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  1. For what it's worth a story here about reducing death and submission rates in the elderly in UK - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9307729/Oxford-vaccine-effective-Pfizer-jab-new-figures-show.html
  2. Not sure if you are just soliciting bids but in my opinion, unwarranted or not, is that all your prices are somewhat over egged. I am happy to be proven wrong but would be curious to know if you ever sell anything near to your original asking price?
  3. Please correct me if I am mistaken but presumably if it is synching and you delete from your phone (eg you are running out of storage) would it not also delete from your synched devices?
  4. Do AIS generally supply a modem and a separate router then? The other providers I have dealt with have all supplied one integrated unit.
  5. My understanding is no caddies for quarantined golfers - and none shown in the video
  6. so are you saying that even using something like wireshark or similar you could not see what data was being passed through your router and further that you could not stop that? Out of interest please name these other OS's that nobody else seems aware of?
  7. So you ignored the comments about that specific dealership and went ahead anyway without going to see them and getting a quote for what you wanted? Changing window rubbers is hardly a standard part of any service....... Sorry but I have been there several times and there are staff who speak English but you need to go and engage with them. Oh and buy the way check that there is no fix required for the door catches/fasteners. My gf car is a year later but one of the rear doors suddenly would not engage the closing mechanism. Fortunately she had other people with her who c
  8. There was a more recent article that said the pier for Prachuap would be about 150kms or something similar south of Hua Hin - so no good to the OP anyway.
  9. They have a DTA which, from memory, allows them to pay less tax here rather than in their home country if they avail themselves of it. Anyway that would be the Revenue office not Immigration.
  10. The OPs picture could almost have come from our village except most of ours have an assortment of advertising stickers pasted to them. I have never understood why some individual householders don't at least try and keep the boxes straight or close the "door". PEA came and changed all the meters about 3 months ago. I did not notice them changing any boxes even though some are distinctly damaged.
  11. Depends on your local rules..........
  12. Current Tues/Wed/Thurs all in price is any time supposed to be 1,380 - which I still think is expensive but I can't see them getting away with a 300 baht increase? I confirmed a booking for a group for next week at 1.380 so we will see. People playing there regularly every week I think are still getting 1,080 or 1,180?
  13. There was a thread on this recently - local Ford specialist in Pattaya. Unfortunately the local dealer does not have the greatest reputation........ OP have a look here -
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