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  1. Yes, I had used my 60 extension which ended in April and am now on the amnesty visa. I had all the correct paperwork with finance in the bank and tried to apply at CW for the 'conversion' visa 2 weeks ago but according IO I cannot apply whist on Amnesty visa.
  2. I like the proposed solution given in this article. How can the affected persons as a collected group try to persuade the government to do this? Would it be worth a shot for a scheduled meet up at government house to submit our sorry plight? I myself am in a situation where I have family and kids here and do not want to leave the country. Anyone up for that or is it a silly suggestion?
  3. The reason they mentioned is that my last granted visa ended in April and I'm now on amnesty visa: this application cannot be done whilst on amnesty visa.
  4. I have all the required documents including financials and had tried to apply 2 weeks ago. This is when IO told me that I could not apply because I was on the amnesty visa.
  5. CW IO told me I couldn't apply and added "don't worry, the government will not leave you without options, they know what to do." Very reassuring, NOT!. Relocating sounds complicated and not sure where to start. Anyone reading,.. please do share experiences or knowledge of IO in provinces that would do this... Thanks for taking the time to response Peter, keeping my hopes up but really worrisome tbh.
  6. I'm the guy who started another thread 'Unsuccessful trip to CW today for a Non O' btw. To answer your questions. 1. I live in Bangkok and go to CW. 2. I arrived with visa exempt, extended a 30 day tourist and later a 60 day spouse which expired in April. I'm now on the amnesty visa. 3. 48yrs, UK citizen.
  7. I'm married to a Thai as well but don't have a 'proper' visa. At the time for my yearly spouse 'O" renewal I had to choose between that and my new overseas job. It wasn't much of a choice really as immigration doesn't pay the bills. I think there should be some leeway such as in the unforeseen circumstance we're in now. Having me leave the country is a waste of money, time, energy and puts myself at risk. It also doesn't take into consideration the separation of family and effects of it.
  8. I'm in a similar situation. Wife, kids, pink id card, yellow book and only house I own is here. Been traveling back and forth recently until covid hit and lost my job. Used up my 30 and 60 day extension and now on amnesty visa. Was told by immigration I have to leave the country! Where to? This is my home for the last 20 years.
  9. I assume this is a 30 day visa extension you refer to. Is it safe to say that if allowed to apply for this, I can then apply for the conversion while on the 30 day extension?
  10. Hi Joe, I'm the guy who recently tried to apply for a spouse 'O' visa but couldn't do so because currently under amnesty visa. I shared the thread "unsuccessful trip to CW for non O". I'd like to know with this possible 30 day extension you mention, would I 1) be able to apply for another extension when I've already applied used one before? and 2) be able to apply for the conversion visa afterwards if I can first apply for the possible extension?
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