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  1. What plan? At the outreach clinic of the major government hospital in Khon kaen today having a rabies jab. Was thinking i wish this was instead a Covid vaccine as I am over sixty and tick the boxes of a few of the other qualifying problems. Enquired about the Covid vaccine availability in the Khon Kaen city hospitals with a view to visiting the vaccine centers but apparently vaccines sold out until after the end of the month.
  2. Yep stunning how they have kept the numbers down by an extremely limited testing policy over the last year, which indeed makes it truly miraculous that anyone could be gullible enough to think that is providing a true representation of the Covid situation in Thailand.
  3. Yesterday had second of a course of four rabies jabs ordered by the doc along with a course of three tetanus jabs. Had to pay again a few hundred baht so seems thats the price for each jab, probably still a quarter of the price of a private hospital.
  4. Thai people desperate in queues on the streets for food hand outs many funded by westerners, yet nearly 2 million baht spunked at local government level on model planes on lamp posts.! How the hell does that expenditure get sanctioned? Crazy world ....India with many of the population without basic medicine, sanitation and essentials has a government funding probes to Mars..........first space program to find water on the moon ! yet they dont have enough toilets for their people to have a [email protected]@t in their own back yard.!! No wonder people drink maybe it stop
  5. Exactly!!! If the bunch of grasping leeches had implemented testing numbers commensurate with the 70 million population from the onset of covid instead of a projecting a ludicrous pretence of a somehow miraculously virtually covid free Thailand that only incredible optimists or idiots would believe! They could have then reacted to the reality of the true covid situation in the kingdom and urgently attained vaccines many many months ago and now be well on their way to a fully vaccinated population and a real possibility of some small steps towards a return to normalit
  6. That has got be a mistake lost in translation etc, I buy amlodopine 5mg for 10 tablets for 25 baht, thats at most pharmacies in town, at the government hospital if you are registered even cheaper.
  7. My sticker holder barrel fell off a while back, keep the new sticker in the green book and have a sticker photo copy in the new holder, with the original in house available for future photo copies. If you have a company called ID DRIVER near you which is a yellow cog driver center they can handle the new sticker issue for you for a very small fee, give them paperwork and pay small admin charge and sticker comes back in a few days never asked for residents certificate.
  8. Thanks! was stressed to the max and incredulous that a poxy rat had snacked on my toe, but with the jabs hopefully no further consequences.
  9. posted this in old topic but started new so can get advice please. Just had a rat in the house 30 minutes ago this morning that when chasing it out bit my toe drew blood yikes which was dripping out in mid chase. Washed cleaned with betadine and antibacterial cream and wound kind of sealed now not particulary swollen. Should i rush to hospital for a rabies or tettanus jab any idea of the cost at a private hospital or government? Would government Er deal with it as in quick or only out patients which involve hundreds of people unless
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