north of the Novotel. Open air dining, I love their crab in the shell, good Thai food. Tip Top / Andre in Patong Try the "Sunday Roast Beef" in Molly Malone's, real yorkshires, tasty gravy and original roasted potatoes Ta be Ta - Sushi bar on Rat U Thit Road - near Christin Massage, excellent tuna Christin Massage - near Ta be Ta, excellent tuna The Islander is great for brit food, fish&chips, kidney pie, roast beef, good thai food too, good house wine, very good service, Quiet and relaxing location off bangla rd. moderate prices. 6 and DANG (next to each other) on the main street a few doors up from bangla. Both have exellent thai food and nice service. Noisy place right on the street is the only drawback. good food and prices make it worth it though. Two Black Sheep on Rat-U-Thit Road just across from Soi Paradise. Good place for music at night, run buy Kiwi Bill a good gent who runs a good ship. No bar girls employed. Full menu of meateater food and real NZ Lamb and Beef. Stocks real Victoria Bitter and presents and honest pour. Good Place and Good people to chat with or watch some sports. Open 10am to 2 am. Good feed for breakfast! Sam's steakhouse at the holiday inn Todai (end of Beach Rd, Patong) - Fab sushi, better than Zen, and cheaper, cute little booths for privacy, offer on wine at mo 580 for very decent bottle of red. Islander (Bangla, Patong) - What can I say, Brit food just the way I like it Palm Tree (behind Lenny's Steak house, Nanai, Patong) best brekkie 99 bht! Tea, OJ, toast, proper sausage All you can eat B-B-Q every friday 150 !! 99 bht special offers through low (green) season Dubai ( Rat-U-Thit, Patong) - No 2 rest better than No1. Really great hummous and flat bread. La Boucherie ( Sawadirak, Patong) - THE Best steak I ever tasted here! 490bht Cooked to perfection, proper salad, and whatever pots you fancy! Yum Pan Yaah (just past Ban Rim Paa) - great cheap Thai food, especially garlic mussles. And what a view You could also try the Danish restaurant Runde Taarn just off Soi Bangle in Soi Patong Resort, good Danish food and Thai Sharkys bar in Patong, the sandwiches are very tasty there. They have a pretty good pizza at P Bar (on Nanai). Some special sauce. And REAL pepperoni. Great for hangovers. Papa Joe's. Their pizza is GREAT. By any standard. Located on Rat-U-Thit behind Charoen Optical, about 200 ms from Bangla towards Soinamien. Not much of a venue, but... yummy. Try the Italian sausage w/bell peppers. The Roadhouse which is on the hill to Karon if you coming from Patong. Its on the left side, still before Simon's caberet. Its run by a south african couple. A large 300 gram new zealand steak for 150TH. Baby back ribs, burgers, etc all very cheap. Chang beer bottle 40 BTH. They also have pool and darts. The food was great as well as the staff. You should really check it out. CHALONG: The Belgian Bakery Opposite Wat Chalong. Yum. Lots of westerners there on saturday mornings and wonderful cakes and bread. More expensive than other places on the island but you get what you pay for! The Family Resturant Greek/Mediterianian food, Some Thai food, inexpensive, good food and has a take-away service. On the same road after the post office on the left hand side (direction Rawai) The Green Man Good pub food at OK prices. Don's Cafe in Rawai – one of our forum sponsors. Bagels & Beyond Good snack food, bagels and burritos, no Thai food, not cheap, just down from Sea Bees diving. Somtam & Sandwiches English cafe style resturant, good food both falang and thai, friendly staff and reasonably cheap, on the rawai road, next to Loma Swiss Delight Swiss food, always excellent quality, good pasta and snitzels, not too cheap, on the connection road between the two chaofar roads Sanook German style food, huge portions, good quality, not too expensive, just past "Land & House" housing estate on the right (resturant looks like a boat) Flintstones Bakery Good snack food, Pizzas are ok, the breads never fresh (always seems like yesterdays bread to me), inexpensive, opposite "mikes Bikes" rentals. Fish & Chip Shop Good copy of english fish and chips, they used to deliver (dont know if they still do), not expensive, just down from "Bagels & Beyond", next to the bar called Nok inn shop Kaneang 1 Good thai food, cheap as chips, nice views, Right down near the peir. Yacht Haven Restaurant, up in the yacht haven obviously - great food, great bar, open dining on the deck overlooking the marina. Call SEAL for details I think their number is 076 340406, definitely somewhere to take friends from out of town to impress - but take a driver so you can enjoy the drinks. Chicken and duck rice/ noodles next to SCB (Chaofa/ Phuket Town road) Fish N Chips (on the road towards the pier) Tamarind's bar (facing Chalong bay) La Cabana (on the road towards Rawai - left side) Restaurant on the left, half way between Chalong Circle and the pier. Just after The Siam Real Estate and the deep sea fishing building. Part of the Parlai family. Good prices, big portions, tasty (try the fish in pepper sauce). Cheap beer, too. RAWAI: Pizzaria Restorante Excellent Italian food, fantastic pizzas, not expensive, just on the beach road. Salaloy Seafood (next to Nikitas) The stone chairs/tables that are right on the beach road in rawai, sorry cant remember the name of the palce, great seafood/thai food, inexpensive and a nice setting (as long as you dont mind stone chairs!) Mimi's Restaurant Don's café Italian Restarant (Beach Street) (closed up to 18. August) KATA: Anchor bar & Resturant English pub/resturant, good food, inexpensive, good portions but presentation lacks sometimes, opposite "Lucky's" guest house, near the kata pharmacy Kwong Shop, Great seafood place, not expensive, the guy who runs the place is a right laugh, Thai food mainly, near Kata pharmacy. Ratri Jazztaurant Great views and worth the 100 step climb. Start with cocktails on the deck to see the sunset, and move ‘inside’ for dinner and fabulous jazz music. Food court at Big C Japanese Restaurant in Big C - cant remember the name Italian restaurant near Robinson - forgot the name but you need a reservation Mon Tris Kitchen in Kata - best service and food I have ever had in Phuket! Two Chefs in Kata - great affordable food. La Gondola in Kata. For me, the best pizzas on Phuket, and at very reasonable prices, too. As good as the best pizzas in Bangkok. Check out "The Tube" bar in Kata Beach they have a great 150 baht BBQ buffet on Frday nights at 7.30. A surfer from Sweden named Mike, and his lovely wife and kids host the evening, surf movies are shown and expect an expat bunch of surfers,sailors, and other cool folks Its on Khok Tanod rd.. KARON Karon Café has terrific steaks, nice salad bar, decent house wine and excellent service. Moderate prices. For a different experience, has anyone been to the wooden bar/restaurant (I think it's called the Reggae Bar or similar) built into the hillside on the west coast coming north from the Cape (complicated enough, or what)? It's decked out with Bob Marley/cannabis/Jamaican flags and banners, plays reggae music and you can often find the waiters sitting about playing reggae on their guitars. Watch the sunset from there - its well worth it. PHUKET TOWN/KATHU Karna Sutra in Phuket Town - Indian food - very nice decor and food. Kama Sutra: In PPhuket town go down Ratsada Rd with the banks on the left, toward the clock circle / fountain and the Talaad Sod. Before the circle turn left. Mikes and the Kama Sutra are on your right about 50mtrs up. Thamachat (Thai Cusine) Mike's Bar / Restaurant Da Jam near Robinsons (ex-Gitano) La Cabane Phuket City Hotel lunch buffet. Metopole Hotel in Phuket Town has an all you can eat international buffet for around 200 baht. The food is great. Pizzaman Pizza. Used to be in the Tango bar near the Aliance Francais in Town but now moved around the corner to opposite the Kajonket school. Great pork red curry and chicken green curry flavoured pizza - I'm not kidding - they are the proverbial dogs b***cks. Their other food is also great and all at Thai prices. The guy used to be a cook at The Meridien. Steak Samkong restaurant, near Lotus. The owner is a well-traveled Thai and speaks good English; international menu and just plain gooooood and cheap! The Royal Nam Tok in Kathu. On the road to kathu water fall. Run by ywo Belgium guys. Maybe a little bit expensive but excellent service and food. ( lot of food which you normally only find in Holland or Belgium ) Looks like you sit in an european house restaurant. The restaurant building is also there house so you sit next to the swimming pool. NAI HARN Nok Yoong (somewhere in the bendy Nai Harn Road) Oasis BBQ chicken (before Soi Cokmakham) Lorenzo's in Nai Harn (At the main entrance to the Royal Meridian Yatch Club) Great pizza, great other items too, also great music, although a touch expensive compared to maggies, worth it for the location. The best Pizza in Thailand is to be had on NaiHarn beach. Owned and operated by an expat Italian guy who learnt from a master Pizza maker in Italy before he moved to Thailand to be with his Thai wife. Called Lorenzo's - looks very downmarket shack in amongst the other restaurants / shops but it really is the bet Pizza. Cooked in authentic stone oven (built himself). Has a tree in the middle going through the roof. Open everday / evening during the season. A bit hit and mis off season SURIN BEACH/LAGUNA TWO BROTHERS restaurant right on Surin Beach. Run by a great guy named Bow as in Ow! "The bakery" at Canal Village in Laguna. As some of you probably know, this is a small little stand-alone cafe serving excellent cuisine off of a limited menu (kitchen's not that big!) and the pizza is easily some of the best I have ever experienced. As a native of a very Italian "suburb" of Boston and a former resident in Italy for 3 yrs, I can say that without a doubt it is "world class". I am not sure but would expect that the pizza at the main Sheraton Laguna restaurant would be equally good with same recipe, equipment, etc but don't know frankly because have never dined there. Just be aware that the Canal Village cafe is only open til 6pm daily so don't plan a dinner there (maybe a good reason to go to the Sheraton resto). By the way, excellent cappucinos and FREE WiFi internet access are also good reasons why I go there (although I got addicted to their pizza long before the WiFi started). Silk Restaurant in Surin - expensive, but absolutely magic place to be.
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