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  1. Varies around the Pattaya courses. More locker rooms currently open then closed. I only know specifically of 3 closures out of about 20 courses as of this week. Many you can still also get beers at.............
  2. In the US they are already allowing back spectators on the PGA tour - last weekend for example. The British Open in July is hoping to have also.........https://www.golfchannel.com/news/ra-planning-significant-number-fans-open-championship-royal-st-georges
  3. Why would you need to be on tiptoe? I enjoyed it and the finale was arguably exciting to many golf fans
  4. Agreed and similar view to that espoused by a Finnwatch director in the linked article - Unfortunately I do not see it happening any time soon.......
  5. Normally the track that the screen sits in is on the inside of the frame. That way it does not get quite as dirty depending on how much one side is open and the screen used. In the aluminium frames normally built in and on UPVC either built as part of the original frame or I believe can be added on but then not as stable,
  6. There was a news item about all international post being stopped at Swampy as it was closed for a couple of weeks so that may (or may not) be the reason for the delay. Apparently I believe now open again? @OJAS just beat me to it
  7. Does not say anything here about it as far as I can see - (DPA FAQs in English) https://www.dpa.or.th/en/file/download/khumux-tham-txb-phasa-xangkvs
  8. Can you link to something that says this as it was not my understanding last time I looked at the details on their web site? I am talking fixed accounts as per being able to withdraw early but losing interest which is the standard for most foreigners as it is usable for Immigration purposes. However most on here refer to them as fixed accounts.
  9. I presume the poster meant the fine but yes it is open to interpretation.....
  10. Saw this on Golf Channel last night showing it being done and final work - very clever.
  11. Congratulations to Ariya who finally made it happen at -22 and commiserations to Atthaya, who narrowly missed winning and ended up second by herself, and Patty who was tied for 3rd with 3 others on -20. So not only a Thai winner but second and third as well.
  12. I would qualify. However if I got rid of the live-in I probably wouldn't...................
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