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  1. banglay

    Flu Jab

    If you class getting out more is going to 'Robinsons" I would suggest maybe you should get out more and go to different places . LOL . (a light hearted response not meant to offend )
  2. banglay

    Flu Jab

    I use shell V power 29.94 Baht ltr my 3.2 ltr pick-up averages 10.4 ltrs/100km = 9.615 km per ltr 78 km /9.615 = 8.112 ltrs used X 29.84 = 242.06 baht for the round trip ... yes my maths was out by 42 baht I under calucated. And what has Robinsons shopping Mall got to offer over and above .. Central/Terminal21 and others that it can entice me to travel a extra 78 km round trip .. PS Live 23 KM south of BBK hosptial
  3. banglay

    Flu Jab

    BKK hospital to sri racha Hosp 38 km each way= 76 km total journey time for each way 40 mins each way = 80 minute give or take I'd rather pay BBK price knock off 200baht off for my fuel bring it down 795 bath .... 80 minute extra not worth save another 200baht.... False economy
  4. For adventure bikes spoked wheel are the way to go ....they are more forgiving on the off road enviroment ..but for high speed road usage I would agree with you .....not many adventure bikes under 20000 dollars have mags ....even high end BMW GS come with spoked wheels ...but they are way out my price bracket.
  5. He did the convertion him self and he is more than happy with the result ..... just found a similar post on youtube you might find interesting ..... it's all about personal choice at the end of the day
  6. A friend back in the UK had his africa twin converted.....the rear wheel had the beads but the front did not ,he's not had a problem with either the front or rear ...over a 1 yrs trouble free motoring on and off road
  7. No ! this is not the case .. lots of products on the market these days and even more on youtube how to do a DIY convertion ... I am just too lazy to do it my self lol
  8. Hello Peeps . Does anyone know of a place in Pattaya or Chonburi/Rayong province that does a tube to tubeless tyre convertions for spoked motorbike wheels ??. and has anyone had theirs converted and do you feel safe and confident with the result I know you can do it yourself but would rather pay someone whose got experience with this type of project . Thanks in advance
  9. WOW ! You've lived in Pattaya for nearly 6 yrs and you are asking about where to go where to eat in Pattaya.. Maybe you should have ventured out of your comfort zone before now and part taken in some of the local sights ,tastes and pleasures ... Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a pleasant day out .. Wat Yannasangwararam Worawiharn both within a short hope from Pattaya
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