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  1. That seems very, very competitive - under $1100 pa. In fact it seems dirt cheap. Any excess? I looked at HCI a few years ago but did not factor them in when I shortlisted last year. Can't remember why I ignored them.
  2. You get texts in English? Mine come in Thai so tend to get ignored........I once asked at the Cus Service desk if it could be changed maybe I will try again.
  3. topt

    Yo Euros

    Tenerife or Madeira - allthough unfortunately I guess not as cheap as Thailand. Further afield - Gambia...........
  4. Nope. If you dont have a Big C card to be scanned they can input the number from your phone to credit you which is what a lot of Thais do. You get notification of extra discounts on the till receipt but it is all in Thai. In the past at various times the cashier has rung through the shopping and then says you have x baht of discount - for which they need to see your passport or driving licence in order to process it.
  5. Even if he claimed unless he specified the notebooks and jewellry separately they are unlikely to be covered at that valuation. Cash he may not be covered at all irrespective of the amount unless he is paying a small fortune in premiums.
  6. They stick a pipe up your exhaust...........and measure. But you never actually get to see the readings or know what they are supposed to be. They also check lights and horn from memory. Seems to be a box ticking exercise for which you pay the princely sum of 60baht.......
  7. Whenever I have receive an inward remittance to my SCB account the SCB Forex dept. based in Bangkok contacts me prior to depositing it to confirm what it is for, whether I want to go ahead and change into baht and the rate they will use. It is at this point that I am usually able to get 2-5 satang more than their published rate at that time. I have never done this via my branch and usually this has been for more than $US 20k. The one occasion many years ago where I had a Foreign Currency Account and wanted to change it all into baht at my local branch they had to ring this department to agree a better rate for me - but it was more than 50k. Not sure how it works for Bangkok Bank.
  8. You may need to be careful. There were several reports last year about people who when they went to get their bank letter the "secured" amount was taken off the 800k leaving them short. This was after they had used the deposits in that way for several years.
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