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  1. The stranded retirees are still offering to come back and do their bit.
  2. I am ready, have my bucket and spade packed along with my 200k to cover the various expenses and quarantine. BUT where are the flights, flight permissions, available ASQ hotels, the immigration system restart, the government go ahead??? Double speak they can't deliver on.
  3. If it lets us go back to the "old normal" I would. If it lets me travel I would. If its a condition of non-quarantine I would. I think I will.
  4. This was the Reps plan, fail at negotiations so "he" can step in and look like a saviour. Twisted Bs should have concluded the negotiation before ... after all it was the Reps who turned down the lower houses bill. No real thought for the country, just how they can politically score points. American politics (dems as well) is the sleaziest pit of self servers.
  5. Considering that the decline in the EU market is from the catering industry its not a bad drop in chicken exports overall. Seems like one area thats not been hit too bad by Covid repercussions. I would have thought domestic/supermarket sales would go up as people in the EU tighten their belts and taking into account chicken is cheap protein.
  6. Will not that be done in a court rather than on TV?
  7. Shows how massively important community testing is. C19 is everywhere but if you don't test you don't find. Sadly propaganda makes everyone think its a death sentence but thats simply not true statistically. Look at how Europe and US figures raise with additional testing.
  8. Actually on Thai Inter its not bad. They were the most expensive business class airline flying my favourite route, b4 all this. I could not afford to fly them. Ti LHR they were 167,000 return and 110,000 one way in Feb. Compared to 80K return through Middle East or Finland.
  9. 1.3 M Baht is 42,000 USD. How is that going to help? How sad to be a Thai person with this kind of silly propaganda being forced on them.
  10. Invite back those expats who are stranded abroad if you want to show some "kindness". We will do your quarantine.
  11. You have too much faith in the human species ;+) They will win in the end, they have always been better at the long game than the short lived western governments who only see their futures in the next couple of years.
  12. I am surprised its taken this long to see this kind of projection in the news. Europe and US had articles like this in the first month of their outbreaks. They (Europe and US) are borrowing like never before to try and prop up their economies whilst praying a solution to the virus will come before the debt hole swallows them forever. Why exactly did the Thai economy tzars quit last month? Because no one was listening to them about what the future held and the need for swift action?
  13. It's clear its not about tourists so why are most of the posts in this thread about tourism?
  14. What is the carp? A country locked in the 70s? Is this a thing anymore? Out of touch government and private sector institutions.
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