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  1. The problem with EMS is that it must go through regular Usps customs like any other package. So it could be held up there for a couple of days; usps tracking is horrible. The other carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL will get it there fast. 2-5 days guaranteed. $65 usd or something like that for legal envelope not exceeding 0.5kg. If you want Saturday delivery attempt, you must specifically request that when you order. It you can wait a few extra days, airmail + registered is more economical, and will still take 4-8 days.
  2. Don't non-motorbike vehicles require a receipt showing a purchase on the same day that you leave??
  3. consider Win 8.1 x64 with Classic Shell (or open shell) for the start menu. you will get the stability of windows 10, but without the telemetry and forced updates bullshit.
  4. Weren't they always "owned" by Alibaba? I agree to use cash on delivery for the overseas vendors. Had good success overall. I usually add stuff to the cart on my computer, then switch to the phone app to checkout (take advantage of app-only vouchers, etc). But you can also check your chat messages via the desktop browser also. But you must be logged in.
  5. Within the next few weeks will have a couple of people not married to Thai on paper, but are fathers to Thai kids. So they will apply for multiple entry non-immigrant O visas with this checklist: Thai Visa Application Passport with 10 months validity 2x recent passport photos appx 4.5 x 3.5cm copy passport signed copy of Thai parent's id card (signed) copy of Thai birth certificate (signed) copy housebook registration page (Tambien Baan) for Thai mom/child. copy of Thai Bank Statement showing appx 400k THB Missing anything? Not sure if they will go to Consulate or use agent. Thanks.
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