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  1. No agreement in place, chanote in your posession, I would have thought they are now tresspassing. Go to the nearest Police station and report it, ask them to remove the tresspassers.
  2. Kasikorn has a vitual card. Turn it on/off at will, set transaction limits. Etc etc. All controlled through online banking.
  3. The other thing I found works to my amazement, a bright LED focussed beam, Shine that on them and they freeze on the spot ! Just pick em up and deposit elsewhere.
  4. You could always go all Egyptian on him, seal him in ! Run a bead of silicon around that box. Entomb him ! That dramatic enough ?...55555 Make sure you light a candle and chant whilst applying the seal.
  5. Use this and he wont stay around for long! SARGENT Gecko Repellent Spray 600ml | https://s.lazada.co.th/s.WHcId there are small versions of it too.
  6. I am in no rush or panic as some seem to be. I have been fine the last 18 months and see no reason that shouod change, in fact with the vaccine roll out the chances are even slimmer of contracting anything. I will wait and bide my time and get what I want when its available and at my own expense if neccesary.
  7. Nice idea, believe it when its happened. So much changes so fast here its just all getting very silly. It would be nice if this was indeed rolled out across ALL provinces. Time will tell.
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