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  1. P.S If even the Point that the Thai Index is with actual 1600 Points more or less at the same level like 25 Years ago...... I can recommend following Brokers ( all from own experience) ASP, Bualuang and KTZMICO are the best here in my view. The Research is good and in English as well, the Fees are low and at least KTzmico and ASP have/ had no Minimum Fee .
  2. I guess Thaistocks.com is the most terrible Site to learn about Invest in Thai Stocks. The Owner of the Website recommend in the last Years only crap. Most of his advice was completely Shit. I guess it is more an Way to earn some Money for himself over Subscription Fees . He recommendations are mostly Loss Making ,terrible Managed Small Caps like CHO,PPS BWG, Demco and an endless Stream of other Stocks in the past 3 Years who lost 30-70% since he screaming it an strong buy. So even if the run 100% from here you still sitting on Losses. The Thai Stock Market is clearly for Trading not for Investors. Most of Small Caps / Micro Caps ends up usually somewhere in the Satang Level sooner or later. Whenever they make an nice Rally up you MUST to Sell same like most Thai Traders do. Big Cap Shares doing relatively well as they included in Big International Indices like MSCI or FTSE. There you can find good some decent Managed Company’s like CPF, BKI,AIT, TTW, TU, HANA , BJC ,etc. They pay mostly as well an sustainable Dividend why most Small / Micro Caps are mostly pay nothing or tiny unstable Dividends that sometimes suspended for Years . if you like to have an good Exposure to Thai Stocks then I think you start with some ETF on the MSCI Thailand that is listed on the SET like BMSCITH or the SET 50 with the Symbol TDEX or the High Dividend Index with Symbol 1 DIV. The last one comes with Good Dividends as well... So you have an Market Return along with Dividends . The ETFs are more expensive then in Western Country’s but still better then most of extremely expensive ( as an lot of hidden costs) Thai Mutual Funds . Thai Mutual Funds are costly and underperform..if you not need here better invest in Mutual Funds from well known Company’s like Fidelity,Templeton,Blackrock. However, sometimes Thai Fund Company’s just use this big International Funds Name it as their Own( Feeder Fund) and out another Annual Fee on Top.. STAY AWAY!! As I Trade close to 25Years on Thai Stock Market I guess everyone take an closer Look how it works here as the Market is much more different here with an lot of Insider Trading, Fraud and Dodgy Moves with Warrants, Private Placements ,Capital Increases etc from the Company’s. Don’t forget in Thailand most Company has no real Interrest to create Wealth for external Shareholders so they use it mostly as an Financial Tool. It will be more then Difficult to beat the Index ( together with Dividends) so i guess the ETF is o.k for an Beginner. My Broker told me in Thai Stock Market more then 70% of Retail Investors loose Money...and i guess this Number is maybe even smaller then the Reality.... Stay away from all self appointed Advisors here please! They want to create Wealth for them Self not for others... Good free Information you can find at the Facebook Page from Barton’s Asia Charts and as well from Pon with his Website named Thai Capitalist.com.
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