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  1. I don't believe I have heard anyone here asking for sympathy. Neither have I heard anyone asking for mocking and derision. Being smug is unbecoming. Basking in it is ugly.
  2. The problem is that not everyone agrees with the OP's definition of "reasonable."
  3. I am not Mr. DPKANKAN, but I am happy to answer your question. Stating the obvious in they way you have is passive aggressive; saying something obliquely that you will not or cannot say directly. What exactly is it that you are saying? You don't like to hear people complain, or what?
  4. What is actually being said here??? There must be some point the OP is trying to make by pointing out the obvious in this way.
  5. Just a quick update. Did my first transfer with DeeMoney. As I mentioned, it was awkward and confusing getting my account set up and making my first transfer. I imagine it would have gone more smoothly if I had been in Bangkok and gotten help at one of their branches. OTOH, what a relief no having to make the trip to Bangers. The transfer process went smoothly, but seemed to take a long time, around 6.5 days. As you can imagine, I started to become anxious the final day or two. E-mailed K. Nutnik and she had no explanation but said it should take that long.
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