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  1. I had the same problem....went to Bangkok Bank and was refused.  I then downloaded the Thai name for "retired person"...printed it onto paper and presented it to the same bank staff and asked to open an account again...success.

    You don't need a work permit if you are "retired"...you would never be issued with one anyway as someone on a retirement visa is not permitted to be working.


    The Bangkok Bank has online forms for completion and a visit to your embassy is required to have one of the forms "verified" and stamped by the embassy before the a/c will be officially opened.

    Good luck

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  2. ...Thailand heading towards democracy....Thailand is a democratic country.....democracy this and democracy that....on and on about democracy ad nauseum....do they even know what "democracy" means..??

    Now an announcement...."we have too much democracy"...<deleted>

    Reading the Thai news is like picking up a good comic book....it is so funny, unbelievable and for the most part (like any good comic book)...completely laughable

  3. Don't invest 1 baht in this country.......corruption, scamming...cheating...lying....with the Junta hovering around behind the scenes who could likely make a law/rule change as to foreign ownership at the drop of a hat...

    If I wanted to "own" a company I would expect to "own" it 100% (or at the very least be able to make the decision as to whom my partners in this business are going to be)

    I would not want to have some completely unknown bunch of grubby locals whose names were plucked out of a hat owning 51% of "my company"

    there you are...an opinion....or advice.....you decide

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  4. So you could in fact register your SIM using false address details.....if you were the type of person wanting to avoid detection....

    then theoretically....and I stress theoretically you could do something wrong that contravenes the rules and laws of this land called Thailand.........but necessitates "the authorities" wanting to either arrest you...or have a "meaningful discussion"...about what you have done.....but in the meantime you have thrown your 400b prepaid market bought phone in the trash...!!

    (In a similar vein slightly off subject...90 day reporting..!!! how many of us have deliberately given the wrong address...or...forgotten to update it??)

    How is this registering of SIM cards going to avoid the (quote)..."Southern insurgents using unregistered phones to detonate bombs etc etc.....(unquote)

    Another grand scheme and a waste of time and money....

    Incidentally I have completed registration of my phone at the AIS shop at the local Central Mall....and I provided full, and accurate details.

    A waste of time at the 6 local 7/11's...they don't have a clue what to do

  5. ........Beware the "Get your Degree On-line industry".....no better than the Nigerian email scammers

    ..and yes.... there are perfectly legit Universities offering Online Degrees....

    but bore down and look/research carefully...before parting with any money

    good luck

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  6. I am available...I can start immediately...please call me on 0800-get-those-tourists

    C.V. Skills/Credentials

    What I am capable of......

    1. Can talk utter crap without batting an eyelid.

    2. Can generate 20 tourist promotion ideas a week...yes 20 a week

    3. Excellent skills at mathematics e.g. 50 tourists plus 50 tourists = 1000 tourists

    4. I am brainless (who needs a brain to work for TAT)

    and many more which need to remain confidential but I will reveal at my interview

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  7. ...Thailand.....the only country in the world where the Prime Minister has to be directly involved in the process of the countries lottery system...unbelievable.....hasn't he got more important pressing matters to attend too...?

    In other countries an issue of a lottery ticket pricing/selling process wouldn't even reach the PM's ear...it would be handled by a junior Govt minister passing it down to his managers and asking them to report back

  8. ....and while they are at it...some "attitude adjustment" and "maintenance" is required...as per my wish list.......

    1. Some repeat some of the onboard ticket collectors are surly and downright impolite to both foreigners and thais alike. Okay it is not the easisest of jobs...but...!!!

    2. Do some regular maintenance on the diesel engines......instead of us all being covered in a mixture of a fine spray of water/exhaust diesel...

    This happens whether you are already onboard or standing pier-side waiting to board....


    I was always told that if a diesel engine is maintained and is operating correctly there should be no smoke from the exhaust.

    3. Get rid of the goons screaming and shouting down megaphones telling everybody how to get off/on the boat.....

    a. We know where we are going...and we know how to get off and on the boat (even with the unsafe conditions at piers)

    b. We know which boat (colour) takes us to our destination .

    4. There are insufficient life jackets to cater for the number of passengers on board...??? (and one of the Marine Depts mottos is "Safety First")

    5. The boats are regularly overloaded....far in excess of what they are supposed to carry (Marine Dept motto....Safety First..but call our number if you see a boat overloaded......there is no reply to the number,,!!!)

    6. Introduce a "concession" priced ticket system....10trip...15trip...20trip......for the regular folk travelling to/from work everyday.

    7. Give these boats priority berthing at all piers.....often we are sitting away from the pier 5 to 10 minutes waiting for the long tail boats to unload tourists,

    (These are after all Chao Phraya Express boats carrying 100"s of people simply wanting to get to/from work...emphasise on Express)

    8. Get tough on your captains playing "dodgems" at boat piers....

    I have witnessed (and have been onboard) many instances of 1 boat already berthed and unloading headed downstream....another boat arrives heading upstream...attempts to berth "back to back" with the downstream boat but instead...slams into the side of the downstream boat as it's passengers are unloading/loading.

    Somebody is going to be seriously hurt if this practice doesn't stop.

    Yes I am a regular daily traveller on the river boats.....great system...breathtaking early morning sunrises......meeting all sorts of people from all over the world

    It just needs a wee tidy up in some areas and some fine tuning...the revamping of the piers is a good start

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