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  1. Less that 0.5% of the population have been tested. The daily figures seemingly reflect a results policy of returnees only ... but without any further information of other testing around the country. If Thailand is as covid free as they would like us to believe why the need for social distancing or bar closures etc .....seems your odds of winning the top lottery prize are far better than finding yourself sat next to a virus positive person. Something simply doesnt add up!! Do you trust common sense and probability based on available known facts or the charade government fantasy announcements.
  2. If the government truly believes that its dont test for Covid and we dont have Covid policy among its citizens is a genuine indication of the nationwide situation,why the need for social distancing and lockdowns and signing in at every chain store among a population that is supposedly virtually virus free.
  3. Probably the leading contender for Thai Visa totally pathetic pointless article of the year award.! Borders closed therefore no tourists .............no [email protected] Sherlock! if clicks are needed for advertising revenue run a thread about the Thai Uni girls shockingly tight and short uniforms again ... include a few examples and watch the stampede ...........
  4. What will the policy be with immigration at airports I wonder. You come Thailand Too Much before COVID....you not tourist ........cannot come in now! you go nice detention cell! sign document have no money! buy ticket go back your country!
  5. People asymptomatic can be in any province they should realise this. A young person having worked in Phuket and if with covid but without symptoms returning to family in Nakhon Nowhere can pass this on to an older person who may become sick with breathing difficulties etc which even with eventual death will be recorded as old age related, pneumonia etc ...... a routine over 55 death in many villages,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, COVID testing simply wont happen after their demise. Any person that has been working in the tourist industry or exposed to any risk however remote should be routinely tested.. But the government would prefer the sweep under the carpet Covid management charade method and their citizens in the backwaters are not a priority.
  6. 11 from just a few plane loads. I wonder what the numbers would be if they actually tested just the equivalent of a few plane loads of asymptomatic people from each province nationwide on a daily basis.
  7. Yes they appear to be bunch of [email protected]&&****s .....the choice of noun is yours! Why doesnt the governor of Pattaya set up a few all day food kitchens where the hungry can come for a meal three times a day. A highly profitable jetski scam ran for many years with ease and full cooperation from the the boys in brown and knowledge of foreign ambassadors. So whats so difficult about feeding their own people at least they would get kudos for that simple operation.
  8. Or perhaps very limited testing and life goes on people are sick recover and older people are sick and many dont recover and die, very much the norm in rural areas ........ limited routine testing except for returnees from abroad. Go through the motions of lockdown restrictions but just a charade as far as the real Covid situation and testing goes..............lift the carpet all hands to the brooms.
  9. That explains the cost, I wonder if its COVID related, but i guess that would be the same as Thailand and not quickly publicised. I truly hope with youth on his side he pulls through.
  10. 20 thousand pounds roughly 780,000 baht seems an enormous sum for intravenous antibiotics and follow up xrays etc...... diidnt know Bangkok Hospital had a branch in Cambodia.
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