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  1. Reported derogatory remark and responses have been removed.
  2. So, you had a decent test drive, and decided on a different model. Good call.
  3. Europe is generally 7 -10 days by standard airmail service.
  4. A rude remark and (justified) flame responses removed. OP, if you wish this topic to remain open I suggest you be civil to those trying to assist you. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.
  5. Multiple posts removed for a variety of reasons. Please try to focus on the topic and not the poster (op). Keep it civil, dont get personal please.
  6. Did you inform Kbank you were travelling ? As for the airline thats an automated system and if the payment was cleared the confirmation would be auto produced. If the bank later cancelled due to security, the funds are withdrawn from the airline and ticket cancelled. You should contact the bank before you get any further issues as your card may well be blocked completely if fraud is suspected.
  7. Depends entirely on the type of goods and value. There is a "customs calculator" in the "post office" section at the top of this forum. Make sure you do not use any form of courier service.(if possible) as that will ensure duty/taxes and other "fees".
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