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  1. Interesting perspective, but told by who. I know it won't happen, but if true this is fraud that should go right to the top and result in jail time for the decision-makers involved. So many struggling/failing businesses do the same thing, knowing that unsecured creditors are at the very bottom of the repayment chain. In Thailand such consequences are secondary to saving face and pretending that the outlook is rosy.
  2. Dumb guy. I hope he doesn't expect to do any further business in Thailand after calling out these guys as accepting bribes!
  3. Must be fake news. Couldn't possibly be true in this land of the free. Time for another government survey to prove Reuters wrong.
  4. Interesting. These must be "new" farmers as I expect that most existing (real?) farmers would already have a BAAC account due to the many previous financial handouts from this and earlier governments.
  5. Could there be any other result as it is the job of those who produced the report to promote the Thai health system? I will be the first to agree that Thailand has a number of world class hospitals and medical practitioners. My big beef is what proportion of the population covered by the so-called universal health system can afford or gain access to them. This (coverage) is a crucial factor in order to claim that a country has a "top-ranked" health system.
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