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  1. MOVED to phones/mobile devices
  2. Naahhh this is the Duke thats better to ,...
  3. Observations: Fat Chow, Obese dog ? (Chow is a breed of dog.) Fat Chow, Chow = slang meaning food, so food that will make you fat ? "Original Asian kitchen" with a menu FULL of western food ? Whats "original" or Asian about that. Best of luck ! Oh, and was the color code red & yellow that match Mcdonald's an accident, why not go with McChow ....or would that be too obvious
  4. Yes, there have been reports of parcels now arriving but the service is by no means back to "normal". I would strongly suggest the sender inquires more detailed information from there sending source.
  5. A broken clock is right twice a day, does that make it the best clock in the shop ? Whilst I am sure that there are probably some educated and smart people here I'll wager they were more than likely educated elsewhere/overseas. The standard of education I have encountered from people who have "graduated" is awful. I dont think the Thai paperwork is worth much outside of Thailand either. Just my opinion.
  6. Post in violation of forum rule 1 has been removed and a response quoting it.
  7. Yet another example of "you do what I say and I'll do what I want" which is so prevalent amongst the bought positioned folk.
  8. I know the law is the law etc, but where is the "humanity" in this, where is the compassion ? Are people really that jaded and programmed, ok daft question. Just saddens me thats all, he isnt hurting anyone, he isnt a drug baron or peadophile no danger to society. Each case on its own merits would be my view. Not just a paperwork violation which ultimately thats all this actually is, clerical violation. His paperwork is not in order so lets rip his life apart and ban him from what is now his home for 10yrs ! Shameful in my opinion.
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