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  1. As is a typical deadly trait of Thai drivers, and in this case pedestrians, absolutely zero sense of the need of judging or evaluating vehicle speed. I see this behaviour daily, they see the vehicle but make no attempt to process the speed, if it's somewhat far away they think there is no concern. Stunning.

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  2. <deleted>, closing Chiang Rai airport. That's just going to make traffic insane on the mountainous road to Chiang Mai, and congest Chiang Mai airport even more.

    Earlier this year I'm almost positive they had posters with drawings of expansion plans for all to see in the CEI airport.

    Let's just hope this is another farcical idea that got traction in the media with an announcement forthcoming that it was all a big misunderstanding.

  3. Personally I pity the staff. Go-go bar blaring music is intolerable for even an hour or two, and the poor staff must listen to it for 8hours, day in and day out. Also the staff must clean and close up after 4am, and that could take an extra hour or 2. And the girls who must drink and encourage customers to buy them drinks are doing damage to their bodies.

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  4. I live pretty much in the country, the nearest town is 20km away, the nearest city 40km. I was looking to source a quality business. Actually I have used the shop where I got the testing done previously, but it wasn't for my own prescription, and that prescription was simple. I have, since this Zenni experience ordered my prescription through them. I've talked with the owner who is knowledgeable and meticulous.
    I gave Zenni a try, actually expecting the result I got, but kinda shocked about the UV result, it was to a piss poor standard that puts peoples eye health at serious risk. I'd never take it for granted that what I expected/ordered was what I'll receive, I will test the results to confirm, it's only prudent if you truly care about your health. Zenni probably only sees a miniscule amount of people test the end product, and I suspect those results are similar to my experience. They are not in the business of genuine quality, they are in the business of low price and volume sales. I'd only ever use them again for frames or sunglasses but never prescriptions.

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  5. An update...
    So I ordered a pair of glasses from Zenni, and the results were not good. I had the prescription tested and also the UV protection tested as well as the photochromatic speed.
    Since Zenni doesn't actually require or ask for the lense height the centering of my pupils on the lenses was 5mm too low, as well the pupilar distance was off by 2mm. These misalignments can be expected when a fitting using only a standard reference point is used. But that still doesn't make it adequate or acceptable. The cylinder prescription itself in one eye was off by .25 which was 50% of the actual .50 prescription.

    But by far the most disturbing flaw was the UV protection level in the lenses which were photochromatic, and obviously for use outdoors, that protection level was 33 out of the target protection level of 100% UV protection. Considering I bought these photochromatic lenses with their offering of standard protection the UV protection quality is abysmal. Fortunately the clipons they sold did have 100% protection.
    So that's my experience, having checked and calibrated the final product. Order at your own peril.

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  6. Reboot your router weekly, make sure your WiFi channel isn't being used by other routers near you, do 3 or 4 speedtests in a row to get a more accurate average, also at different times throughout the day, choose a server on the same network as you (CAT) and as near as possible. Traceroute to find any bottlenecks to your destination ping. Use 5G if your device and router support it. A cheap device (lower end Android phone) will likely not have the specs to do substantial WiFi speeds. My iPads consistently outperform my A series (second to best spec) Samsungs.

  7. I live up country so I'll likely have to source my prescription from Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

    Looking for an optometrist/lab that can grind my prescription to the letter. I'm aware that many labs have a wide tolerance which is unacceptable to me. I'm not looking to get my prescription within an 80% tolerance or what have you etc. Thanks for your considered replies.


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  8. Minivan turned when green filter light was on.
    Pick up jumped red light.
    Pick up to blame 100%
    Wrong, green light is not a good to go signal, as with all signalling proceed only when it is safe to do so.
    Yes the pickup driver is 100% in the wrong, but not to blame, the blame lies on the minivan driver who is a total idiot and ass for proceeding in this obviously dangerous situation. This neanderthal should never be allowed to have children in his care again.

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  9. I need to transfer about 1 million baht via bank transfer from a Thai bank account to a US bank account. What I'm concerned about is will this amount trigger any red flags with US authorities. Hoping to do it in 1 transfer to save fees etc. There is nothing fishy about these funds and I'm just not sure if the US deems this as suspicious.

    I appreciate your comments and insight, Im not looking for alternative methods, I just want to know if there is any reason why this transaction would appear red flag worthy. Thanks



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