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  1. Let's not forget that even with these and other warnings on hydroxychlorlquine President Trump's VA, has been doing live testing with our captive veteran population in VA Hospitals: source: https://www.militarytimes.com/veterans/2020/04/29/va-defends-use-of-unproven-malaria-drug-on-veterans-for-coronavirus/ Or maybe this headline is more impressive, juxtaposed with the WHO announcement :
  2. The explanation was OK until they threw this old chestnut in: Less disruptive is a term that cannot be used when dealing with Pattaya, they can't even change light bulbs without causing a major traffic jam
  3. One piece of advice I received from a long time expat here in Thailand is that the magic number is 200,000 THB Any amount less than that is not worth the time and expense of a lawsuit in Thailand
  4. With a DC heavyweight, no less https://www.law.com/nationallawjournal/2020/05/23/flynn-judge-emmet-sullivan-hires-veteran-trial-lawyer-beth-wilkinson/?slreturn=20200424203924
  5. You can buy a Chromecast dongle that plugs into a HDMI port on a modern television that will allow you to cast movies and sound from a device such as a phone or pad to your television These can be purchased from AIS: https://www.ais.co.th/googlechromecast/en/
  6. Really, I am going to take medical advice paid for by a banker Sorry, but I am not President Trump
  7. I have seen this type of "waterfall" as a free standing unit, without a pool, as a decoration for a small patio, so this type of construction is fairly common in Thailand I would follow the above suggestion and consulate with a pool builder for the correct epoxy or resin to use
  8. When this was first reported over a month ago, they had already identified that Zebras were the carriers of the AHS, but in that story the Zebras at fault were transhipped through Thailand on their way to China Wonder what the real story is ?
  9. Atorvastatin is so cheap in the US, that my insurance company doesn't even charge the normal $10 co-pay for a 90 days worth supply Cannot find any information on why since I do not have Part D (drug coverage) but someone must be providing some type of assistance for this particular drug since they certainly don't wave co-pay for any other drug
  10. Visit one of these estates a night, that is the only way to know what you are getting yourself into
  11. JK Rowling has my respect merely for getting kids to read I don't really care what they read just so long as they learn that there are alternatives to television and movies A great public service for the future in my humble opinion
  12. It's not a theory but was the way a Thai lawyer had me make my Will since the Probate Court in Thailand will enforce it
  13. Because he is in charge of his courtroom and judges take that power seriously
  14. The Thai inheriting the condo would be better off selling the condo to a foreigner than keeping it for themselves. A condo in the foreigner quota is much more valuable than one in the Thai quota
  15. Trump's administration has been such an unmitigated disaster, we don't need a viable candidate, just a warm body should be enough
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