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  1. What school was it? seems a very mild outburst of frustration. Remember seeing a male teacher stand three M4 girls up on a table and then whack the <deleted> out of their legs with a cane......in full view of everyone, seemed it was standard practice for him.
  2. Could be wrong but a few weeks back a couple of westerners wishing to return home also tested positive for covid on their mandatory pre flight check, believe they were long term Chonburi residents. All a bit suprising because Thailand is of course virtually covid free apart from in Samut Sakhon. Think westerners should be stopped from testing when they please because these positive tests do ruin the fantasy.
  3. So the area with the highest density of covid is among the only area of any testing in depth as in the provinces surrounding Bangkok with the thousands of migrants working shoulder to shoulder with their Thai colleagues in the numerous factories. The same Thai factory workers who will return en masse to the provinces nationwide to celebrate Songkran with their families especially if its given the go ahead. Oh well, their will be a rush on paracetamol at the village 7/11s for the youngsters and bumper revenue for the monks at the temples for the cremations in the month
  4. Par for the course and with the policy of incredibly minimal testing over the last year and it seems mass vaccination very slow to be rolled out .....Thailand is simply in denial of the real covid situation unless they have benefited from a miraculous virus waiver!
  5. Ok I ask again maybe someone knows. Ok you book a flight to return Uk which requires you to have a negative covid 19 test within 72hrs check in. You go to Bangkok the day before and use the service covid test as mentioned in this thread. Worst case scenario you are asymptomatic she emails you a positive test result! What happens next are you tracked to and met at your hotel and dragged off to a Bangkok hospital without any choice to be incarcerated until negative at huge expense in a private hospital or could you get treated at a more reasonable
  6. If you have a flight booked to leave Thailand and return to your country and a negative test is required and you stopover in BKK the night before for this quick test and email certificate, ........what would happen if you were asymptomatic and the test came back as positive? Would you find the police and medics at your hotel door waiting to immediately escort you to an expensive hospital of their choice or a migrant worker field hospital or could you pick your own government hospital. Are their any set procedures for this worst case scenario.
  7. Brilliant idea for the boys in brown, check points just past crossings and drivers fined on the spot a few hundred baht......easy end of month tea money collection and might,although unlikely educate a few dumb arrogant impatient halfwits behind the wheel.
  8. You are entering a world of mental anguish and stress if you have been pushed to the point of needing to translate messages...............thai.girls can suck you in and spit you out .....walk away with some degree of sanity left while you still can. If you do have masochistic tendencies try google translate and then spend the 1000 baht on a massage some beers and some vallium! Good luck!
  9. The sham military government realizes the peasants are revolting, although occasionally quite fragrant. This speed limit increase is a natural cull along with the covid "no test no have policy" and should significantly lessen the numbers of insurgents.
  10. Will be a military government decree soon stopping farangs testing at will and putting an end to these incidences of the reality of the virus being amongst us all. Unless you believe in the fantasy that somehow Thailand received a miraculous Covid 19 waiver.
  11. No mention of ,,,all hospital bills will be settled for him and the cost of his hotel for his remaining stay. Better help and publicity than a bunch of bananas .!
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