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  1. Pointless, they do exactly what they want most of the time anyway. There is little to no enforcement and no real consequences. As mentioned by another, lane discipline would be a better result, couple that with proper driver training and a realistic road test to obtain a licence.
  2. Pay for it, put it back, or face a Police report. Thats his choices I would sayl
  3. In my younger days I would eat "black pudding", not actually knowing what it was(contained). When I found out, I never ate it again. I was always taught if you see blood its not cooked. As for Thai dishes, absolutely not, no way would I knowingly eat blood or a variation of it.
  4. Moved to BANGKOK forum for local input.
  5. Yes. well reported and immigration say it will take sometime before its fixed but is being addressed.
  6. Just a suggestion ..... There other types that are non inflatable that have a metal support frame. Easily erected and readily available. Example: ฿2,570.00 | Intex สระน้ำ สระว่ายน้ำ เฟรมพูล สี่เหลี่ยม 2.6 x 1.6 x 0.65 ม. รุ่น 28271 | https://s.lazada.co.th/s.dXaDX
  7. The speculation will continue as we dont know what actually took place in the conversation prior to the attack. There is no real excuse for it, but we just dont know what provocation (if any) there was. One poster has given a possible (feasable) scenario, its not victim blaming at all because we dont know, its just another viewpoint. Not being able to speak Thai, nor English it would seem, who knows what his tone expressions and body language conveyed as 90% or more of communication is non verbal. All speculation.
  8. I think the key word in that article is "want" . Doesnt mean they can, will be allowed to, or can even afford it. All make believe nonsense. A survey can be manipulated to say anything. Meaningless.
  9. Passport and Visa application processing agency for UK (and other countries)
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