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  1. They actually tried to shoo ov the Spanish vrigate with a rubber dingy. Oh, the might ov Gibraltar!! It is a weird anomaly that should be resolved. Having said that, the same goes vor Ceuta.
  2. There will be a real border between Spain and the Rock. Import duties, taxes will be applied. The Rock will die economically. Pure and simple.
  3. Did you not now there is a slow "drive whitey out" thing going on in Thailand? They invringe upon the culture, they take their women, they are loud and they stink. Strangely enough I can see their point, coming vrom Western Europe that is now gradually being taken over by an alien culture...., leaving me and mine behind.
  4. UK net contribution last year was 5,4 billion, or 18 % ov all net contributors. Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden will pay more next year. The gray would be thinner by appr. 10 %, a quit acceptable vigure to inally get rid ov these Brexit whiners.
  5. And with that money saved you can buy yourselv a nice sharp sword to throw yourselv into - it's tantamount to military suicide.
  6. Changing the backstop requires 27 EU countries agreeing. When Estonia says NO, it means the EU says no. Also, and more to the point: It is England (Not Wales, or Scotland) that is trying to dictate 27 united countries. Wake up and smell the complete odour o the material you are currently in.
  7. I remember Koh Chang 10 years ago, internetshops were crawling with Thai ladies scamming 5 or 6 European men at the same time....., making them part with hard earned money to express their undying devotion to their lady, waiting or him, and only him to return to her next year...... The real pretty ones managed to string along 10 or 12 men at the same time, keeping it all neatly seperated in a little black book...
  8. The advantage is that avter 3 months they can check the bank balance again - or hit you with another 20,000 baht vacilitating vee, ovcourse. Its an overall win vor immigration, they are doubling their provits!!
  9. You are mistaken, sir, or looking at the wrong research. I not only have personal experience, but having lived in the centre ov Amsterdam vor 50 years have MUCH experience with meth addicts. It is not overnight, but a slippery slope, and 3 months into meth is enough or a live time addiction. It is extremely hard to kick this habbit, and the withdrawal symptoms are 1000 times worse than to stop smoking cigarettes. Also, there is irreparable brain damage avter prolonged use.
  10. The "ev" is malvunctioning on this keyboard. No point in replacing it now.
  11. So, so happy I am moving to Portugal next month.... Selling ovv our belongings is actualy making me a provit at the moment!!
  12. There is a big divverence between controlled usage vor a specivic purpose and a meth addiction. I have used it myselv several times vor recreational purposes and it was very hard not to start using more. Having a regular job and responsabilities saved me at the time. It is extremely addictive, is my point.
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