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  1. "Gave me back one of each passport and visa copy, and the printed Tax ID. I signed his register" When they printed the "TAX ID" were you handed a card or a piece of paper? I am trying to stop withholding tax at my bank and although I have previously filed and received a refund the bank manager would not accept the Tax ID number from my refund paperwork. He says I need to go to the tax office and get an tax ID CARD but I never remember getting a card when I filed for a tax number 3 years ago.
  2. Thanks, so I can quit trying to find a solution. The small PLAYBOX How-to book is misleading in that in lists several video formats supported and also supported picture formats. I think that I will just go to a decent Android box and switch my AIS plan.
  3. Yesterday the AIS techs upgraded my Playbox and installed it in the spare bedroom. The AIS content plays well but I was unable to play movies from a flashdrive inserted in the USB port. I have a Minix Android box and playing video from a USB stick is no problem. Does anybody know how to play video on a Playbox using a USB Flashdrive? Or is this not possible.
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