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  1. The OP actually posted the same link in his OP.............
  2. Do you have accounts with all the Thai banks otherwise surely that is going to limit who you send it to? The only way to get an idea which is best is to look at the banks individual rates at a point in time and do the calculation based on the amount you want to send. That is obviously easy to do with Transferwise and then compare to the 2, 3 or however many banks you can use. For SCB go here https://www.scb.co.th/en/personal-banking/foreign-exchange-rates.html and use the "Bank Buys TT" column. Include your home bank transfer cost and the receiving banks cost - SCB is 500 baht maximum plus 20 baht if your account is outside Bangkok. You will notice that SCB has multiple sheets for different times of the day. Bangkok Bank is here - https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Other-Services/View-Rates/Foreign-Exchange-Rates Use TT Buying rates. I think their maximum inward charge is also 500 baht. I have noticed in the past that SCB rates always tend to dip on a Friday afternoon...... When it arrives you should be able to improve the published rate they offer you by some satang as they should contact you to confirm reason for transfer and that you are happy to go ahead and transfer into your account in baht. As you have already noticed whereas the TW rate/amount is locked in you will be subject to potential movement depending on how long the transfer takes. Another option to consider if you are talking more than the equivalent of 3/4m baht is someone like HiFx where the rate can possibly be negotiated and (when I used them a long time ago) there were no fees. The other question is if you need proof of a foreign inward transfer you may not be able to get that with TW and there have been some discussions around this on the TW threads.
  3. topt

    UK Pensions (2018)

    Not necessarily. Can be taxed in both with one offset - https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/international-manual/intm151040 Unless you are running a business what makes you think you could anywhere and I am struggling to see how that is in any way relevant to DTAs and pensions?
  4. I think this part is incorrect? My understanding is that the owner can sell to someone else but that the usufruct remains in force which is why most people would not be interested in buying a piece of land that already has an usufruct agreement on the chanotte.
  5. My ex used to be involved in translations of Thai govt. documents for foreign visa purposes and whenever there was a scrawled signature that could not be read the translation always said something like "Illegible". Perhaps more concerning is the d in illedgible...........
  6. This was covered in a news article a month or so ago as Thai's were scaremongering but the DLT came on to reassure them there were no cameras involved. If you look at them they are advising the 3 supposed speed limits for different types of vehicles and then depending on which lane you are in and speed they will flash your speed in either red, yellow or green. However since they have no current idea what kind of vehicle is being driven in which lane the colours are completely nonsensical. If you are in a car/truck unless you are going over 120 you can ignore them as the posters above suggest.
  7. topt

    Skype update awful

    Made some calls 2/3 weeks ago using Classic ver7.xxxxx but when I tried to do the same last week it kept closing it unless I upgraded. So I have had to succumb......... GUI bit different but still works for what I need it for - other than not getting the active status button to work in the task bar to warn me when I have problems with my connection..........
  8. topt

    renewing motorbike tax in Pattaya

    I would imagine yes as you are taxing it for a period beyond 5 years. I had to have my car tested last year when it was approaching 7 years old but bought the tax before the "birthday".
  9. topt

    UK Pensions (2018)

    The DTA between Thailand and UK includes some "government" pensions but not the the State pension or personal/company pensions. I am not sure why they think it can be used as a precedent bearing in mind this is one of 100s of DTAs the UK has. Why would they bother to consider changing it for just one country bearing in mind there must have been a reason it was set up like that in the first place? Also DTAs have to be agreed between both countries. I can imagine that Thailand would only be interested in reviewing it if they saw an opportunity for financial gain which would be HMRC's loss.
  10. topt

    Smog in Pattaya

    I don't know if he was taking the proverbial (I hope so....) but sometime early last week, or end of the previous one, I heard Tommy Dee on 103FM in the morning saying that it was not smog but early morning mist or something.........