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  1. Yes I agree it is a little confusing. The actual wording is - The last 2 lines are the key.
  2. Since I have never seen one here I thought they were referring to a fork used for eating........... I know my eyesight is bad but isn't the picture showing some sort of metal grate - I can't see a fork?
  3. Just been in a small Makro and the egg area was half empty....with some seemingly sold out
  4. I am not sure if current covering is acrylic or polycarbonate to be honest and yes if the cost turns out to be too exorbitant will probably just replace with same/similar again. I want to try and add some insulation material and generally make it cooler under the covering but do not want to have to add it separately/retro fit. Light is not an issue. The current covering has lasted for more than 10 years with no water ingress but is now very brittle. Thanks.
  5. Please give me a definition for this word which does not seem to exist, in English anyway?
  6. We have a winner! I think I had a strange reduction on my February bill which the lady in the PEA office could not explain. My May bill was reduced back to the number of units used in February at the normal rate then a 3% reduction. However this depends on your overall number of units used - there were some limitations. One of the threads was here (and MEA different to PEA) My question is am I due any reductions for March/April and are there any reductions going forward - IE the June bill?
  7. Had this about 9/10 years ago. After buying the house, changed from commercial to private and managed (with some difficulty) to get both our names (mine and gf) on the bill. Unfortunately at some point mine disappeared off the bill......... I have never tried to do anything about it since.
  8. <deleted> he was taking the michael..........
  9. Since it always seems to appear that the receivers do quite well financially out of these kind of proceedings what's the betting they will keep it "in house" as it were..........
  10. Thanks and apologies if this is a stupid question. You say by 1220 in width. Is it possible to have a very flat/almost no profile that would cover the 1m gap or is that just not possible. If so I presume I would have to have extra supports welded in to screw the panels on? Presume Colorbond is the same?
  11. Which is what CharlieH was alluding to in the post above yours....... Been more than a couple of threads on this.
  12. Your welcome to come and have a look....... 1 - makes 2 - Fitter has just been binned and now looking for another 3 - Can you please explain this as I would like to understand why thanks 4 - All agreed - as usual the devil is in the details
  13. Sorry but with your experience can you comment please. I am having a few issues with this. A supplier I went to have a look at seemed to have sheets that were in 750 or 760 widths. Before go back with a Thai speaker do you know should I be able to get them made in 1m widths? Another issue seems to be that a fitter has suggested he may have to lower the frame fractionally as it currently sits under a 4 inch or so concrete decorative relief that runs across the back. The acrylic sheets obviously slid in ok but the suggestion is the steel sheets may not. Not been able to find any aluminium. The supplier gave me a price of just over 4,000 baht for I think 0.35 thick with 5mm PE. They were talking of 11 sheets - hence the 750 or so width. Does that cost sound about right - cheaper than I expected but that is without the proper curve.
  14. I wonder how true that actually is? There was a report last year from the UK about how inaccurate a facial recognition test used by the police was. Has technology moved on that quickly or........ https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/uk-police-facial-recognition-tests-publics-tolerance-68321764
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