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  1. The other lane was clear of traffic (as far as I could tell). Why did the motorcycle follow so closely? Why not just switch lanes? I'm not saying the pickup truck has to be an a**hole, but it's not like the motorcycle "had no choice". It's sad what happened, but is he really the "victim"?? There is a larger problem with the general mindlessness of Thai driving, but.........well..... let's hear what @Yinn thinks about the incident first.
  2. I thought there was a script that locks threads that have not had a reply after 12-24 months
  3. How often is this 7162 sent? Yearly? Every few years? What happens if the person is incapacitated (but still alive)? --- edit: what is the grace period to respond to the 7162?
  4. What is his reason for qualifying for the non-o category visa? (visiting Thai family, retirement, etc). Also, do not confuse non-O Visa with an Extension of Stay. I think only the Thai embassy in London can issue ME visas now, but that could change. @ubonjoe any ideas? He could always get a ME non-O regionally if needed (Savannakhet, Penang, HCMC).
  5. The sending bank. That is who you would get the bank transfer report from. You can request it once the money has been sent out. But at the latest at the end of the business day or the following day it would be available. My apologies if that wasnt clear in my last post. It has happen a couple of more times since then. But for shorter periods. Like maybe 20 mins. Overall 98% of the time the banks app works fine for basic things like topups, transfers, bill pay. And I do have the up-to-date versions of the app.
  6. You can contact your bank and ask them for the bank transfer confirmation or SWIFT confirmation report. This will contain complete info on the transaction. You are looking for the "Value Date" which is the local date that the money would be credited to the receiving bank. The value date already takes into account any bank holidays on both sending and receiving sides. They can issue it to you over the phone. But I think it is better to get pdf version of this report, as it will contain everything. Or sometimes this information will be in your online banking. Once the transaction has "cleared" that day, the full details are there. This is something that Thai banks can improve on (including detailed information about transaction in the internet banking transaction history).
  7. Tried the usual combinations (switched from wifi to mobile internet, restart phone, clear app data/re-sign in. Delete app and reinstall app). Read the responses for yourself. Bkb did not fully own up to it. At least KTB did. But the copy/paste "delete the app and login again" is reminiscence of the old solution to having a problem with Windows computer app: re-install windows . Some Thai shops still give out that advice. It got resolved like 2-3 days later, but at the time it was an annoyance. But usually one of the avenues works. So like there was a problem with mobile banking app, but the full browser internet banking was still working. Or ATM was working ok. Kbank (k+) app still has its issues about timing out its previous session properly, but it has improved significantly since 2-4 years ago. Back then, it would throw an error that I am not using the same sim # that I signed up the account with. Of course the sim card was there, and after deleting data/re-activate the app everything worked. Until the next day or next app/phone restart It's not an everyday occurrence, but these service interruptions do happen on occasion. I do sympathize with the OP and suggest having a 2nd account with another major Thai bank for redundancy.
  8. I have occasionally had problems with the app (both BkB and Krung Thai Bank). But they are relatively rare occurances of traffic overload. Of course at the time it was annoying. But it also emphasizes the need to have a 2nd account at a different bank as a backup.
  9. It's a double-edged sword. The consulates were freely giving out the visas also. An entire industry floated around this: Thai consulate bosses getting extra processing fees (on top of the normal application fees) to process several hundred applications. visa run / border run companies making commissions. border officials taking extra fees if necessary other auxiliary service companies (law firms, schools, etc) offering visa packages. tourism economy (border towns + usual tourist spots) certainly got a boost from the free flow of tourists extending their stay. But the negatives like strengthening baht, security issues with undesirable and/or too many foreign nationals, etc finally caught up with them. But you cannot just say applicants were abusing the system. The visa system (at the time) encouraged this free flow of tourism dollars; no one was complaining when the money was rolling in seemingly risk free.
  10. Could it be that the cat mated with another cat in the neighborhood and got pregnant that way? The cat/dog meet was just freak encounter.
  11. You can try "request desktop version" from Chrome/Firefox mobile browsers. But the mobile version isn't impossible to deal with if I need to do something quickly.
  12. Recently got ME non-immigrant o visa in Penang for visiting Thai family. The paperwork hasn't really changed much: Thai Visa Application 2 passport photos Valid Passport with a few blank pages Copy of passport ID page Copy of entry stamp into Malaysia Copy of Thai Mother's ID card Copy of Thai child's birth certificate Copy of Tambien Baan (housebook registration, page 1 and page with Thai mom/kid's info) Copy of Bank Statement showing 400k THB equivalent in USD, (or EUR, MYR, if using non-Thai bank acct) 750RM ME non-imm fee. -- [using new passport, if you have gotten a non-immigrant previously] Copy of old passport id page Copy of old passport previous non-o Notes: Went myself on a Friday, and picked up on Monday afternoon. It was really quiet Friday, and I was told it is normal for Fridays to be slow. It was so weird, because I've never seen Penang Thai consulate so desolate. I was in and out in 8 minutes or so. And that was after arriving late. Wow. Front gate of Thai consulate checks your application page to see if it is filled out and signed. Then gives you a ticket with a number. That same ticket marked and is used to pick up your visa the next afternoon. Talking with Jim, they still run applications. If the paperwork is "good", you don't have to go. But if it is not, then you must go yourself and apply. Special thanks to the Fujifilm place (Merlin Color Photo) on 444 Penang road behind Komtar. They open from 11:00 until 21:00 . 4 passport photos with minidisk for 14RM. Copies are 0.20 RM per page b/w, I think 0.40 or 0.50 pp color. Print from USB/email is 1RM pp b/w and 2RM pp color. They were the only ones that were open late. I was able to have everything ready in about 20 minutes after taking the passport photo. They were using laser printers/copiers. I think there is a Fujifilm on on Chulia st that might open earlier, but closes earlier. The other visa shops on Chulia street their printers usually suck. Not much has really changed for the non-o family visa, at least from what I can tell in Penang. But I do hear that Kota Bharu may have tightened up a bit. That's another thread though.
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