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  1. Are you guys even reading the responses and checking the mentioned services? Both TransferWise and WorldRemit show you the exchange rate and all fees prior to payment. You can then compare that with stated fees from your bank's swift wire department or local electronic transfer to Bangkok Bank (if you are using that option). You could even split up the money evenly across 3-4 different services and see which one delivered quickest and with best exchange rate (including all fees) Wise doesn't send outward THB remittances. For an illegal operation, they
  2. TransferWise shows you exactly how much ฿฿ you will receive, including fees for your payment method. And your payment method will be "local". The speed is pretty fast also (could be instant, 1-2 hours, or next business day early morning, Thai time). So the on-site calculator is precise. If you select "funds for long stay in Thailand" as reason for transfer [and use bangkok bank as recipient bank], you will get it around 14:00 Thai time next business day....but it shows up as an international transfer, which may be important when needing proof of funds for qualif
  3. It's very interesting how many people are willing to queue up to inject a substance directly into their bloodstream without an ingredients list or with just emergency authorization when it comes to testing. Hope it works out ok
  4. To be fair, the OP stated that this particular experiment didn't take into account "bigger expenses" such as rent, internet, insurance or health and medical costs. So it is interesting what you can do for a day without having to outlay too much. But those "retire on 550 USD/month" websites/videos have been beaten to death. And TVF users did a lot of the beating. Would be interesting to see what $$ minimum budget the new Thailand retirement blogs are quoting now.
  5. @SherylI checked Lazada. I was hoping to source from a local seller (within Thailand).
  6. Recommend that you use Windows 10 + Windows Defender + Windows Firewall. Then add WFC (Windows Firewall Control, recently acquired by MalwareBytes). This makes Windows Firewall more user-friendly like the paid firewalls, without compromising the firewall itself. You want to turn on notifications for all unapproved requests. This gives you full control over all outgoing connections. Agree with @kebabby Have had several computers, including servers, and if secured properly and you don't go clicking/downloading every flashy thing presented, install specific programs from sen
  7. Not sure if this is the best sub-forum for supplements, but was looking for some Pine Pollen that I could source locally if possible.
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