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  1. Who couldn't like the idea of fewer trips to the IO .... probably someone who can't afford to fly to their home country to keep the O-A alive after the two years
  2. No one ships by sea anymore Lower cost mail still goes by air, it just has lower priority, so you think it is going by sea because it takes so long
  3. Because he is a caver....he has caved on everything he has proposed...look at the WALL,.... look at the budget, and if that doesn't convince you, look at the new tax law, that did exactly 0 for the middle class he bamboozled into thinking that he was their savior
  4. Very, very, unlikely, unless you come in with an oversize piece and then they may ask you to put it on the X'ray machine prior to walking out the arrivals door. 14 years coming through and only time I was stopped was for an X'ray of a hammock I brought in a large cardboard box
  5. Well your hard to find tools had better be 220 Volts. There has never been a tool that I needed here that I couldn't find in one of the many DIY stores in Thailand Forget the car. Full stop. No matter what you think it is worth Customs is going to think it is 10 times more valuable and the commensurate amount of duty will follow. You either pay it quickly, or spend a fortune in Customs House storage. It is not subject to appeal. The Royal Thai Customs Officer that is assigned to your shipment makes the determination. If the car is any good condition they will make the import duty so high that you will have to abandon it and then someone from Customs get's it , at auction, for a pittance. It's really a crap shoot but a car is automatically a problem that can effect the rest of the shipment Household goods can sneak in with little or no duty so long as your shipping company's expediter is willing to pass a brown envelope or you could be lucky and have it sail through with not even a nod. You feeling lucky ?
  6. And you missed all the complaints about their service ?
  7. Macaulay Culkin has just emerged from oblivion, primarily due to recent promotional spots for Google, so he is not about to admit to anything that would thwart his reemergence ($) Especially any hint of pedophilia
  8. Not optional, it is based upon your US residency address: Royal Thai Embassy Washington D.C. Royal Thai Consulate-General, New York 1. Alabama 1. Maine 2. Delaware 2. Massachusetts 3. Florida 3. New Jersey 4. Georgia 4. New York 5. Louisiana 5. Pennsylvania 6. Maryland 6. Rhode Island 7. Mississippi 7. Connecticut 8. North Carolina 8. Vermont 9. South Carolina 9. New Hampshire 10. Tennessee 10. Ohio 11. Texas 12. Virginia 13. West Virginia 14. Puerto Rico 15. District of Columbia Royal Thai Consulate-General, Chicago Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles 1. Arkansas 1. Alaska 2. Illinois 2. Arizona 3. Indiana 3. California 4. Iowa 4. Colorado 5. Kansas 5. Idaho 6. Kentucky 6. Montana 7. Michigan 7. New Mexico 8. Minnesota 8. Nevada 9. Missouri 9. Oregon 10. Nebraska 10. Utah 11. North Dakota 11. Washington 12. Oklahoma 12. Wyoming 13. South Dakota 13. Hawaii and U.S. Pacific Territories 14. Wisconsin
  9. There are not any "choppers" at decent prices any where in the world, no less Thailand https://www.harley-davidson.com/th/th/index.html
  10. My guess is that the hotel has a "friendly" taxi driver on call and is discouraging you from using anyone else If it were me, I would question my choice of hotels, they don't sound very accommodating and your fears of U-Tapao crowding are way overblown In total, I don't know where you are getting all this false information but continue to listen to it and you will be writing a trip report about you poor vacation to Bang Chang
  11. Cost of Medicare Part B for 2019: $135.50 per month (taken out of Social Security) + Medicare deductibles Cost of FEP/Blue for 2019: $224.46 per month (taken out of your retirement) + no deductibles if on Medicare and use BC as "supplemental" The above are for single payers, not families
  12. Once again it all depends upon your definition of "traveling" or "living". I live here for 6 months of the year and 6 months in the US and BC/BS has paid both ways, reimbursement and direct billing. And since they are receiving both my monthly payments from my pension plus the government's contribution they have never questioned my "status" May also have to do the the fact that I am in the FEP (federal employee program)
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