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  1. I guess record debt, record homelessness, US foreign policy "success" globally, education standards in the toilet, worthless expensive college degrees, record student debt, a gutted Midwest, a gig economy, a collapsed manufacturing base, wealth disparity at record highs, a totally 'ducked' process selecting a conservative judge, emergence of liberal socialist utopia teachings and agenda and fruitloops like AOC, creation of sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can commit crimes and hang out all, an education bribery scandal, Boeing and GE's latest success stories, subsidization of Tesla and Solar City with billions in state money and racial harmony all point to the success that Barack, Bush and Clinton delivered. Sadly the US (and much/most of the West) lost their mojo long ago gutted by liberals (and bureaucrats) who sold out their country and think you get something for free and someone else doesn't pay for it and created 50 different genders and spend money studying those. Sadly the situation above is not unique to America but much of the West. Now pull your head out of the sand bucket and take a deep breath.
  2. Financially successful? If he would have invested the money he started with he would have had much more than he now claims he has. And that claim is very, very likely highly exaggerated. New NAFTA better for the US? Many of the experts disagree with you, what is your claim based on? I guess you're so successful.. managing a scout group, business, city, country or have a building named after you? My guess no nor most of us here...it is called tall poppy syndrome...The world is bereft of quality leaders.. look at the Merkel disaster in Europe or May's incompetency or the Aussie circus. Trump like all of us makes some stupid comments and may be a serial womanizer.. at least he wasn't on Lolita Express abusing young kids as a mate of Epstein nor deleting 33000 state emails and donating money to the deputy head of the FBI wife's election campaign nor meeting Loretta Lynch to discuss golf and grandkids . Many a person who has inherited money doesn't have it today. He knows how to cut deals that you or I don't because he is one of the very best at it. Whilst the banks may have lost some money on NY.. it is vastly different today to what it would have been without Trump's vision Likely a master of bankruptcy law (change the law?).. How would you play China....?? sell out like the Clintons and watch the middle class of the western world get gutted whilst we deal with countries that don't have a level playing field.. steal IP... Globalisation benefitted a few rich company owners and some shareholders. Trump inherited a broken dysfunctional gutted America...with much of the Western world in a similar state. To say he doesn't know how to cut a deal in business is totally crazy. His style may offend you (and me) but that is a different matter.
  3. Trump may make some silly comments but he is more cunning than a sh#thouse rat and far smarter than most credit him for. He was the man that transformed NY from the dump it was becoming in the 70s. Whilst a master of bankruptcy law (same as many other successful guys) I imagine he is more successful financially as a businessman than most of us here...renegotiating the mistake that NAFTA was on considerably more favourable terms for America in first 2 years almost single handledly on your own likely means he has considerably better skills than you or I. Considering one country buys more than it sells with the EU May has handled things disastrously.
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