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  1. 2 months ago I flew to Paris via London business class. Quote by Thai was 187,000 baht (LON-PAR on BA), BA 123,000, EVA 97,000 (LON-PAR on AF). And on Thai very very restricted dates because most days BKK-LON was full. Nobody is paying those prices and yet the plane is full regularly. Thats the problem, most of the custom is on a "special deal".
  2. One reads all the posts in this thread and realizes the fact that the British Parliament is a den of opinionated, rude, overbearing, self serving, intolerant, blinkered, one-sided egos is because that's what the Brits are. On both sides of the Brexit fence. And I am a Brit!
  3. You have to email/phone the company you choose, they then send you an application forum to fill out, then the quote and you accept/or not. I did it. Age 54 and no preconditions was 41K a year, which I thought was robbery for what it was. I was looking at the O-X but in the end I saw no real advantages (esp financial) over keeping up my current insurance (whose coverage is massive compared to the crappy offering under the Thai scheme) and just continue getting extensions of stay.
  4. I don't have any issue with the mandatory insurance, I have had to have it for other countries as well. BIG question though is will you be able to choose your plan and provider and not be limited to the current Thai based provider/schemes like on the O-X.
  5. I am a veteran (not in your country though) and I think his former service does not come into this issue at all.
  6. I use an SCB fixed deposit account and have no issues adding or subtracting money when at CW bank for my extension.
  7. Just wait, mine took 10 weeks at CW but it did come through in the end.
  8. Its interesting that we have all now gotten used to the idea of the TM30 and our major concern, it seems from reading, is the methodology of its fulfillment and operational difficulties over its fulfillment. Have we stopped regarding it as an attack on our freedom of movement, a mass control method of an authoritarian regime, and an unnecessary intrusion into our private lives? I came here to retire and live out my time in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, I did not come here to be treated as a criminal.
  9. In Ois App Store they are called "section 38" and "IMM Eservice"
  10. ":The only comfort is the fact that insurance will be provided via a Govt website." Look into what they are providing and previous topics on this, it's not a comfort at all IMHO. Seriously over priced/under qualified compared to standard International offerings
  11. I am a Brit and I don't use or earn pounds BUT cost of living has gone up substantially for me living in Bangkok over last 10 years.
  12. I thought the same, then it was explained to me you can only use police station if no provincial immigration office exists.
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