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  1. I was thinking in case backward compatibility would be necessary for some reason (e.g. Copy files from a drive). But also as a secondary reason, so that you could switch back to an older backup laptop if it became necessary for some reason. But if the difference is too great or the kits too expensive/cumbersome, then maybe time to upgrade backup also.
  2. I re-read what i wrote as i was driving home and realized you would have to do the opposite: buy nmve first, then a 2.5" sata3 enclosure to retrofit. Hindsight is 20/20
  3. Hmm kingston uv500 240gb 2.5" i wonder if the 2.5" case could be removed and reveal the nvme pcie stick? Edit: nevermind. It would likely come with mSATA stick without Pcie benefits. In hindsight, you would buy pcie nvme first, then a 2.5" sata 3 enclosure to retrofit it.
  4. The toshiba 1tb 5400rpm HDD that comes with computer was swapped with Apacer Panther AS340 1tb SSD. 2019.10.10 had a special promo ฿2450 as shown in the photo. There was also 500gb was ฿1350 or 1390 (not shown). Sorry if that was not clear earlier. I did upgrade RAM with 16GB ddr4 2666mhz kingston value ram. So there is a total of 20GB dual channel (4GB on board). Optane 16GB nvme stick is removable. But i will keep it for now. I do agree that the Intel Optane memory was a marketing ploy to get rid of HDD stock, sell laptop with cheaper specs, promote intel m.2 ssds (and CPUs, etc). But i guess for someone with hdd only, it's better than nothing. I did realize that apacer was not top of the line. But not bottom of the barrel either. The best ssd i've owned is kingston uv500 240gb 2.5" (older laptop did not have m.2 slot). Original plan was to use 1tb SSD as 2nd hard drive (and offload the 1tb hdd). Get nvme pcie 250/500GB m.2 as first (and offload the 16GB optane m.2 stick) . Leave DVD drive in place for now (even if i dont use it) But now i have a few more options. Use 1TB ssd as primary drive until until "easy return" period is over. Also i can wait a bit for the next sale period and see what's new (e.g. 2019.11.11). I am familiar with DVD hdd tray. I converted two previous notebook dvds that way. But they were old... well past warranty period. Also there is a kit to convert internal notebook dvd player to external. Or maybe just use one of those sata3 to usb3 cords. The hard case does make it more durable though. 1tb ssd is sufficient for now. Especially if i later move OS + programs to m.2 (250 or 500gb).
  5. It is possible i am mistaken. But there is one sure way to find out (you put it in and see what happens). Newer laptop motherboards (8th gen compatible, maybe 7th gen intel also) can handle up to 64GB. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/149088/intel-core-i5-8265u-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-90-ghz.html Some manufacturers may not have updated the literature or want you to buy the "gamer" model. But the Amazon.com reviews help prove my point that it may be possible. Advice had a real special on 10.10; ฿2490 for 960gb Apacer Panther as340 2.5"!! 480gb was ฿1390. But only 893gb usable in practice :( Tip: Look out for 11.11 next month for major suppliers. I have considered adding m.2 pcie nvme 240 or 480gb. We will see what the future holds. After 2 week return period is passed, i might sell the 1tb hdd that came with it. Along with the intel optane memory. -------- I think the original q was missed entirely though (where to locally source 1x32gb sodimm ram stick)
  6. You'd be surprised if you have several tabs open just how much GB ram just firefox/chrome can use. But multitasking, especially graphics editing type of programs, can easily take 0.5-2GB or more depending on the complexity. It really depends on the user. 8th+ gen intel and 3rd+ gen Ryzen notebooks can accept 64GB memory (2x32GB). You can check bios and also the OS properties when you login. On the amazon listing, several customers actually posted screenshots proving this. 64 bit operating systems. This particular laptop came with dvd drive, and it looks like they crippled the motherboard by only having 1 empty slot of RAM. (already 4GB on-board RAM) so with 16GB stick the total is 20GB; w/ 32GB stick, total is 36GB. The intel optane memory can be swapped for a m.2 nvme pcie ssd. But for now, 1TB 2.5" SSD + intel optane will suffice. At least the upgrading and swapping hdd/ssd/m.2/ram is simple. And the cooling is pretty good so far. Since so many are curious as to the model laptop, you can look here: Acer aspire 5 A515-53G-59M2. I already knew which memory type i needed. Just was asking what domestic options i had to purchase a 1 x 32gb stick (besides MemoryToday)...Jib and Advice dont seem to carry this.
  7. I'm look for 32GB x 1 DDR4 2666MHz RAM stick for laptop within Thailand if possible. So far I've only been able to find one at MemoryToday.com But the price was more than usual (It should be cheaper than 2x16GB) and also no value option. So I looked at amazon.com and saw Samsung 32GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM Memory Module for Laptop Computers (260 Pin SODIMM, 1.2V) for about 2900 baht (or 4100 + about 900 baht shipping + customs estimate if you use that option). I'm sure you could use a re-mailer/forwarder from a local US address and get that cut to 1/2 1/3rd for shipping. Are there any more local options for notebook memory? 32GB x 1 stick (not 16gb x 2 or 8gb x 4)
  8. Well, this was an interesting thread. It looks like you must consider a few things before using such an option like AmazonGlobal: 1) is there a comparable item available locally, including minimum acceptable quality? 2) Is the total cost (including shipping and customs estimate) still make using amazon + amazon int'l expedited shipping worthwhile? Or should I deliver to address local to amazon's "free shipping" first, then use a forwarding service? 3) higher ticket item that a warranty claim or spare part might be necessary (that could not be later sourced locally)? In my test case, I think I made out pretty well As buying direct from the seller's website off amazon was about the same price as on amazon.com with shipping + customs estimate (thank you amazon for pressuring vendors to increase their off-amazon site similar listings). But the non-amazon shipping would be more generic, especially international. Amazon seems to be using air expedited shipping relationships with fedex/ups/dhl to the destination country. Then passed off to a local carrier (Kerry, Thai Post, etc) for the final delivery. An almost 2nd test case was ordering a laptop. I could not get the same exact specs here. And there was a ton of video reviews and coverage on this laptop as it was budget laptop but maxed out specs for its price $315 (with upgrade options i could do locally). With the shipping/customs estimate, it would be $378. Still not too bad when compared with local options. But I realized that Ryzen 5 (quad core) would have been much better in the long run vs Ryzen 3. But amazon didn't have a similar Ryzen 5 version. In fact, it was a LazMall flash sale that ultimately had me buy a more expensive local option (worked out to $493 USD at local exchange rate). The universe told me "stop spending too much time researching this thing and make a choice already" Just arrived earlier this morning actually. Everything I wanted. And Advice has a killer promotion yesterday on 1TB 2.5" SSD For certain items, when you included the shipping/customs estimate, it was about the same or slightly less/more expensive in Thailand. So then just get it here. But things like quality, piece of mind, etc make amazon.com option viable in some cases. You can't just shop on price alone in these situations. It's just another option that should be spot-checked. It may or may not work for a particular use-case. Just click on "buy now" (with 1-click buying turned off) to view the estimates for a single item. Or add multiple items to the cart, and then select what you want within the cart and get estimates that way.
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