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  1. Covid Self test are avaiable in the UK but they still have to be sent to a lab for the test to be completed. As far as im aware there are no such self test kits that will give you the required certification. There are blood <deleted> type test but these again are hit and miss and dont stan up for anything except a self un authenticated type test.
  2. If you meaning proper pellet air rifles i bought 1 from a shop in BIG c pattaya couple years ago. I know he did servincing and the likes but i think he sent them away to bangkok. Unsure if he still there. Failing that i would imagine in China town Bangkok if all open there will be somehwere to service them. Hope it helps.
  3. Its Great that they are doing this but why are these people or have these people waited so long to decide they need repatriation. I mean this pandemic has only been going on from March.....lol now it November and they suddenly decide its time to go.
  4. Lol theres a laugh and joke. How many of these certificates do you think are actually going to be legitimate. With so many countries have some many different types of certificate to say your negatvie the copies will start if they havent already started coming out. No way to check all these certificates officially so that shoots the certification proof out the window. So really every reason to worry not no reason.
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