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  1. Was 3 days for my relatively simple bit of respraying............ yes would be interested to hear your view on them after it is completed.
  2. You desperate to increase your post counts or something? Otherwise why would you resurrect a 6 year old thread with these disparate comments......
  3. Quote - Sorry that should have been no to both as I agreed. However your second comment IMO is pure deflection and not what was being discussed by others.
  4. No you didn't and yes you did. Some may say disingenuous............As a minimum don't you think you are being deliberately contrarian considering every other poster is basically saying the same thing linked to the headline.............
  5. I have been involved with 2 repairs. One for a rear end shunt some years ago under insurance done at a body shop which is just off Sukhumvit between Tai and Klang. It is a left turn when heading north and from memory I think there may be a test centre (blue cog) on the corner - after the big bike shops. They seem to get a lot of insurance work and very busy so took quite a while to get it fixed. Just had a rear side panel repaired at another but mainly painting at which they seem to have done a very good job. This place was recommended by local Axa guy (James on the card pic attach
  6. I doubt there is a Moo 92 anywhere in Pattaya - but I could be wrong...... As @chickenslegs the moobaan I live in all the houses start with the no. 450/xx (the individual house number) in Moo 9 which covers a wider area.
  7. Would certainly appeal to the those Koreans who normally come Jan/Feb and play 36 holes a day.
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