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  1. 100% of any increase to education funding should be used to replace 99% of teachers.
  2. I guess that back in those days (up untill 3 years ago) Canada was not a threat to U.S. security as Trump now says it is. One other thing, most of the bombers that flew to Britain from North America left from Newfoundland and were crewed by women. You may remember Gander Newfoundland from 9-11 when many passenger planes were made welcome after U.S. shut down their airspace.
  3. Well heck, if his entire family say he did nothing wrong we should just take their word. I would not want anyone to question the integrity of his mother, grandmother, wife, or especially his lawyer who apparently cannot tell a lie. sarcasm alert!
  4. I get an oil change every 5,000 k, plus whatever else is recommended by Toyota. Down the road anyone that wants to see the service history can copy the number off the rad support, go to Toyota and see the complete service history. In my case that includes changes of brake fluid, power steering fluid, differential and automatic transmission fluids, all of which were included in the 80,000 km check. They give me a report on tire wear, brake wear, remove the drums and calipers and give them a light sanding. All while I sit in the lounge and watch. Worth every baht.
  5. There was a post on Thai visa a few years ago that really got to me. The poster talked about a conversation he had with his neighbour. He asked him if it would be ok if the then government collected 1,000 baht in taxes and only gave him 100 baht, the neighbour replied that he wasn't sure, no one had ever given him 100 baht. Made me think, perspective is everything.
  6. My wife goes to a clinic in our village bi-monthly for a blood pressure check and meds. Last week an official at the clinic told her that she may have to pay full price for her meds rather than get them on the 30 baht plan because of a lack of funding. We aren't poor and it wouldn't be a major hardship for us, but there are people here who are very poor. If they are being given the same message it doesn't sound as if there is any concern for them from the government.
  7. It isn't clear to me that only O-A visas issued after 31st October need to comply with the requirement although I certainly hope you are correct. I don't use the marriage visa, just the extension of my original Non O visa. My point is that, if a policy has a minimum requirement of 400,000 baht there is no greater risk to the Thai health system if a 400,000 baht deposit is locked into a Thai bank for that purpose.
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