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  1. I meant point/click configuration vs CLI or flashing firmware. If you have to spend 4000-7000 baht anyway, why not get the option that is just a few clicks? Maybe if it was the ER-X + the flashing/setup time that is already well tested in gaming or other use case scenarios. But I think OP prefers a one-and-done setup, with native support from manufacturer.
  2. Enterprise or even LTSC, which gives back 100% control to the user., where it belongs. LTSC does not have any feature updates.. only security updates which may be completely shut off if needed.
  3. Amazon.com has some options. The shipping estimates all seem to be 45 (including customs estimate). Would take about 8 days to arrive. Do you really want to spend that time configuring a router?
  4. I got it on the 19th. It actually came on the 18th, and ThaiPost left a notice on the door. So I will count it as delivered on 18th. Amazon's tracking isn't the greatest (for int'l packages). What you need to do is once Amazon ships it and assigns the tracking # from i-parcel, you must go to i-parcel's website and input the tracking # there to get more up-to-date tracking info. Then "subscribe" to the tracking updates with your email. They will issue two important email updates: Arrived at destination and undergoing Customs Entered into local delivery system Once it is entered into the local delivery system, you should get it 1-2 days after that. They used i-parcel (UPS subsidiary) to get it to the country, and then in my case they used ThaiPost EMS for the final leg to my house. No extra money was requested. And the bubble-wrap envelope packaging had Prime smile logo all over it. And the custom's label actually had "Personal Computer - New" in clear English. @Langsuan Man may be particularly interested in that detail. Again, in my case, the price was the same if I would have bought it directly from the company ($39). But they likely would have used generic air shipping from their Chinese factory or wherever. Others have noted if you used the "Priority" option, you might have saved 1-3 days and Kerry would likely be used instead of ThaiPost. It's only a few USD more depending on the weightd. Perhaps on a future order, I will test the "Priority" option. The regular Expedited option took 8 days. Ordered on the 10th around 21:00 (gmt +7) and it arrived to the door on the 18th before 16:00. My only complaint is that they do not give you the local tracking number. So you are on your own. And i-parcel's customer service did not yet reply to my email. They claim 24/7 support. I sent it on the 15th requesting the local tracking #, as I suspected it would be different from their own tracking #. And the package still shows as "Entered into local delivery system". It varies depending on how much you buy, what you buy. the shipping carrier costs seems to be very cheap (for an air express package). It is the customs estimate that can make you blink. Amazon.com makes it really easy to check the total cost first.. First you must change your address to Thai address. Or at least Thailand as the country (without having to add address). This will let you know if that particular item ships to thailand. And then you mouseover or refresh page. At worst, just go to the checkout page and get to the last page. It will give you the estimate there: If you have multiple items, click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. They will ask where you want it to ship. Now you must enter the complete Thai address. Then select credit card to use. Then the review page will contain. Do not press "place order" unless you actually ready to buy. You are just checking the price for the total shipment. Other people in your condo or nearby have a foreigner there or a Thai that has some English? They could help with getting you an English transliteration address. OR a business card / contract for the condo must have had some English at some point. Check PM also.
  5. Unlikely, especially if there are several palms getting greased. IO boss discretion + his/her boss + his/her boss. Usually it might temporarily stop or shift a bit when a new boss comes in. I doubt the brown envelopes will 100% stop [permanently] It does also depend on the office. CM seems to have cleaned up their act to where you actually can attempt to do it yourself without having to queue from 04:00. But even then, there is the issue of convenience. Especially if you reside 80+km from the nearest office that accepts applications. It's not just people who need certain [financial] requirements waived. edit: and the applications are actually getting processed. It would be different if money was paid, but nothing was gained.
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