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  1. You are not supposed to keep one but many do - very long thread I think last year on this with arguments going back and forth quoting various gov. publications. As to everything being connected someone still has to pull the information together. HMRC have my address in Thailand but this did not stop me from renewing with the DVLA. I renewed mine online last year. You obviously need to quote a UK address. https://www.gov.uk/renew-driving-licence
  2. Do you mean gutters that go into the mains drainage? I don't have any other water catchment for rain water and nor do any of my neighbours or relatives that I am aware of so when did these building regs come into force?
  3. If you have a KT account you don't need it. If not go to the Krung Thai bank with your letter when you get it. Tell them you want the E-money card to get your refund. They will need passport and the letter and then depending whether they have done it before will take anything from 15 minutes to an hour....... The KT branch in BiG C Second road mall did mine so if you go there should not be an issue
  4. OP I have recently gone through this exercise with an older laptop and Win 7. Some great support available here if you need it - https://www.tenforums.com/
  5. If you apply for a refund after March not sure how it works - presume you just pay a 100 or 200 baht penalty for filing late? I think I was shown a similar form some years ago and basically gave them little or no information especially figures - as advised by the lady (was this on the 4th floor?). The form may have changed of course.
  6. There have been several threads on this since the start of this year when they stopped sending out cheques for the refund. When you get your refund letter it (if same as most people) give 3 options - Prompt pay Krung Thai account E-Money card The E-Money card is simply an ATM card which the bank issues and loads with the amount of the refund taken from the bar code on the letter which you then go and set up in the branch ATM (pin number) and then withdraw the cash.
  7. Many threads on this over the last couple of years. Some very long like the Montclair thread. Lots of despair from wine lovers but no real way round it unfortunately.
  8. Have you ever tried looking in a golf shop/sports store............ You can buy the same branded clubs here as in the west or wherever - it will normally just cost you a lot more as others have mentioned about a number of items.
  9. Article, unless specific when a country is mentioned, is about SE Asia as a whole - without actually mentioning exactly which countries are included.
  10. How many people here who have gas canisters connected to a hob close the valve on the canister after using? I never have done in the last 5 years........
  11. Familiar to whom..........I didn't recognise any of the later mentioned International names either
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