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  1. try an app called "WAZE" you can get it to avoid tollways and freeways. then wear your earphones under your helmet. you can get directions and listen to music. just remember not to loud so you still can hear traffic otherwise the net nannies will say you shouldn't be doing that. i bought a cheap bluetooth hedset that fitted up to my helmet. it works a treat.
  2. They are a strong dog no doubt. but You have to be American and fall back on the " lets get a gun and shoot it" cliche. are you a real person or a character out of SOUTH PARK ?
  3. please read the attached link https://pethelpful.com/dogs/10-Most-Aggressive-Dog-Breeds-Temperament-Ratings-and-Information look at the percentages of dogs that failed the temperament test. and as for aggression a chihuahua would not do much damage to you if it bit you, however a pit bull due to their size and strength would. A dog is made aggressive not born that way. I have two Bangkeows the same as you see on every street in Thailand. mine are ok, not aggressive, don't bite but they will certainly make a lot of noise if you come around after dark who here has not been worried by a Soi dog, I am always wary of them. Growing up in Australia we were exposed to many different breeds of dog and the worst of all in my opinion are the Australian blue cattle dog, they will bite anybody and they are bred to bite cattle, so a person is no problem. Pit bulls have so much hype about them, same as the great white shark. they don't bite many people but when they do they bite properly and do some damage. its propaganda and peoples self image, like the American rappers and the tough guys on the street, that use these dogs to feed their Ego's that have shaped public opinion about these animals. All you guys that say these dogs should be put down have probably never even seen one in the flesh.
  4. Seriously........ have any of you people ever even seen a real pit bull ? a friend of mine in OZ used to breed them, they were lovely dogs. a dog is a mirror of its owner, if the owner is an <deleted> the dog won't be great but ANY dog can be a pet, you just have to take proper care of them. Simply look at your own children, if your kids are little monsters , where did they get it from ? from what i am reading most of you "experts " should never be allowed to breed.
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