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  1. "You can check out any time you like but you can never leave" ....
  2. Why would he do that? Already coming from USA its a long trip (time) to Vietnam or Thailand. Second he us USA pp holder needing visa for Vietnam. Then how does he get to Thailand. If by plane then no point Vietnam. If by border, good idea....add another day or two to arrive Los. He will have zero problem arriving Thailand with a visa. He said .... "and honestly if there's even a slim chance of me getting denied then I'm thinking about just choosing another destination rather than risk losing airfare, accommodations, etc."
  3. The rule changes make no distinction between new and old extensions. It is 800K in the bank 2 months prior and 3 months after, then reduce to 400K in the bank for the next 7 months. Find a bank that won't close your account due to inactivity. This was covered. You can create a will, have someone access to your account with an ATM card and some other suggestions that I forgot.
  4. I am working towards reducing my time in Thailand to less than 5 months in a year that will allow me to avoid extensions and 90 days reporting altogether.
  5. This is disinformation. When foreigners are here on back to back tourist visas or are here for months in a year on tourist visas, you don't need to be an IO to know that they are actually living here and it has nothing to do with tourism. You need to stop peddling the use tourist visas as a means to live in Thailand when it is in fact the wrong visa type for their purpose. Why not you advice them to get the appropriate visa instead?
  6. Actually I don't think so. with the big and always bigger amount of tourists the thais not even will know of a few expats leaving. 100 leaving and another 100'000 are coming… for them the statistics look perfect. The expenditure of expats in Thailand hardly amount to a small fraction of revenues the bring in, especially when Thailand depends on tourism. These numbers don't lie.
  7. So what if visitors have money to spend here, that does not mean they can just stay as long as they like here. They are welcome to spend a week or two here and fly back to their home countries and then come back later on and stay for another few weeks if they like. Thailand has the right to their own border controls, you don't like then don't come here, their money won't be missed because new visitors will come in their place. And so what if less VAT is collected, red wine prices here is more than twice that of Australia, so no one buys them here, all is not lost. The same goes for those lousy tips you dished out at restaurants, they won't be missed either. What kind of visitors would spend months on ends living in Thailand without the proper visas, Thailand don't need these people, nor matter how nice a picture you paint it is Thailand loss without these people around. Thailand could do well with high turnaround of visitors on 1 or 2 weeks stays. These are the people that really spend money, the rest are just fakes.
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