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  1. 7 hours ago, WinnieTheKhwai said:


    What benefit would that serve?  Just forces people to start the same topic over and over again.


    Several forums (including TVF) does this).  Forum threads that get too long will often not get read all the way anyway.   So if the original problem has been solved or not discussed in some time, it is likely better to start a fresh thread that will include more up to date information.

  2. The other lane was clear of traffic (as far as I could tell).   Why did the motorcycle follow so closely?  Why not just switch lanes?   


    I'm not saying the pickup truck has to be an a**hole, but it's not like the motorcycle "had no choice".  It's sad what happened, but is he really the "victim"??


    There is a larger problem with the general mindlessness of Thai driving, but.........well.....


    let's hear what @Yinn thinks about the incident first.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Max69xl said:

    If the money hasn't been received by Bangkok Bank, there's no transfer to look for online. The delay has to be caused by the sending bank. 

    The sending bank.    That is who you would get the bank transfer report from.   You can request it once the money has been sent out.  But at the latest at the end of the business day or the following day it would be available.  My apologies if that wasnt clear in my last post.


    35 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

    And that bank mail was posted months ago - clearly marked as 3 Jul.


    It has happen a couple of more times since then.  But for shorter periods.  Like maybe 20 mins.


    Overall 98% of the time the banks app works fine for basic things like topups, transfers, bill pay.   


    And I do have the up-to-date versions of the app.


  4. 1 hour ago, Huckenfell said:

    Not really, but last Tuesday AM. 12th Nov., i deposited money through an English bank into my Bangkok Bank Acct. Today is after midday Monday 18th Nov., and money still not in my Bangkok bank account. Is this time delay normal.


    You can contact your bank and ask them for the bank transfer confirmation or SWIFT confirmation report.   This will contain complete info on the transaction.   You are looking for the "Value Date" which is the local date that the money would be credited to the receiving bank.  The value date already takes into account any bank holidays on both sending and receiving sides.


    They can issue it to you over the phone.  But I think it is better to get pdf version of this report, as it will contain everything.


    Or sometimes this information will be in your online banking.  Once the transaction has "cleared" that day, the full details are there. 





    This is something that Thai banks can improve on (including detailed information about transaction in the internet banking transaction history).



  5. 33 minutes ago, Max69xl said:

    I'm using Bangkok Bank online banking and mobile banking frequently, and I have never had any problem with traffic overload. We're talking morning, afternoon and evening. Same with K-Bank. 


    Tried the usual combinations (switched from wifi to mobile internet, restart phone, clear app data/re-sign in.  Delete app and reinstall app).  Read the responses for yourself.






    Bkb did not fully own up to it.   At least KTB did.    But the copy/paste "delete the app and login again"  is reminiscence of the old solution to having a problem with Windows computer app:  re-install windows .  Some Thai shops still give out that advice.


    It got resolved like 2-3 days later, but at the time it was an annoyance.    But usually one of the avenues works.   So like there was a problem with mobile banking app, but the full browser internet banking was still working.   Or ATM was working ok.


    Kbank (k+) app still has its issues about timing out its previous session properly, but it has improved significantly since 2-4 years ago.  Back then, it would throw an error that I am not using the same sim # that I signed up the account with.   Of course the sim card was there, and after deleting data/re-activate the app everything worked.    Until the next day or next app/phone restart 😂


    It's not an everyday occurrence, but these service interruptions do happen on occasion.  I do sympathize with the OP and suggest having a 2nd account with another major Thai bank for redundancy.

  6. You are forgetting that air travel encompasses more than just passenger travel.  Air freight is also lifted with these venues.   Without air freight, packages would take weeks or even months to arrive at their destination, including domestic.


    edit:  the expediency of air travel cannot be underestimated when people need to get from point A to B quickly.  I think the quality of life difference would be significant if all domestic air travel was suddenly banned.


    Remember what happened on 9-11 in USA.   What happened to the hotel and related industries immediately following that and for the next several months.

  7. 43 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    I think they were asking to see the 20k baht that is required for entry to the country. I am sure they were not asking for a bribe.

    Many reports of the Sadao and Pedang Besar crossings wanting to see the 20k baht.


    They are asking to show 20k in Sadao?   normally there is some extra accident insurance you buy from the driver (edit: meaning 50-100 baht, not 20k).


    And the OP @spencer666 could provide more details on which border he entered, what time he entered, did he come with a group (e.g. minivan/bus) and were the other people allowed in?   (from what you could see)


    Edit: Also, your previous travel history and length of stay into Thailand during past 2-3 years (same or previous passports)


    edit2:  were you denied entry at Thai border and it was marked in the passport?  Can you upload the image of what they wrote in passport?

  8. 14 hours ago, Stocky said:

    The shuttle leaves from Hat Yai Station, in the middle of town (7.003861, 100.46771). Cost is just Bht 50 and it takes 55 minutes. There are two shuttle trains Train No.947 departing at 07:30 and Train No.949 14:05. There are only 3rd class coaches with fans, no a/c coaches on the shuttle train.

    Yes, twice a day for the cheap shuttle train.


    Hat Yai 07.30 14.05
    Padang Besar 08.25 (09.25 Malaysian time) 15.00 (16.00 Malaysian time)


    There is one more train #45. Leaves Hat Yai around 07:50 (might be running late).  What used to be the international express from Bangkok that terminates in padang besar.


    And someone mentioned the minibus from the bus station to Padang Besar; about every hour or when full; first one is 06:00 (get there at 05:00-05:30 latest and stand/watch the line; people will be clever about the queue as the first van fills up quickly).  The booth numbers have been renovated, and the ticket prices are clearly posted. 50 or 60 baht.

  9. 2 hours ago, JesseHumphry said:

    Thanks Tim. This is the biggest concern for me right now. Things seem to be tightening up for no real reason, despite the fact that I wouldn't be doing anything morally (or legally) wrong. It's more frightening because I can't imagine having to be away from my wife. I love being in Thailand, I love everything here except immigration. I guess I'll have to come into a nest egg of some kind in order to get the extension based on marriage. 


    2 hours ago, steve187 said:

    a lot of 'mights' in that post


    The unlimited back-to back VE/TV loophole was eventually going to close.  I remember the same fear-mongering when they first started doing the unlimited VE border run crackdown back in 2014-2015. I wouldn't worry about non-immigrant multiple entry status changing any time soon.       


    Just cross that bridge if/when it comes.   It would be a shame for my son though.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, Mango Bob said:

    Thank you Joe.

    Have you been to Thailand before?   Do you plan to take a few trips outside Thailand?  Settling in a new area or travelling around a bit?


    I actually had a friend who got a multiple non-O so that he could better time when he would begin the 1 year extension (and set the anniversary date for that).  Because you can start the 1 year extension within the last 30-45 days of any of the non-o entries that you do.  Also it acts as a hedge against a difficult local immigration office.  


    So especially it is your first time settling in, I would get the multiple non-o.  The extra $100 USD gives you more overall flexibility.

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  11. On 10/31/2019 at 7:06 AM, Tayaout said:

    I just checked and I have 405 purchases on Lazada. Two times my items arrived broken but I think it was the shipping company not handling the package carefully.


    I spotted some misleading pictures and wording in many Chinese ads. The search functionality is pretty bad... There is room for improvement. If I buy something that could be a copied then I buy only from the company official store when possible. 


    I live far from any major city so I'm stuck with them for now. Occasionally I use Amazon and Ebay but their shipping are usually a lot more expensive and slow. 


    6 hours ago, Cheops said:

    ................BTW, the seller/shop of which I bought the counterfeit mouse is gone from Lazada. There are a bunch of other sellers, still selling this fake model, but they are now selling for a 'too good to be true price'. They still advertise it as being a real Logitech and use mostly the photo's of the genuine one..............


    For major ticket purchases or if you want to be sure you are getting the correct product, look for LazMall or Official Shops.  Many of your major brands have official shops (Samsung, Sandisk, Kingston, Acer, Asus, et al).  Or places that are selling direct from manufacturer, or have a physical shop you can recognize (Amorn, JiB, MemoryToday)


    Bought Logitech M585 dual input mouse over a year ago, and I just recently replaced the battery.   It is a little bit cheaper now; and it seems like they are out of stock again.  Sold by Lazada (Logitech official store)


    Stuff where the brand name doesn't matter too much (like a generic pepper grinder), you take a risk.  Try to buy from local seller.  Use the live chat and/or "Ask a Question" feature.  (Most LazMall items you must contact Lazada directly to ask a question, which is annoying). 


    If they are overseas, try to see if you can find LazMall vendor first, or like TaoBao collection.  Or in my case with the 12 inch (bottom diameter) cast iron pot, I got a set with wood cover, spoon, and rubber handle cover for 890 with shipping.  Then a week later after I received it, the price jumped to 1300 or 1400 baht.  Everything came as promised in about 8-9 days.


    Also, Amazon.com is not such a bad deal in some cases, and the shipping is fast.



    Returns:  Make sure you use the Lazada return process.  Each order has a "return item" button after it is marked as "delivered".   If it is not visible, get on their live chat immediately and inform them that you have received the item and that you want to return the item. 


    It must be initiated within 7 days (Lazmall products are 14-15 days) starting from the date you receive the item. So check the item immediately upon receipt and save all the original packaging/contents in case you need to repack/return later.


    I had one situation where the seller sent a 3L kettle and marked the box as 4L (you could still see the 3L below the sticker on the box).  I measured it just to be sure, on video, and when I returned the item I included the photos and video.   


    Focus on the return/refund first, then leave a review if you really want to.  There is no point in antagonizing the situation, especially if reviews can be left anytime.


    A different seller ended up being much better design and quality, and the 4L kettle turned out to be about 4.5L (so you could actually boil about 3.7-3.9L of liquid).

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  12. @David Foster Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say Thai tourist visa is more difficult?   Which consulate did you attempt?  And what exactly did they ask for?



    9 minutes ago, dzodun said:

    I came to Thailand in mid July on a three month non O volunteer visa. After not getting a work permit I could not extend it, so I did a border trip for a 30 day visa exempt. Am I now able to go to Immigration to extend for another 30 days for 1900 Baht?

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    Depends on what your passport country is.  But if you did get a VE, you should be able to get extension on it.  All extensions of stay cost 1900 baht (officially).

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